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i'm doing a few portfolio sites for friends, famliy…
i suck at this stuff, but beggars cannot be choosers, and i'm all they've got – aren't i.
attached is a static page of the basic setup i'd like to run. it's an endless scroll. click on one of the thumbnails and the image opens in the big window with a corresponding text window under it.
cargo collective has a theme that does this very well. see: http://cargocollective.com/showcase/filter/counterform-byday
so a few questions: is there anyone that wants to send me a cargo collective invite if i don't wangle one on my own?
is cargo collective a good way to go? think my non-techie cohorts could handle there own updates?
is there a better or alternative? wordpress?
should i just try to do it from scratch?


  • i think cargo collective is an easy way to go about this :)

    wordpress probably has plenty of plugins which would help accomplish the same, but remember that it will need to be kept up to date, patch-wise too.
  • oh, and i have no cargo collective invites, sorry!
  • hello y'all.

    I'm back at fazyluckers after never really making the trip over here and this thread could be relevant to my interests. Is anyone ever here?

    on-topic question: so I'm finally getting around to making a portfolio, and I expect I'll have a hard time of it since I will have samples of a wild range of things from physical products and CAD drawings to advertising, web sites, and print. some UX stuff coming into it too.

    when someone has one sort of thing, say photography or print design, a portfolio site isn't too hard but I am having a hard time thinking what would be the best way to display lots of different sorts of design work. Any ideas?
  • personally i'm a bit the same. i've decided to keep photography separate. that leaves identity, editorial, events, illustration, interiors, collateral… basically i don't have the critical mass to have a separate site for everything. next step is to move out events and interior to a new site. for what it's worth here's my stuff. as you will note, i'm don't tout myself as a web designer, yet i did this myself after surfing through a lot of portfolio sites and doing my best to fake one for myself.
  • it seems to me that everyone runs to a cms these days, which i find a little odd. i can see the obvious benefits of ease of updates when you have a lot of updates, but for a portfolio? really? :D

    cb - you may want to think about it more in a 'case study' type of way, and that the visual elements are there to entice, and to accompany the details. don't think this would work that well if you decide to show a fuckton of different projects, though! :)
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