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your work, in progress
  • Music video again.


    First test render clip (no motion blur and placeholder background and animation, just testing the model)
  • always love seeing what everyone is working on. i'm too much of fazylucker to post, ok nothing special, but a little fun - doing the invite for the company holiday party (a luncheon this year), here's the 4 they get to choose from.

    invite comps
  • version 2

    After studying the moths better, here is a more realistic version. :D
  • awesome movement juss, your a quick study
  • nice jussi, much improved! what's it for?
  • I filmed a lot yesterday night and when I came home I checked the material and it was pretty clear that I need to film everything again. It's not too big a deal, as I know we will get much better material this time round. But shooting days are always long and hard. I need to sleep all day and try to shape up for this night. Sucks.

    Testing a small HD handycam for the telly.

    (that's me on the video)
  • ^ groovey jussi!
  • this week i am trying to thread a subway through a maze of gas and poo pipes - this post is EVERYTHING without pictures

    this will probably change a good few times in the near future :D
  • can anyone tell me if they can see the flash site here or if it's a holding page (black and white) please
  • Looks pretty flashy to me.
  • yeh it should be

    had a few problems with one or two people using work servers seeing the old under-construction page. Don't know if they're being cached by the office server or something but it's very strange.

    thanks for checking
  • more robotic houses test:

  • jussi I always love your video stuff, especially this new stuff, been meaning to tell you that.
  • elephany

    working on this at the moment.
  • some website or other for something or other...
  • sweet mama
  • Hey Chris, that looks quite nice. I especially like the coffee stains that match the ones on my desk.
  • does look nice - and yet familiar
  • I like it !

    Especially the coffee stains. So fazy !
  • nice chris! ditto squapple on the coffee.
  • "...and yet familiar" - any specifics? i know where i stole certain bits from, but... hehe ;)

    i think i'd like the coffee stain image to change now and then, different elements.
  • Good idea Chris. With a fazy theme though?
  • more a 'creatives' theme. i hate that word, used in this way.
  • Thats kind of what I mean. I only refer to this place as a place for 'creatives' when explaining to people what it is :wink: Apologies to all the non creatives here :smile:
  • there are no non-creatives here.

    /me grabs pitchfork...
  • chris:"...and yet familiar" - any specifics? i know where i stole certain bits from, but...

    not sure exactly - reminds me of adobe's site in some ways and there's a design site/blog i look at a lot it reminds me of - i forget which

    do you really want me to remember?
  • nah, not really. i think it's probably subtraction for the header links...
  • Kings Cross Under Construction - December 2010
  • North London Gas Pump
  • went live - getting feedback now

    ~sweats profusely
  • i quite like it, oB.

    the 'body' text is a little fuzzy, but that's flash for you. constantly has a vertical scrollbar when viewed in ff on a mac, btw.

    ecard, yay

  • Works well Chris.

    Is imagetech a sub company?
  • nope, it's the boss company for all the others.
  • i hope magic tree don't sue us.
  • wholesale1



    Some catalogue cover ideas. Produced about 10 today !
  • chris:i hope magic tree don't sue us.

    you mean 'that' air freshener company :wink:
  • i'm back to illustrating stuff for a south african driver training thing now. this project has been going on for many phases of the moon already.
  • Creating an animatic from a big ass pile of storyboards. This should have been done ages ago.
  • hehe. You'll have to start getting up earlier jussi :wink:
  • nice work squapple!
  • Thank you :smile:
  • Working on a trailer called "Beer, Kill, Whiskey, Fuck" ~ not joking about this ~
  • I want to see that trailer! NOW
  • yeah, that title has definitely whet my appetite :)
  • chris:i quite like it, oB.

    the 'body' text is a little fuzzy, but that's flash for you. constantly has a vertical scrollbar when viewed in ff on a mac, btw.

    Thanks mate - yeh i had to embed the body font because i couldn't use a non-embedded font in a textarea with an embedded font (which the headings are). It's a chin scratcher.

    Interesting one about the scrollbar - i can live with it but it's something i haven't noticed before - should look at my centering css
  • yeah - if i had to guess i would put it down to some sort of css hack for vertical centering ;)