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So i have a reseller account with Huevia, and my work domain resides on it. The work domain is getting bigger and i have already maxed out the Platinium account.

I'm thinking of switching hosts to another, most likely HostClear or similar. How easy or hard is it to migrate data between domains? Also as Huevia is Plesk-based, and most others are based around cPanel, how can i migrate multiple email accounts (all IMAP) and website data? There's about 6gb of data to move, so i need a lot of disk space as the business is growing on the data accumulation side, any suggestions about unlimited business hosting, with 24hr support service and flexibility?


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    *bump* anyone?
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    Moving the Apache and MySQL stuff is pretty easy. It is the IMAP that's more of an issue. With the comment about 'accounts' are these just yours or clients?

    I've not had a root around on Google but I'd expect there will be some command-line stuff you could to to move actual mail directories, this I'm imaging this will depend on the mail transfer agent on each (or choice of), eg Cyrus, Dovecote etc. The same might be true of user accounts, I guess, but I honestly don't know... some of the user data is just stored in a text file, so if the same system is being used (or compatible) some manual transfers could take place...?

    I've just moved hosts, doing the work over a couple of months, but only one 'client' had email 'sat' on the server (all the rest were forwarded and google apps based). One thing I do do is keep the DNS in one consistent place and just alter the record to point to the third party servers hosting material...

    No suggestions re firms though... I'm playing with Linode at the mo, and that's all command line and I know there may be better offers (but I'm happy for now)...

    I'd get some suggestions from people at the time I was looking, so I'll see if I can find the notes. I think HostClear might have been one!?

    I've seen some hosts advertise migration assistance - but can't remember who!
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    I think that any host worth your corporate level payments should offer assistance in this type of thing :)
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