a strange computer sound experience

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I have an Intel Core i5 iMac.

I have a limited ADSL line and do not use Wifi. Wifi is not enabled.

I have no close neighbours, and the one that is closest is on vacation far away. his whole house is powered down.

I have no TV. no radios were on.

the other day, i was using Skype to talk to a friend, and started hearing LOUD static.

ok, no biggie... hang up and retry for clearer reception; it happens sometimes.

except that didn't help. the noise remained when Skype wasn't in use.

the static got quieter and a voice started to be heard. it sounded like someone on a walkie talkie.

as the static nearly disappeared and the voice got louder, i heard sirens.

as it resolved, i heard what sounded like a police band radio, complete with dispatcher, talk between patrol cars, and sirens.

except it HAD to be some TV slopover..... the dispatcher's voice and the cop that hollered "put your hands behind your neck" had strong southern accents (and i am not talking southern Ontario).

then it all faded away.


how ... here, where there is no wireless or satellite signal, could my computer have appropriated a TV audio feed? again... even after i closed the Skype app AND restarted.


  • /\/ ghosts in teh machine! /\/
  • southern aliens. they are trying to make contact with you. they have learned our language by watching endless reruns of C.O.P.S. so this is how they think we all speak. put on your dirtiest t-shirt and ratty spandex and prepare to represent earth. :P
  • dirty power!
  • ;) even so, you're all more helpful than the Apple forums. <3
  • ^Mick did you forget to tell us you smoked a few "herbal" cigarettes just before this happened? Apparently those gifted with extra sensory perception can hear voices via static/white noise. What time did it happen? Maybe a flare from our K2 star bounced around your ways? Honestly I was dumbstruck recently when I discovered my shower would empty really slow in the morning and then really fast/normal in the evening. Something to do with earth axis at those given times...honest!

    Hope you didn't let the experience disturb you too much and slept sweetly.
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    nimmot could be right. if it was northern aliens, you would have gotten a yoga class's audio.

    but the suggested outfit would still work.
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    I'm sorry.. It was me.. I was looking around the web for some poutine and I guess the Interwebby stuck me in your area.. Also @ Black Window.. I leave white trash noise behind, rather then white noise..


    Oh.. Hey chris.. I'd like a 400x400 px avatar..
  • i like BW's theory about bouncing flares. or.... if i had any fillings in my teeth, i could blame that. :p

    tatty, i can do. me and tatty have a strong relationship.

  • You sweet beautiful girl....They were calling for you all along. love you mick. miss you tonight.
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