Wireless Speakers for AirPlay without Airport Express

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Given that all the mac and iOS devices we have are running off wireless anyway, what is to stop me just getting wireless speakers (assuming such a thing exists) and having them sync up with AirPlay.

do wifi speakers exist?
if so are they AirPlay compatible?

if not would you recommend getting an Airport Express or Apple TV (about the same price). I'd prefer not to do this route just because i'd like to fit wireless speakers in multiple rooms and would prefer not to have to buy an AE in each of them.


  • i guess im alone in this then?
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    Yes, I think you might be urb' though you got me curious: onAmazon - no idea if they'd be capable.
  • And on the US Apple store, which does mention the iPhone, these are bluetooth.
  • There are AirPlay speakers. iHome has a range of them they announced at CES.

    So, long story short, there are wifi speakers, and they more or less have to be airplay compatible to play nice with iTunes and the iOS.
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    I was reading a review on the iHome one just the other day. Sound apparently wasn't great, and it's not particularly cheap either: http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/reviews/entry/ihome-iw1-airplay-wireless-audio-system/

    Maybe get one Express, hook it up to the main unit and get one of those wireless speaker systems to run of the 2nd speakers channel?

    Don't know much about the Apple TV. If I would have to turn on the tv in order to be able to listen to music, I wouldn't want that myself. Not sure if that is the case when using an aTV though.

    I just have an express hooked up to the audio unit in the living, but that does works well.
  • While the AppleTV has HDMI, it also has optical audio out. So, depending on your tuner situation, you don't necessarily need to have the television on. McKs is right- Airplay speakers aren't cheap, and expresses with whatever decent PC speakers you can scare up may still be more cost effective.
  • Hhmm... I have always preferred to listen to music whilst I work through headphones. Wireless headphones? Just looked and....fookin loads.
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