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I just watched 'the walking dead'
  • Fuck this shit.
  • BWAHAHAHA! was waiting for your reaction @nicko :D

    i've come to the conclusion that every child on this show should die. i hate them all.

    btw...did you catch the 2min preview to the 2nd half of the season?
  • I've never watched this programme but occasionally I drop in to have a look at this thread, cause your conversation is hilarious :!:
  • …don't know why, I probably need to get out more!
  • You're getting the most entertaining bits in this thread, peakster!

    Basically the best characters have not really been present for the first half of this season. People are dying really fucking dumb deaths. Even the hardcore crew are doing stupid things like not climbing a ladder quickly. The whole stupid mess is on hold now for two and a half months whilst the writers scratch their arses. It's not compelling for me anymore... I'm just watching it because of the amount of time that I have invested in it.

    I hope the second half is better and I hope that Negan and the Saviours will spice it up a bit.

    In the words of Sir Hugh Cornwell "Something better change..."

  • exactly! at first i didn't even realize that the moron scooting her ass across the grass was maggie! i thought it was just another alexandrian moron who was destined to die. apparently living in alexandria has made them all soft and stupid.

    i haven't read the comics but the guy at work keeps telling me how awesomely brutal negan is going to be. at least i have that to look forward to. here's hoping he doesn't like children of the zombie apocalypse. fingers crossed.

    and lmfao @peak! you're not missing anything. just tune into nicko and my convo. we should have our own aftershow. :D
  • How did he get shot in the fucking head and not die???
  • I KNOW!!!

    did you watch last nite's yet btw? i have some shit to get off my chest. :D
  • how does rick not see the huge mud puddle? abraham seriously!?!?! rosita is hot as shit and he's off chasing a new piece of strange? can they just kill the doctor they have at alexandria and bring the doctor from the new settlement back with them? how abraham struggle with the weakest at the new settlement and rick manhandles the largest dude only to get dropped by the woman? gregory must die. jesus and the doctor are about the only ones worth saving from the new settlement. spears. really. spears!?!?!?

    as for coral. how the fuck is he still alive?!?!? forget the fact he was shot through the fucking eye, but suddenly the inept doctor who probably couldn't take your temperature suddenly becomes a fucking brain surgeon?!?! FFS. :D
  • hee hee hee. the bullet ricocheted off his erm...upper zygomatic bone, unfortunately. abraham is obviously confused, or maybe just of two (small) minds. maggie is still hot so that's good.

    stay calm and eat brains
  • I'm more concerned with the fucking lunacy of the Keystone Cops the week before. No fucking way would they jeopardise the loot in the back of that van just to chase some twat across a field.

    But then again... nothing new here. Remember in season 2 when Dale was surprised by a massive herd of zombies... I mean, he was standing on top of his camper with a pair of bins!
  • are you saying that this might not be realistic? :D
  • heh. any thoughts about which major character gets it during the charge of the rick brigade on negan? if they're going to stay so realistic, someone's gonna be BBQ...
  • i haven't read the comics but the guy at work has. he keeps saying he hopes they stay true to the comics because it will be glorious and awesome. i'm sure they'll wait til the final episode for the "holy shit" moment. that's when negan makes his first appearance (according to imdb). i have my wish list of people that i could do without. unfortunately they'll probably be the ones that hang around forever while they kill off the characters i like in stupid fashion. :D
  • My prediction:

    Maggie or Glenn (or both) are gonna get fucked up.
  • On second thoughts, it won't be both because Walking Dead... soooo, Maggie?
  • yeah. there's not enough diapers and baby formula in the post apocalypse for another little one. :P
  • there's been some yapping about Daryl, abraham is preoccupied - and lost rosita's gift already...
  • abraham is cold man. dropped that hot piece like a bag of dirt and didn't even bat an eye. big red is on the prowl. lock up your women and children. :D
  • if i had any i would. :P

    Tobin? Carol? what?

  • Hmm, I might just be right. Of course it could be Carol but the writers just set her up for date night with that fella. Since when did she smoke??
  • no shit? i'd figure if she had smokes ratholed away daryl would be all over it. and is she keeping a kill log?
  • negan's gonna beat her pregnant self to death, yup. or make carol do 19 carol
  • wtf happened to carol??
  • can't wait for sunday!!! time to thin the herd! :D
  • That episode was fucking stupid.

    "Everybody that can fire a gun leave Alexandria now... separately"
  • BWAHAHAHA!!! no shit! and fucking carol.ugh. just let her leave. she's the type of person that can only exist with self induced chaos. i hope her and morgan meet up with each other and battle it out and BOTH of them end up dying.

    as for morgan...seriously. all life is not precious. and his little speech about how if the wolf didn't save denise, then denise wouldn't have been there to save coral. ahhh news flash monk morgan! if you had killed that fucking idiot the first time you had come across him then denise would've never been kidnapped by that muskrat toothed creep.

    like i said, time to thin the herd. unfortunately i don't think the characters i want thinned will be included in the culling. :(
  • LOL

    Are we supposed to think Daryl bought the farm or has Carol shot some dude in front of him?
  • i think rosita got it from the side and that's her blood hitting the screen. i don't think daryl will die this season, he's too big a character. glenn on the other hand... :D
  • sucked. severely disappointed.
  • nicko said:

    That episode was fucking stupid.

  • Yeah, that was fucking shit. 60 minutes of watching them turn a bus around followed by a 15 minutes of chit chat about who's gonna get fucked in the ear with a razorwire wrapped baseball bat.
  • Also, I'm gonna go right ahead and say it was Maggie that got it.
  • i think it's glenn. why would he waste his energy on someone who's already got 1 foot in the grave?
  • nimmot said:

    i think it's glenn. why would he waste his energy on someone who's already got 1 foot in the grave?

    Buuuuut, he said he wanted to them to work for him so why keep the weakest? Also Glenn showed that he was emotionally attached to Maggie by his outburst... soooo


  • either way i wouldn't be saddened by the loss of either of them. :)
  • have to admit i'd be saddened at the loss of parts of one of them. but i'm a creepy old man.
  • BWAHAHAHA @bull and @nicko :D
  • well really, what will glenn's purpose be if maggie is gone? on the other hand, maggie is in full breeding mode, and yes, the fanny.

    go ahead and bash Glenn's brains out.