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your work, in progress
  • ~goes over my head!

    Nice work though OB
  • IS1
    just some recent work for intro graphic design class
  • tobiko - i'd consider not hyphenating any of the words in the block of text. apart from that, nice :)
  • and maybe hand kern "insect s afari"
  • realized after i posted it that i had forgotten to do that. . .
  • Working on seeing exactly how much data can be warehoused in one xserve and RAID, and how much cheaper it can be done for by NOT using Apple's drive modules. A lot, on both counts.

    Just the same, I'm glad it's not MY money.
  • insect safari looks good.

    I jus wrapped up day 2 of shooting on my next music video, there's still days 3 and maybe 4 coming. This is most definitely the biggest project I have done so far. And the craziest. Utter crazy talk!

    It'll be finished in january.


    filmed material:
  • Being in corporate graphics for years before becoming bored and doing what I do now...I must say I ENJOY the designs offered by this community!!! You guys *give good design*. :-D

    And now for a bit of this and a bit of that...
  • I like that, Vera.

    I need to remember how to draw again; I used to be quite good.

    Now I'm going to try to add an image...this is supposed to be an extreme close up of a root, for an animation about transpiration.

    root hairs

    ...yay, it worked :smile:
  • Nice stuff Squap - Clean, i like!
  • tobiko said...IS1
    just some recent work for intro graphic design class

    Yeah hyphenation is a NO-NO, but otherwise that poster is lovely to look at!
  • Good stuff, good stuff ! ! !

    and another project at the side.
  • Well I finally finished a site for my musical endeavors. Finally.

    I'm sure I'll be tweaking endlessly in the coming weeks.
  • Loving the website! Music isn't bad either :D
  • Nice 1 Mesk :wink: Just waiting to see yours now !

    very nice stuff every1
  • Finished with this one:

    What I did in this one was pure animation and effects. Graphic design and film were pre-made for me.
  • Nice, jussi :wink:
  • jesse said...Well I finally finished a site for my musical endeavors. Finally.

    I'm sure I'll be tweaking endlessly in the coming weeks.

    Lovely site mate.
  • twisted foldy metal fence
  • just running through some ideas atm...
  • urbansurgeon said...twisted foldy metal fence

    Perfect for a spot of creative vandalism ;)
  • you know - graffitti is what we are spending most of our time discussing on this project

  • artworking
  • oB, you spelled 'chocolate' wrong.

  • artworking for nokia
  • artworking for nokia (2)

    originated in illustrator, then rasterized into photoshop for a (tiny) motion blur to even out some of the graduations

    used (in illustrator) opacity masks, photoshop blurs (never again), graduations and blends (plus a small embellism)

    final images will be cropped into for backgrounds to high-end mobile boxes, dm, pos, above-the-line etc
  • Nice images mate
  • nice mondo.... good stuff to see, all.... thanks for posting!
  • Cool stuff overbyte. Also everyone else.
  • chris_sock2

    not dry yet, but finished
  • I love this.
  • Nice, Bull! that chris getting shafted?
  • heh. erm, well.....better ask him :)
  • ok, i never look in this thread; it's too graf-heavy.

    but impulses are sometimes a good thing. like now.

    you're all wonderful. :)

    bull.. you are enormously talented. why oh why the fck aren't you famous, my friend? honest, you wouldn't need new clothes...
  • i don't work or play well with others. ;)
  • I'm defanning a X1900 video card for a macpro, SO IT ISN'T FUCKING LOUD ANYMORE!
  • changing rapidly, hourly, daily.
  • That's looking very neat mate.
  • nice work as usual mr sock.
  • wow sock, that site made a great change since i saw it first.

  • Chris, that looks great
  • told you so. also, these jpegs are really quite bad quality, aren't they. didn't notice when i was saving them out...
  • that grass is a nice green, but i think it will be replaced with a different image at some point*
  • retouching gallery site set up for called

    the gallery is an off-the-shelf called simpleviewer which can be found here. There's a free version and a paid-for version which has much more customisationalability
  • nice! Do you take the snaps as well as retouch them?
  • my first flash banner ever.

    client 'erbal essence -