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Any experience with accessing CIFS shares from OSX?
  • I'm trying to work out why accessing SMB/CIFS shares from OSX leads to only half of the shares being visible. There is probably analysis to do on the server side, but anyone dealt with this before?

  • if you can only see certain shares, you need to check permissions on the server to see if folders/drive are accessible to you first
  • i have pretty ropey experience of this type of thing on the work network.
  • ...have you checked the workgroup names of the devices? Making them all the same workgroup seems to make life easier (in a small network). I know the lack of the latter has caused log-in problems for me in the past.
  • for now its working well enough using DAVE. its like being back in 1999 using that though - i'm convinced the it guys could try harder on the server but they have declared the issue 'fixed'