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    hey orson, you shit head - i gave source code a B-, and said that i enjoyed it. lighten up, maaaahn :D
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    I felt that Source Code had the pretensions of being a hard science movie but fudged it too much. It was like groundhog day, but not funny. I like groundhog day.
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    I am shir head it 12:15 inamerica, and stuart I one groundhog day i flow through oodles like happy sundays, and i have no die what that means, i get pissy type pssiy things and act stupid i one all, except fr chris becuae he called me shit head
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    just re read my post that inspired chris to call me shit head and like the fact i typed " goes with the wind" as opposed to "Gone With The Wind"...chris calls me shit i wil; call him chris head!how ya like that one yo?
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    seriously you guys not mad at me are you?...i have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about i jet rant for fun, not to pis eople off...i admit i am big into movies, so i go a bit crazy, and politics, and yes religion...but when it al does down i always admit i am just a big stupid crazy person, I'm not trying to flame or troll wo whatever the hell its just i sometimes get pissed and rranta bit, but i always apologize...i am i am sorry if ipissed anyone off, its just i don't think certain movies should be taken seriously...its kind of like saying i give jaws 2 a C-...jaws 2 does not desire a rainy...i ts now 1225 and i am still drunk and all fucked up, I am truly sorry if i pissed anyone off, but lease lease..whatch Red State, i am very curious as to peoples opinions on it
    Once again i ver sorry if i pissed anyone off i really mean no disrespect, i just throw words around like volleyballs(sp?)
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    haha not mad at you, still.
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    first thought when i woke up today was.."goddamnit i think i posted some crazy shit at fazyluckers"
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    nah, normal stuff - not to worry :D
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    orson rant, C+.
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    Fishtank: great!
    Hoodwinked: great!
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    Amazing to think that the writer / director of Fishtank was in No. 73 :D
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    I had that moment when I found out that Andrew O'Connor produced Peep Show!
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    I am still serious(I am actually sober'-kind of' (still drinking whiskey but adding coffee to it)) what people think of Red State, the more i think about it the more i like~ shot with RED cameras too(not exactly cheap but compared to most
    Once agan apologize for my ridiculousness the other night
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    We saw Rango which was great!

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    rango is awesome, saw that months ago :)
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    chris said...rango, holy fucking A!
    lol, i gave a good review, too.
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    Scream 4 sucks cock.

    The Empire Strikes Back on Bluray doesn't suck cock. Rango doesn't suck cock either.
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    26 out of 27.3 for rio, great stuff!

    B/B+ for 25th hour
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    Machete – B+
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    The Guard

    Great film, Brendan Gleeson is very funny. – A- / B++
  • Tucker & dale vs. evil - B+, would watch again.
  • Puss in Boots – D+
  • Oh deer!
  • (seasonal pun intended).
  • I watched "Perfect Sense," recently and have to say I was quite surprised I had never heard of the film before.
    Quite good!
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    hesher movie poster
    hesher - i'd give it a good B-, many others didn't.

    the soundtrack helps sway it for me, but i really rate the acting, too. sometimes everyone is a little distant from one another, but i find that quite fitting, too.
  • I saw J. Edgar Hoover. ZZZzzz
  • image

    C+, light fluff, watchable, chuckled now and then? (can't remember if i did actually chuckle, but hey).
  • My recent reviews, let me show you them
  • Just finished watching 'boy wonder', fookin' great it was, too.

    Proper under the radar that were, 2010 release, just happened upon it at demonoid the rental store...
  • cabin in the woods was kind of funny~ and i think it was supposed to be
  • Avengers: A-

    Stay through ALL the credits - there are 2 extra scenes - one part way through the credits and the one at the very absolute end of the credits.
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    The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)
    Inspired by the fictional Dr. Heiter, disturbed loner Martin dreams of creating a 12-person centipede and sets out to realize his sick fantasy.

    I switched off after 25 minutes. The filum sucks. The main actor gives me the creeps and I decided that I had enough of sick movies that offer fuck all story wise.

    The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) (2013) is in pre-production. Yay.

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  • prometheus

    what a steaming heap of shite.
  • avengers

    hey, pretty good, y'know? :)
  • prometheus

    what a steaming heap of shite.
  • yes, pretty fucking much. what a waste of a film.
  • hehe yeah, i just got that one in an email here in the office.

    kinda wished i'd used honest trailer youtube clips for research before watching any film.
  • I saw the avengers, didn't like it much
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    Yeah, I enjoyed all the iron mans hulks and captain americas, separately, more, but I'm comparing to an awfully disappointing film here :D

    commas? How do they work?
  • So, I watched The Prestige eventually.

    Enjoyable throughout yet leading to an obvious conclusion leaving you with an experience that was ultimate hollow.

  • The Avengers

    Mewling Quim

  • Prometheus

    David was great because you were never clear to his motivations.

    Everyone else was shit because you were never clear to their motivations.

  • The Lair of the White Worm (1988)

    Amanda Donohoe is a snake vampire thing with a massive strap on cock/stake. What's not to love?

  • lol!


    bag of shite minus.
  • Prometheus was a fuck up. Still kind of liked it, though.

    I saw "My sister's keeper" (upon the wife's instruction). It was shit, I enjoyed napping through the second half though :D
  • lol!


    bag of shite minus.

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