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Best film review, ever!
  • dont get me wrong i like my fair share of fluff movies, but if a commercial cant hold my interest, i wont bother with film.
    I would sooner watch something i love 15 times than watch something i know will shit even once~
  • i'd like to agree with you there, but i've seen mission impossible all the way through.
  • I expected it to be worse. mrs nicko wanted to watch it, she has the hots for Jolie
  • But, I like the fact that I seem to have angered orson with the 'surprisingly good' comment.

    I agree with you on your opinion on Fincher but The Social Network wasn't mindblowing or anything, just 'surprisingly good' (imo)
  • True Grit - Pretty good. B+
  • /me puts orson on the list
  • im always on teh list that’s why i have it
  • chris said...I watched scott pilgrim vs, the world last night

    did enjoy, would watch again! A+++l

    Ya it was, one of the best comic movies ever!
  • Catfish. What the hell? I say real. B+
  • jesse said...Four lions. Wrong and very funny at times. I'm just not sure what his point was. er B-

    In total agreement!
    Though, I wasn't able to watch it in the bentley as there's cash piled up against the screen at the moment.
  • Catfish is as real as Jesus!
  • True Grit. A lot wittier than I had imagined it would be. I'd like to see it again. B-
  • orsonrockwell said...Catfish is as real as Jesus!

    So super real. Yeah.
  • i dont mean to offend christians i should have said santa claus
  • Just watched "wall street: money something something" with Michael Douglas and some other people. I have to give it an "M".[hide]For Meh, of course[/hide]
  • 'Paul' gets B-, with the cast involved seems it should have been funnier
  • "The King's Speech"


    British toffee-nosed feelgood clichéd kaka.

    My mum liked it though. Fair enough.
  • chicken did youy see Inside Job yet?
  • i have the king's speech to watch, looking forward to it now that i know your mum likes it, chicken!
  • orsonrockwell said...chicken did youy see Inside Job yet?
    Got it. Haven't seen it yet.
  • It’s a great movie, and doesn’t let anybody off the hook `which i like, the movie tries to explain the situation as best they can but it still confuses me a bit(i understand what they did and why it was wrong, dont understand how it was legal), but what was astounding to me is how straight faced these people can be pretending they did nothing wrong~ and the excess is sickening
  • true grit, proper B, yo.
  • Ironman 2: E-

    It's a Wonderful Afterlife: E

  • i quite enjoyed ironman 2... :D
  • Green Hornet. B++ (possibly A-)

    Great action film, loads of great lines, and not quite the usual fare with these type of films.
  • Green hornet is getting the craziest mixed reviews from all of my friends some say its absolutely horrible and others telling me how great it is...i downloaded havent watched yet
  • It's good fun, as with all Seth Rogan films, he's a right plonker for sure :D
  • Green Hornet just hadn't been on my radar at all. Just looked it up, directed by Michel Gondry of Radiohead videos and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind fame.

    OK, that's enough to pique my interest.

    ~checks to see if it's on at the cinema

    No, illegal download it is.
  • Yeah, thought his name sounded familiar in the credits. DOH.
  • TRON: Legacy
    Not so amazing in 2D and on a small screen. To be honest, IMAX 3D is the only thing that makes TRON: Legacy worth watching.
  • I really wanted to see Tron until I read the reviews. I heard that even the effects weren't that good and that was the only reason I wanted to see it anyway.
  • best movie last year was social network and 127 hours after i just say kings speech was good but it was no sn or 127 hours both were better ut of course jst me opinion yo, and im drunk but i mean what say
  • Devil's Playground – E
  • chris said...

    Hahaha, that's ace.
  • Rango was awesome A
  • rango, holy fucking A!
  • tron legacy was ok, bit of a lol here and there. had a lot to live up to, of course. C+ maybe?
  • Four Lions – A!

    Dorian Gray – C
  • Four lions, lol+ haha
  • Green hornet, 8.5+! :)
  • Machete 2.5/5

    The other guys 3+/5
  • ^^green hornet seems to be the strangest thing I cant sit through it and i know many who agree but others absolutely love it, i cant figure out why on either end
  • Hehe well, I found it funny in parts that I'm pretty sure weren't many to be funny ;) but I went in with low expectations, and quite enjoyed it.
  • Getting ready to watch source code, watched limitless the other day, for what it was(mindless fluff) i give it a B+
  • chris said...Hehe well, I found it funny in parts that I'm pretty sure weren't many to be funny ;) but I went in with low expectations, and quite enjoyed it.

    Likewise, I really enjoyed it.
  • 'many' = 'meant', of course.
  • source code was fun B+