I just watched 'the walking dead'



  • wtf is up with mr clean at the end of this one nicko?
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    Yeah man, he just walked straight outta the Four Seasons, innit
  • also, it's really annoying to have to wait a week between episodes now /\/
  • i know!!! wish i had the will power to wait til the season was over to binge watch them
  • So glad that fucken beard is gone.
  • ^Just started
  • lol@nicko i think slick rick is on the hunt for new tail. smoking hubby on the porch better watch out. there's a new sheriff in town. :D
  • ^ :D

    Posted this elsewhere on the internets so might as well put it here too!

    I think there was a lot going on in this episode (other than de-bearding). At the end of the previous episode you could hear young children playing and yet there were no children when the group walked through the gates.

    What's up with husband of the woman that cut Rick's hair? He's a bit of a surly fucker.

    What's up with videoing the interviews? Is lady-mayor reporting back to somebody?

    Glenn mentioned that they had "almost been out too long" in his interview. Maybe they have, maybe it's too late for Rick to return to work as the trusted law man.

    Rick left a dirty mark on the window in the lady-mayor's perfect living room. The group is a stain on Alexandria, they packed themselves into one house like animals.

    Carol is infiltrating in her twin-set and pearls much to Daryl's disgust. Little do the Alexandrians know what a bad-ass she is. She's as threatening as Daryl but without looking like she is.

    Why invite the group home to tea anyway? ... the Alexandrians have sort of been managing with supply runs in their own way. I think the group are needed for something else like defending Alexandria from other, badder guys.

    There's something up with the Alexandrians, for sure.

    Also, best line was from Daryl... "We bought dinner"

    Another also, what's up with Enid? Does she belong to another group? Did she scale the wall to go and report back to another group?

    Final also, who calls anyone Enid these days anyway?
  • ^Gots so much to catch up
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    a question i had is who the hell puts newcomers in charge of the city (i.e. making rick and michone constables)?

    also, who took rick's gun that he stashed if they gave him his weapons back anyway?

    and wtf is morgan?

    i don't read the comic so i don't want to know the spoilers. just sucks waiting a week to find out what's gonna happen next.

    you're right nicko, there are a bunch of unanswered questions. the hubby, the lack of children, enid. also, the congresswoman's husband wasn't much of an architect if he puts the supports to the walls on the OUTSIDE of the camp containment walls...unless the walls are meant to keep people in, not out.
  • good point nim... was the mayor's husband one of the people she "banished" I wonder?
  • The pace seems a bit off in the latter half of this season. Now everybody's all comfy and stuff it's like the return to Hershel's farm.

    Hope something fucks up badly soon :D
  • dude, how fucking scary is carol?!?!? :o
  • Ha ha, Carol was awesome. I was thinking... alright she's going to stop now... nope... how about now? ...nope
  • LMFAO!!! i know. she just kept going...and going...and...

    hope they encounter a shrink on their next run because sammy's gonna need some therapy now :D
  • Wolves not far
  • how the hell did glen not drag that idiot back there and feed him to the walkers?!?!?! and what got up the priest's butt?
  • LMFAO!!!
  • rick seems to be traveling down the shane bat-shit-crazy road! that dick that got noah killed needs to die right quick...like immediately and as painfully as possible.
  • I feel they're building up to some epic shit for Sundays double episode. I'm hoping all the Alexandrians die horribly cos they're all mother dicks.

    The walkers marked with Ws needs to be explained... are they marked by the Wolves or is it an upside down W... for Morgan... hay, what happened to that guy??

    Also, nobody has spotted that Deanna is a walker yet? :D
  • Another also, did Michonne pistol whip Rick because she wants Alexandria to work or to buy him some time to get their collective shit together?
  • i think michonne knocked him the fuck out so he would quit digging a hole for himself. i think she knows something ain't right in alexandria.

    i don't think morgan would be the one responsible for the dismembering of torsos, tying living naked women to a tree to be eaten or etching his initial in walker foreheads. but i want to see him back into the fold. i dig that dude.

    as for the governeress, she's fucking pasty-ass white ain't she?!?!

    something's fishy in mayberry. there's no way in hell that collection of morons could've survived this long on their own. they've clearly displayed that they are the keystone cops of a zombie apocalypse.

    can't wait for the extended episode sunday. then it's back to withdrawals again. :(

    at least game of thrones will be starting back up soon!!! :)
  • ha ha, well I just started watching from the beginning of Season 1 again cos the missus wants to watch it :D
  • Also, Morgan was bat-shit crazy that last time so anything could have happned to him!
  • i hope morgan hasn't gone off the deepend because i really like him. the episode "clear" is one of my favorites!
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    Bad.Ass.Mother.Fucker :D
  • LOL!!! yeah. that was pretty badass. :D

    love to see morgan back in the fold but that guy needs to grow a set!!!
  • It's not really clear if Rick shot the wifebeater or whether he saw off the architect dude with the cut throat to stop him turning.

    What says you, nim?
  • ooooh! never thought of that. but i think the wifebeater got it. the look deanna gave rick was one of vengeance. what say you nicko?
  • Yeah, she only has that one look though :D :P
  • LMFAO!!! :D
  • Oi, Nim you massive cunt... you watching this spin-off show?
  • yes i am fuckface. :P i want the shit to hit the fan quick. i want them to come to the realization that they are zombies.
  • :D

    they aint gonna though innit... it's interesting how the colour is so saturated in FTWD compared to the gif up the page there. Maybe because LA, maybe because everything is so squeaky clean!
  • It was a good series opener! Need to get round to watching episode 2!
  • Ep 2 was better than ep 1, I thought
  • agreed nicko. it's getting better. it's hard knowing that the apocalypse is coming and we had the benefit of skipping that during rick's comma from WD. i'm just an impatient bastard. :D
  • What's the deal with putting out two episodes and then making people wait two weeks for the next one??
  • I should download some of this, right? RIGHT?!
  • I'm a little bit "meh" about FTWD but it's an OK stopgap until 12 October!

  • Some of those zombies walkers look fuckin ace!
  • oh ffs, this is what i'd meant to remember to do yesterday :!:
  • Just watched the season finale of FTWD and I don't really get it. I think they should have spent longer on the build up somehow because now it's just the original show with less good characters?

    what says you nim?
  • i LOVE LOVE LOVE rueben blades' character. the other guy finally manned up a little. i like it so far. still gonna stick with it and see how it shakes out.

    the part i did think was ridiculous was when they walk down into the holding pen area and they say they're looking for their son. everybody apparently knows he was the one that left with the black dude out of all the 100s of people there. :D

    i am intrigued by the black dude. don't know what his story is yet but i'm digging his suave character.
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