Site for crit please . . .

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I'm throwing myself to the lions here but I'd like your help.

Some aspects of this site were out of my control but I'd appreciate some feedback on the general feel. The issue I have is that there appears to be no focus...

Anyway - I'll make my excuses when I get your opinion :)


  • First impressions are good. I get the look and feel for the subject matter. Some things I noticed straight away:

    - it loads pretty slow :( and it hangs when it loads that facebook widget
    - typography is a bit urgh, I don't like the Viner Hand nav and headlines that much (this might be the bit that's out of your control?)
    - there's a link to a lightbox image to the left of "Hello..." on the homepage
    - I'd put the season guide before the price guide on the prices page
    - on the pages with a drop-down nav I'd include the parent page in the list, eg contact might be missed by some because they don't know to click on the main title and may just end up at the groups page
    - I'm not sure I'm in love with the brown leatherette look on the top part of the page, I sort of feel it should be 'earthier' somehow (maybe I feel the same way about the wood?) — might just be me

    That's all I got for now. I'll have a look in the morning
  • Cheers Nick - I'll have a proper reply after I've had some coffee :)
  • Let's go...

    The Facebook Widget needs putting in with Ajax, I'm being lazy there. I'll sort that.

    I hate Viner and yes, that's legacy stuff from some literature they'd printed last year. Hopefully there's new print coming so I'll push for a different font. Any font ideas in mind out of interest?

    That lightbox link... odd! Not in a ll browsers. I'll sort it, it's the padding from the inline link (the image in the right is part of the wysiwig content)

    Season guide... yeah, maybe. I've added them with shortcodes in the wysiwig so a 2 second job to change.

    Menus: I agree with that. Changed.

    I physically flinched when you said 'leatherette' ! However, reminds me of my dear Morris Marina...
    I tried to go textural without grungey, so ended up with something a bit too hyper-realistic. I think it needs some nature adding back, do you think? Something less symmetrical and computer generated.

    Much appreciated - glad I remembered about this place *cough* . . . ;)
  • argh, and no favicon. I'm slipping.
  • What Nicholas said! And you'd already replied to!

    Also, good remembering (nearly)!
  • No mobile styles? (unless I just made a big booboo and that was the actual mobile site, I do apologise).
  • No mobile styles. I'm still considering how to fold up that slideshow!

    How did you find out about my special remembering!?
  • You kind of announced it over the Facebook megaphone ;)
  • ha - I never know who know who. And I was kinda drunked.
  • robche, i don't know if it's helpful or even pertinent, but from a web user standpoint, no yurt has flat boards (as used in the background). all poles.

    e.g. image

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    Is that a Starbucks Coffee mug? Where's the fermented mares milk?
  • ha! thank you, Blues'... gently done. i take your point.

    sorry, friends. i barged in with an unnecessary comment.

    i'll just pole my barge on out of here.

  • Nah, it's a good point. The planking is a legacy of their old site but I'm sure they'd be happy to a more rugged look.

    I look at it now and it looks like a shit laminate floor! I'll look at that, I'll be working on this again soon.

    They're really happy with it (and paid) but I'd like it to be right, ya know?
  • that's an ethic that will keep you satisfied more than almost anything else, robche.

  • and/or drive you crazy :D
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