[] firmware hack your 2009 mac pro to accept the newer model's 12-core cpu

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Apple upgraded the Mac Pro in 2010 with Westmere Xeon CPUs, including a dual six-core option that can power through multithreaded workflows with aplomb. But what if you don't want to shell out all that money for a new Mac Pro? A clever hacker has discovered a firmware hack to effectively transform 2009 vintage Mac Pros into 2010 Mac Pros, including compatibility with Westmere CPUs, faster RAM, and audio output via Mini DisplayPorts.

A member of the forums on netkas.org—where lots of hackintoshers and system tweakers exchange tips—discovered the mechanism Apple uses to install EFI firmware updates. By exploiting that mechanism, a user named "MacEFIRom" was able to develop scripts to force older, 2009 Mac Pros to accept a firmware update intended for the 2010 Mac Pros. That firmware enables a 2009 Mac Pro to act and operate just like the 2010 Mac Pro.

further reading at arse technicolour
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