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What are you listening to now?
  • 5000 a3s going through the photocopier - painfully slowly

    background noise provided by wine and nibbles reception laid on on the ground floor that we're not invited to
  • Blonde Redhead-23
    I want to fuck the living hell into the singer, dont know her name, dont care, shes not really so pretty, once again ~I dont care, i love her voice, i just want to swim in her spit...kind of a Kim Deal thing going on, i want her so bad just so i can hear her Dinah Moe Hum!
    the video looks like it was made by a fourth grader with imovie-still~i dont care...I am very very very drunk!

  • The Arrow - staranglers golden brown on atm :)
  • The Prodigy - First Warning (2007)
  • Thanks for all the links chicken
  • image
    Beastie Boys - The Mix-Up (2007)

    01. B For My Name
    02. 14th St. Break
    03. Suco De Tangerina
    04. The Gala Event
    05. Electric Worm
    06. Freaky Hijiki
    07. Off The Grid
    08. The Rat Cage
    09. The Melee
    10. Dramastically Different
    11. The Cousin Of Death
    12. The Kangaroo Rat

    The New York rabble-rousers return to rock roots with forthcoming record.

    imageNow that Bad Brains have built a Nation and returned towering Beastie Boy MCA, a.k.a. Adam Yauch, the Boys have kick started their PR machine, announcing The Mix Up, the trio's forthcoming album tentatively dropping this June, reports. "We play instruments on the whole album, as opposed to sampling. There's more rock on there," Mike D told "If you know us you can trace the influences and they're not completely surprising. Someone who listens to us casually might think 'What the hell are these guys doing?'"

    Fans hoping to sneak a peek at the band's new material can catch the Boys' performance Labor Day weekend at George, WA's Sasquatch! Festival or July 7 at the London leg of Live Earth, Al Gore's worldwide concert aiming to draw attention to global warming. "It's come to the point where drastic measures have to be taken now. To really create a mass consciousness of what needs to be done, mass action, it's gonna take mass awareness. And these huge concerts around the globe are probably one of the best means of doing so," Mike D said about the necessity of the Live Earth concerts.
  • image
    Depeche Mode - Cash To The World Vol.1 (2007)

    01. World In My Eyes [cicada vs. grunja mix]
    02. Everything Counts [oliver hunterman bodzin dub]
    03. Policy Of Truth [taster short version]
    04. Sweetest Perfection [ufo mix 2006]
    05. My Secret Garden [soft version dub]
    06. Martyr [tortured glezpik's edit]
    07. Enjoy The Silence (8th heaven mix]
    08. Martyr [voldemar's pain & suffering in various synths version]
    09. Lilian [people's mix]
    10. Only When I Lose Myself [depeche mode vs. deep dish]
    11. Martyr [zirok air up3x mix]
    12. Zenstation [treacherous girl edit]
    13. Enjoy The Silence [beat mix 2006]
    14. Zenstation [atom's stereonerd remix]
  • snagged the Beasties the other day, had no idea that it was all instrumental until listening...i think it rules though, granted i like 'a da muzak', especially the surf stuff (los straitjackets fucking rule)...either way... my review, very trippy, very chill, very hip-hoppity...good times!
  • If you like Beastie Boys latest offering then check out:

    The In Sound from Way Out!

    awwwsummmmm = ]
  • orsonrockwell:
    I want to fuck the living hell into the singer, dont know her name, dont care, shes not really so pretty, once again ~I dont care, i love her voice, i just want to swim in her spit...

    You'll have to fight me for that privilege.
    Also, the chicks from Gang Gang Dance and AIDS Wolf.

    And is this thread all about what we're listening to right now or just what we're listening to right now in that general sense? You know, a "I'm currently enjoying stuffed hare and croutons with a salty dash" sort of way.

    In the general sense, I don't know really. Bit of this and that, thanks for asking mind.

    Right now I appear to be listening to Triumph by This Heat from their Deceit album.

    But now it's changed to Excepter - Free From Muscles from their KA release.
    Ooop, this song is short, I'd better hit return before it goes to a new track.



    Wolf Eyes - River Slaughter. I don't think the tracks have names. Good news is that I can ramble on a bit because this track is ooooohhh a good 15 minutes long. Which isn't bad going. It's also the 4th side of a double album. So it is actually called River Slaughter Side D in iTunes.

    There, tata.
  • Heh. Nice, Chicken, I didn't realize it was more rock. I'll have to give it a listen. :wink:
  • Deathray - Now That I Am Blind

    (made up of former members of CAKE - good stuff)
  • Will check out deathray...loved Cake, satan is after all my motor!

    New White Stripes, is the shizz
    Effect and Cause rocks, and A Martyr For My Love For You fucking rules, very trippy album!
  • image

    Menomena - friend and foe. whole album available to download stream from their site (192 mp3).
  • unkle - war stories

  • classic fm
  • pretty amazing chris cornell acoustic cover of mj's billy jean -

  • Mad Season! Man, I miss Layne Staley. :awkward:
  • ok, i'm now listening to the album...

    chris cornell - carry on

  • the national - alligator
  • The clock ticking, the far-off sound of bird song, the fan on my PB kicking in after watching a youtube vid . . .

    . . . who needs music :)
  • Audioslave - Cochise

    ...because Cornell was better off with this band. :wink:
  • The Jazz's "The Very Best Of Latin Jazz" - disappointing to say the least
  • flak:Audioslave - Cochise

    ...because Cornell was better off with this band. :wink:

    i think i'd agree, to some extent - i wasn't too fond of the carry on album above heh
  • chris:
    flak:Audioslave - Cochise

    ...because Cornell was better off with this band. :wink:

    i think i'd agree, to some extent - i wasn't too fond of the carry on album above heh

    Hehe. I can't listen to it, all I can think about is "he the rest of Audioslave for this?" Check out Euphoria Morning, his first solo album...less exciting, but it's much better. :wink:
  • null
    Smashing Pumpkins - "Zeitgeist"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Rockers to Swallow
  • the downstairs neighbour - she's quite the screamer
  • brave new world - Iron Maiden.

  • urbansurgeon:the downstairs neighbour - she's quite the screamer

  • image

    Incubus - Light Grenades

    Even if you're not a fan, it's still worth a's more like their older stuff.
  • Saw Cracker last week at "Skippers Smokehouse"(some of you floridians might know it)... been on a Cracker kick ever since(great show!)

    Teen Angst baby...

    Euro Trash Girl~
  • Tool - 10,000 Days
    love tool & also a perfect circle

  • Am late listening to's much better than I had expected! :happy:

  • super furry animals - hey venus

  • tomahawk, anonymous

    freaking awesome, yo.
  • agreed. been rocking that for a few weeks... definitely a well timed album. very complete album, rarely see those these days.
  • so wtf is that? i'm pretty sure that you are busy uploading it for me to listen to, right? :D

  • the knife. also, cool video.
  • Norah Jones and The Little Willies
  • and now..

    Seu Jorge - Cru
  • chris:the knife. also, cool video.

    Cool, reminded me of Siouxie!