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What are you listening to now?
  • Jens Lekman - Oh You're So Silent Jens
  • iMogen Heap-Hide and Seek

    BTW-This is a joke...
  • silence - stuck in the office on possibly the nicest day of the year so far
  • ive just been chastised by the security guard - WTF I PWN HIM - for listening to Ricardo Villalobos & Luciano live @ Loveparade 2006 full blast on my tiny sparrows fart of a noise muji self assembly speakers

    i can't help it - Ricardo is teh goodnesslyness
  • New Cd's today :D

    Ibrahim Ferrer - Mi Sueño

    Life on Mars - Soundtrack
  • Sloths

    once again... a joke...but there is a song, so i dont want to hear no bitching!
  • Zanger bob!

  • Lamb - Fear of Fours
  • some much needed update on some podcasts
  • Nice, Millionaire. Josh Homme helped work on Paradisiac, but you probably already knew that. :tongue:

    Tenacious D - Kyle Quit The Band
  • Lionrock - An Instinct for Detection
  • image

    this shizz is teh rockness!
  • Millionaire - We Don't Live There Anymore

    I haven't listened to this since January...heh. Thanks, base. The song gets really good, starting at 3:05.

    Yeah, I can't listen to "A Face That Doesn't Fit". :tongue:
  • Loved the beta band...must check out the aliens!

    Tenacious D makes me sick to my stomach, but to each his own!

    ~sets fire to headphones, continues to illustrate using his tongue on the wacom...
  • orsonrockwell:Tenacious D makes me sick to my stomach, but to each his own!

    Awwwwwwwwww. That just means you haven't heard enough! :tongue:

    Flaw - "Scheme"
  • honestly i can only handle so much jack black(I did like 'school of rock' though) i think he's funnny but at times i think he takes himself too seriously while making fun of people who take themselves too serioufsly...but im a crazy person
  • chris:image

    this shizz is teh rockness!

    I concur!
  • Little Freddie King - Sing Sang Sung
  • Lovely stuff...

    Art Pepper - The Complete Galaxy Recordings


    The Complete Galaxy Recordings contains 16 CDs worth of material recorded by jazz alto saxophonist Art Pepper during his 1978 to 1982 tenure with the Galaxy record label. This box set has 137 selections, including 53 previously unreleased tracks, with a total running time of 18 hours and 39 minutes.
  • – These are the Breaks


    giorgio moroder- e=mc2
    shadow- hot city
    dunn and bruce street- shout for joy
    vin zee- funky bebop
    central line- dont tell me
    the system- passion
    lowrell- overdose
    dunn and bruce street- yearnin
    alicia meyers- dont stop
    melba moore- loves comin atcha
    cameo- please you
    popular peoples front- stop on by
    donald byrd- think twice
    egberto gismonti- janela de ouro
    stylistics- rock and a hard place
    shadow- i cant keep holdin back
    jones girls- who can i run to
    lonnie liston smith- rennaissance
    hi tension- girl i betcha
    tyrone davis- in the mood
    john and arthur simms- somebody new
    grace jones- jamaican guy dub
    ltd- love ballad
    luther ingram- to the other man
    jerry butler- just because i really love you
    jackson 5- all i do is think of you
    sidney pinchback and schiller street gang- soul strokes
    renaldo domino- not too cool to cry
    malcolm x- no sell out
    man parrish- boogie down dub
    whodini- nasty lady
    t la rock- breakdown
    cash money and marvelous- real mutha
    t la rock- bass machine
    x clan- funkin lesson
  • – These are the Breaks


    miguel de deus- black soul brothers
    broken keys- slingshot
    b-boy beats
    pure essence- wake up
    rene cosy- scrabble
    david axelrod- song of innocence
    shuggie otis-
    sylvers- only one can win
    choclate da bahia- ele guenta
    switched on nashville- folsom prison blues
    os incriveis- uma rosa pra dita
    skinny joey- shake
    kidda- fire n steam
    funkadelic- red hot mama
    arc choir- walk with me
    hugo montenegro- dizzy
    hot butter- space walk
    enoch light- hijack
    buddy baker- sign song
    dj boba fettucini- fat albert breaks
    bull jun- theme from full time playboy
    b-boy beats
    dj dren- ol skoolin
    kraftwerk- man machine
    viola wills- dare to dream
    chic- why
    mtume- juicy fruit
    sylvia striplin- you cant turn me away
    steve arrington- beddie bye
    zapp- computer love
    delegation- oh honey
    obryan- soft touch
    marvin gaye- turn on some music
    disco supreme- sun palace edit
    kleeer- intimate connection
    rene and angela- ill be good
    loose ends- slow down
    kleeer- running back to you
    change- heaven
  • my catalogue of new order albums :)
  • Jimi Hendrix - Freedom
  • Man U Vs. AC Milan on Century FM. God bless internet radio. My fellow Canadians in my office don't even know what the Champion's League is, never mind having a place to listen to the game.
  • i'm actually watching it - still using my ears, that still counts right :)
  • Justice - We Are Your Friends
  • image

    teh mighty mighty bosstones, pay attention!
  • Tim Ware Group

    shelter from the norm
  • Utah Saints - Unplugged
  • chris:image

    teh mighty mighty bosstones, pay attention!

    Nice! Just rediscovered that one.

    Listening to "The Fragile", again (NIN)...oh, what a great album. :happy::happy:
  • image

    Amerie – Because I love it

    Astounding album, i'm very impressed!


    Ghostface Killah – More Fish

  • image

    Foo Fighters - "Foo Fighters"

    Currently playing, "Big Me".
  • just bought the new manics album

  • I love Missy
  • i loved her the most when she was experimenting with Timbaland.
  • Hey there is a new Amerie - cool.


    I was on an mp3 mission yesterday:

    Rufige Kru (aka Goldie) - Malice in Wonderland
    Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur
    Flow Dynamics - Flow Dynamics
    Somatik - Learning the Colours
    Frank n Dank - The EP (remixes)

  • Marilyn Manson - Heart shaped glasses (full video)
  • Listening to Soko.... Oddball french singer.


    I have no idea why, but a Danish radio program has been playing her over and over on the air and it kinda grows on you...I had never heard of her before...

    Soko: I'll kill her video (as I have no idea how to embed vids and I'm too lazy to find out)

    Soko on Myspace
  • chicken:
    Marilyn Manson - Heart shaped glasses (full video)

    that's one very nice song mr. manson did there. although the video is a little bit shit imho. wonder whether the rest of the album will be as good. this "blabla vampire"-song isn't that convincing
  • michael:
    Marilyn Manson - Heart shaped glasses (full video)

    that's one very nice song mr. manson did there. although the video is a little bit shit imho. wonder whether the rest of the album will be as good. this "blabla vampire"-song isn't that convincing

    the entire album is rock... with real guitar solos. gone is the industrial noise. i like it. you know where to get it :nudge nudge wink wink say no more: