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Best film review, ever!
  • i watchwill insedious tonigh i watched some cool documentary hiseted by arthur clark i give A it was abot fractals, i loves all
  • Kings Speech A+
    Excellent script beautifully acted.

    Sucker Punch B+
    Not what I expected. A bit uneven but a strangely moving. One of the best opening sequences I've seen in a very long time.
    To see it properly ignore everything you have heard. I think many reviewers go in with certain expectations and see only what they want to see.
    Mrs Jargo loved it too.
  • Recently:

    Four Lions: A for awesome!
    Sherlock Holmes: B
    The Losers: C+
    Remember Me: C (wish I had paid more attention to it though)
    Avatar: C
    Traitor: C
    Daybreakers: E (shite)

    The "I fell asleep" category:
    Prince of Persia
    An Education
    Dorian Gray
  • i loved both four lions (LOL OUT LOUD!) and holmes (excited for holmes 2) :)

    (not seen the others)
  • Holmes was better than I thought it was going to be... so was Avatar but my expectations were REALLY low for that :happy:
  • hehe yeha, there's some films that i tend to avoid due to hype. avatar is one of them (though i'll probably get round to watching it sometime, it's sitting on the hard drive waiting for a rainy day).
  • For a film with that kind of budget the acting should have been way better... so yeah I think they blew their cash on computery stuff
  • I've pretty much ignored Avatar on the basis that from what I've seen it looks like a two and a half hour demo reel. Is it that bad or worth watching? Bearing in mind that I can't be bothered with effects for the sake of effects.
  • Erm, I watched it because the missus wanted to see it. I'm not sure I'd recommend it... like chris said, maybe watch it on the rainiest of rainy days :happy:
  • Tried to watch the Green Hornet.. got part way through and couldn't get past the ego-maniacal attitude of the hero or so call hero. That twit just drove me mental.

    Had more fun watching the side kick.

    Did have a chance to watch a movie called 9. Rather interesting tale.
  • D'you know what. I don't think films do it for me anymore :(

    Much prefer 12 episodes of a series nowdays...
  • I quite liked Daybreakers. Very good for such s tiny budget.
  • watched both 'the tourist' and 'the hurt locker' last night.


  • Monsters: B
    Up in the Air: B
    POTC 4: C
  • image image image

    Captain America | Splice | Eagle Eye
  • how good is that capt. america copy you have, dude?
  • a/v quality wise, like...
  • I went to the cinema to see it, lulz
  • oh right, shoulda taken a camcorder wiv ya, innit!
  • NEDS

    NEDS - Rites of passage film by Peter Mullan, set in Glasgow early 70s.

  • oh man, cool!

    right, so i just tried watching the copy of capt/ america i have obtained, and it's shite. i bet the cam quality was watchable, but the encode is fucking horrific (at least on my wd tv), god damn half-hearted pirates, arrrr!
  • Don't bother... the film's got a dose of the stoopids
  • ah, it played fine on me computron - i watched it and quite enjoyed it
  • image image image

    The Adjustment Bureau: ok (wish this had been better)
    Exit Through the Gift Shop: great
    Limitless: dumb
  • exit through the gift shop on channel 4?
  • Exit Through the Gift Shop was really good.
  • i watched a bit of it. should have watched it ages ago, it's still sitting on the hard drive from whenever.
  • Yeah, it was way funnier than I expected :happy:
  • Yeah the Thierry guy was hilarious.
  • Source Code

    I was expecting better, it's like an unfunny Groundhog day.

  • And in a weird Source Code related moment, Chicken just posted in an alternate version of this thread a few hours ago about the same thing. That I only just saw.

    Time travel is a bitch!
  • Actually, I'm going to give Source Code a D- for its sheer stupidity in places.
  • Star Wars = EP1C
  • I quite enjoyed source code, and would give it a teetering C+/B-, even.

    Adjustment bureau, not so much :)

    Super8, again, not so much. But as far as films which are equal measure ET and Goonies, it was pretty good!
  • image

    Pandorum – just like so many other films but I did enjoy it
  • Super8. I enjoyed it, probably a B+.

    [hide]Love the finished film at the end :D [/hide]
  • A Complete History of my Sexual Failures.


    Very enjoyable.
  • ^ i don't think that's what she rated it tho :P

  • Adventureland – felt like it needed more funny, enjoyable nonetheless. B-
  • oh nimmot, you bitch.
  • image image

    A Single Man: B+

    Tron Legacy: hoped for more but very pretty to look at. C+.
  • I inadvertently loved tron.

    Thor, C/C+.

    Go in to these thing with low expectations, reap rewards, innit.
  • Ya, the storyline was lacking but I loved the visuals :smile:
  • mel gibson, jodie foster, in the beaver

    the beaver, B? or maybe a C.

  • peter bradshaw doesn't think so, apparently :D
  • anyone see "Red State" yet... there is screener(great quality) out and about, I'm curious as to what people think,i liked it when i first saw it, but like it more and more when i think about it, there really is no likable character in the movie(except maybe John Goodman) butdef one of Kevin Smiths most serious work to date, and just like dogma all about faith as opposed to belief(neither of which i have i still think the world is flat and revolves around me)

    best quote from movie
    Q:"How much do think cross like that cost"
    A:"You mean in dollars or common sense?"
  • also Exit Through The Gift Shop ...was fucking brilliant on way too many levels too explain the fact that people think its real is just one
  • im editing again...saying source code was bad bcuae it didn’t make sense is akin to saying back to the future made no sense, it’s a stupid movie to pass the time, it is not Howards End or goes with the wind, when you treat idiocy(like you half the shit you people watch and review) seriously i cant figure out where your heads are at, half of the shoot i see you review is SHIT i won't even bother to download, i am may in the minority on this board bit it got good reviews because it was just a "waste of time movie" , you spend a few bucks and have fun was not meant to enlighten or inspire, you guys watch shot movies and give them a's and B's but Source ode is now D? an you rate a movie that does not take it self seriously is mindless stupidity as a D, not one to throw the Majority rule out there but check rotten tomatoes and i think I'm a bit in the right where as you are being righteous...dont mean to be an ass but it has 91% approval rating, because when people walked into that movie they were not opting a life changing experience they were use wanting a few hours of fun...maybe I'm wrong...but 91% of the world agrees with me(and trust me i know that is a week argument as I am also an attest and i think the umbers can be easily reversed) just saying was a stupid fun movie not meant to be taken seriously and that’s what it seems all of you do to EVERY adrunk I apologize...i love everyone I am sorry...i just don't get even bothering rating a movie that is just meant to be shot in the first place... i stick with my B+ ...mindless fun, nice not to have to think for a few hours whenever i het them
  • i am so seriusly fucked up right now i cant type ut i stand by what i was TRYONG to say...its already 730 in the fucking morning i thought it was still 3 or 4, i am not trying to disrespect i use think rating foolish movies is in and of itself drunk i one all...i apologize if i was rude..i just tired and crazy