iPad Buying(?) Advice Requested

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I've got a couple of iMacs, and an older MacBook, so am familiar with Macs for several decades.

However, I've found that I really don't need that MB and have begun contemplating an iPad instead.

But I've heard several different rather strange quibbles about it, and need some decent info from people like ones on this forum who will have the true experience.

I'll admit that I bought an Acer IconiaTab A200 and after trying it out for one day, it's headed back to the store. I really don't need that kind of aggravation!

Now, with the iPad 2:

1. Can I connect it with a USB cable to my iMac? (Some tablets insist on either a wifi or BlueTooth connection, or using a cloud for coordinating the tablet and a computer.)

2. If I turn off the iTunes synching, can I simply drag files from the iMac onto the iPad, such as with an external storage device? For example, can I drag a jpeg, a pdf, an epub, or even a Numbers or Pages file into the iPad for access later?

3. I have been told that with iTunes synching, if I connect a different iMac from the original one, I'll lose everything that I've already put onto the iPad. For example, if I synch with iMac #1 and then synch later with iMac #2, I'll lose everything that was put on there by iMac #1? What if I turn off the iTunes synching and do everything manually? I've been successful doing that with my iMacs and very old iPod. (which is so old and small that it definitely cannot even hold all my mp3s!)

4. With the Acer, every time I turned on any application, it wanted to tell me that I wasn't connected, and that I should open an account. First, I know I'm not connected and often don't want to be. Second, I have more than enough accounts now and really don't want any more! What about the iPad?

5. I did notice that the iPad apparently comes with a version of Numbers and Pages, so I could use those kinds of files from the iMac. But that aggravating Acer didn't seem to have a simple NotePad! What about the iPad? Is there a very simple basic app that I can make a few notes with, rather like Stickies, although I'll admit that I'm not fond of them on my iMac.

6. I've looked at both the 7 inch and 10 inch models, and think that if I want to do much typing for emails or anything else, the 10 inch must be the way to go, rather than the smaller model. Comments?

Any other advice regarding the potential purchase of a tablet is much appreciated.


  • 1. Yes
    2. No, but you can use many apps. (flash drive, USB disk etc.) for it without syncing.
    3. Doesn't quite work that way unfortunately as far as I know.
    4. Not really. Some apps. ask you to register but not that many.
    5. It has "Notes". There are also many other apps. for that too.
    6. There are 2 sizes? Not looked lately, sorry.
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