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Best film review, ever!
  • Sicario is fucking excellent. My favourite movie from 2015.
  • we go:

  • yup, that does look pretty fucking awesome. one of the best railers i've seen, i think.

    hope the same guy is editing the film :D
  • Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 - if I was 10 again, this would be fucking awesome!! Having said that, it was better than the first one :)

    6ish /10?
  • Sausage party watched this last night, was so-so. If you enjoy Seth rogan and Jonah hill stuff, then sure! Childish sexual innuendos and cursing abound :D
  • The nice guys. Russell Crowe and Ryan gosling. Enjoyed this! I may have a gosling man-crush bias, though heh

  • Central intelligence. Meh, typical Hollywood pop stuff, watchable. Maybe about 6/10. But sure, it passes the time.
  • Nice Guys was shite, c'mon...
  • nah, did enjoy.
  • Am looking forward to Sausage party though... The whole family loves the Rogen.
  • sweary and vulgar, but quite funny (felt as though i should have had a spliff prior/during).
  • OOOooo...just watched Snowden. Is gooooodddddd!!!!
  • quite enjoyed atomic blonde - solid 5/7.
  • i'll give 8/12
  • Atomic.Blonde.2017.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD.5.1.H

    I loved it :) And in my next life I want to come back as a lesbian. Not that I'm having any issues being a male in my current life. It's just that sex between two women is just so much more erotic.

    8 / 10