HELP! Best Monitor for Color Correcting/Photography/Production work.

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Hey everyone!

I have a question that hopefully you can give me some great advice on. We are slowly upgrading our equipment/operating system/software at work. The first step is getting a new computer for processing our images and our photography work (product images). What would you recommend for a computer screen? The current MAC screens out there are all glass and can make it hard to view in an office environment due to glare. The current computers we have are the old matte screens.

Also what is some current equipment for color correcting the computer screens?

Thank you!


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    matte screens are probably best, yeah - i think you can ask for these at mac configuration time at the store.

    i think that these screens are probably quite high up on the quality scale, but you'd need a spyder (other brand calibration devices are available!) to properly configure all the screens.

    there are 'properly' high end colour work screens, and they cost a lot of money, innit :D
  • the brand i was thinking of, specifically, was eizo - and turns out that they are not quite as expensive as i remember them being, back in the day.
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    Definitely Eizo, they've recently brought out some mid-range display that look really promising. One is the ColorEdge CS230 Self-Correcting IPS Display. It still needs a calibrator for the initial colour calibration but maintains the calibration from that point forward with built-in hardware (from what I understand).

    The DBs would be something like the ColorEdge CG275W, which has full built-in calibration.

    Alternatively, a little cheaper, NEC have some really good display too and believe it or not, in the budget end, Dell have a really good pro display too, you'd have to look on their site for details...

    Buy two and send me one will you... :)
  • Cool! Thank you! I will pass along the information you have given me. I am hoping this is a good sign and the beginning of upgrading all our equipment and software. We are on CS2 for heaven's sake! Can't even open certain documents. It's frustrating.

    Peak... not a problem! On it's way. ;)
  • i'm still using cs3 on a 2006 imac - NOT SURE IF I'VE MENTIONED THIS BEFORE? :D :D
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