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the great big motion graphics thread
  • right, i'm going to start it off with the latest piece that i like, rather than something i consider to be totally awesome. not that i don't like this, the animation is pretty damn cool, but... that camera shaking about is really annoying hehe

  • ok... this one too then :)

    this one is by a swiss bloke called stubby, he has no hair on his body at all. well, ok, he's called neil stubbings, really. and he has alopecia. anyway, check his reel out too -
  • I like this one... simple, but really good.

    (btw - couldn't figure out how to embed from iFilm)

    Pulp Fiction Typography
  • That typography stuff is soooo old. It looks very very cool but it has been around for ages! Like slow motion bullets.

    Heh, here is something that is also really really old and I do apologize in advance for posting this here.
    (my first "effect" work - made sometime around 2004, maybe)

    I want to make some more video effects! And I have planned on making some next summer. Can't wait!
  • man, i only saw that pulp typography stuff recently too :p i DO like it, websnap! along with that stuff about war... (i'll google this now, and post it).

    oh, no ifilm embedding yet. tbh, you can usually find pretty much every video ever on iTube ;)

    jussi, i remember seeing that before, and newer stuff using the same technique - i'd love to get a bit more insight into the process of that technique, could you post something up if you have a little time please? TIA! :D
  • not what i was looking for, but worth a post anyway, i think - i like some of the touches on this one, "through the doors", "elevator" etc.

  • aha! this was it...

  • This is the newer stuff you were referring to:

  • yup, that's it. but how about a little 'behind the scenes' kinda post on it? ;)
  • image

    Sorry not quite moving graphics, more like motion captured, apparently the graphics for the Adobe Acrobat 8 packaging was inspired by Camera Tossing. The final images were supplied by a member of the Camera Toss Flickr pool.

    Some amazing images on there, and lovely as a desktop image.
  • funnily, i just read about that this morning, meska. cross-blogination, possibly ;)
  • Looks fun. Camera tossing.

    Many have asked for a behind the scenes material, but I haven't yet done any :D All I have left from the project is the final PAl file, but it is not hard to explain how that's done. It's quite simple really.
  • quite simple...FOR YOU! familiarize the rest of us noobs will ya? :p

    love your stuff jussi. :)
  • I'm making a new non-profit music video at the moment. It should be cool. I'll post it once I get it done. Looks good so far! Hehehee.

    Shame that my paid music video projects are keeping me busy so that I don't get to make these great free music videos. Sucks :D
  • Serves them right. If I want to do something as a fun hobby, they can not stop me!!
  • spec and pro-bono are not exactly the same thing though, right.
  • Right.

    And I see this so that I get to use free, legal music in my animation.
    And even get some publicity. Is always nice, yes, yees.
  • i've seen this before, but was reminded about it as it was linked up somewhere else recently - studiodialog 2006 reel
  • loyal kaspar reel, some nice bits in there, i think :)
  • I loove motion graphics. Someday I'll have my own reel :D
  • i love these guys' work - psyop
  • My main aim - learn the ins and outs of After Effects and Flash by the end of 2008. Could this be done, and easliy? And Jussi, as Chris requested, when you get some time, show us some of the techniques used on your work. That carpark/building one is a fave of mine!
  • I think you can learn the ins and outs of After Effects and Flash by the end of 2008, it all depends on the amount of dedication and if you learn quickly...

    Yeah, Jussi, give us the juisse! please make a nice behind the scenes :)
  • Hehee, maybe I could do a little making of from a project that's coming up. If I get the job that is. It is doable, the making of, that is..
  • mark coleran's reel (seems this is the 62mb version, the smaller (26mb) one is here)

    "Mark is a visual designer specializing in the design of interfaces for film and television (eg. James Bond, Tomb Raider, The Predator).

    He dreams up and visualizes the types of interfaces that we drool over in movies but think impossible, though some of them end up in our lives a few years on..."
  • slight detour here...

    animated shorts from Gobelins art school in France, check 'em out, pretty cool :)
  • Greatness!

    I was going to go to annecy, but then the trip had to be cancelled because everyone was busy making animations :D
  • 6288368192810704957

    wyld stallyons short reel, better quality on their site :)
  • the ronin 07 reel, quite dark, mind.
  • that's what i was thinking when i found that one, too, biff!

    (ok, not the animated version though)

  • Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries
    Production Company: Factory Films, London
    Director: Wade Shotter
    Producer: Paul Fennelly
    Animation: Wade Shotter & Yuk Foo (New Zealand)
  • the 25 best* typographical title sequences

    part one -

    part two -

  • somewhat related to chris's post.

    This video is shite, but the content is more or less good (the essence), also this was one of my tutors and it was so nice to watch him, and the excelent idea of "Don't get sloppy. Use your hands more than the mouse. Use your head more than your hands."

  • that type is hot!


  • Jordan C. Greenhalgh's Process Enacted
  • oh my. that was pretty rad. i'd hesitate to find out the cost on that. maybe this guy can make poloroid keep selling its film.
  • WOT?:?
    Not one single car chase, no explosions, and the boy didn't get the girl...BOLLOX :happy:


    nice previous links though
  • BTW saw Harry Potnoodle last night and must say it was quite good :wink:
    though the early scene wiv them flying along the thames was quite badly executed...but later on I was impressed.


  • much better quality at -

  • anders schroder, dform - again, better quality at
  • nice nice nice!
  • lol, 2advanced... luckily, we gots us some quality control ;)

    Sorry about the lack of embedded video :awkward:

    Very very nice stuff here.