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I just watched 'the walking dead'
  • Tell you what... it's a drag waiting for episodes now :D
  • LOL! welcome to the club :D
  • fucksake /\/
  • yeah. it's frustrating. i DVR it each week and watch it about an hour later after it airs so i can blow thru all the commercials. :D
  • I'll have to wait until Monday night. This sucks, I've really missed dem zombies this week
  • you shoulda just slowed your earlier consumption to tie in with the season finale, innit </hindsight> ;) :P
  • yeah, when I started it I thought it had already finished, lol
  • LOL! they're slated for another season next year :D
  • Very excitement
    Such new episode
    Much tonight
  • are you possessed by a nigerian spammer? your english not good. very not good. :P
  • LMFAO!!! :D
  • Well, that was an episode...
  • seriously tho. what's up with the priest?
  • complete nutter... but I think there's still more to him than we know

  • yeah. something doesn't seem right. especially that he's still alive :D
  • Had to google for the season 5 wikipedia page today to see which episode I'm meant to be getting only to find a news story as the first result that had a pretty massive spoiler in the headline, wtf? /\/
  • LOL! did you watch last nite's mid-season finale? rick is badass. he's done with people's shit and doesn't beat around the bush. no more mr. diplomat he's now all business. :D
  • i didn't give anything away you fucking slacker! get to watching it already!!! :P
  • I thought this was cute

  • LOL i saw that too. i think the preacher secretly wanted to taste some bob :D
  • can someone change the title of this thread to "nim & nicko discuss zombies walkers" :P
  • ha ha, I thought so too... Bob did look all delicious and BBQ-y :D
  • nimmot said:

    can someone change the title of this thread to "nim & nicko discuss zombies walkers" :P


    I was just thinking that when I click to see 'what those two have got to say about it now'! ;)

    Might have to checkout an episode to see what all the fuss is about...
  • :D

    Fuscksake, I just realised I have to wait until February to see the rest of this
  • LMFAO!!! :D
  • i think i'll download all of these after christmas...
  • Yeah, you should. Quality TV show... I really mean that, I am enjoying the shit out of it.

    (Well, I was until I found out I have to wait 3 feckin months for the next one)
  • it could be worse. you could have to wait til the fall season :)

    seriously tho, you do have to watch it. it is a great show!!!
  • You just have to persevere through the 286 episodes on that fucking farm in Season 2 and you're all good.
  • i'm not going to download season 1 or 2, it's ok.
  • Why not?
  • i watched 1, and maybe 3 or 4 eps of season 2. and that's why i stopped watching it.
  • I'd watch it from season, tbh. You're gonna miss a fair bit of character development. Particularly with Daryl... he's totally my favourite character now... dude's a badass :D
  • daryl is badass but rick is the fucking man!!! season 4 and 5 have shown how far he'll go to protect the group.

    i wish carl would die. i hate that fucking kid :D
  • as nicko said, watch season 2. lot's of character development and you'll be wondering wth happened to certain people if you jump ahead to season 3 ;)
  • Rick slightly annoys me though... for 3 reasons:
    1. his exaggerated swaggering is annoying
    2. because Andrew Lincoln is a Brit and every time he yells "caaaarhul!" I want to hurt him a bit because the accent seems overdone (to me), for this reason I hope Carl gets eaten by a zombie soon :D
    3. that beard
  • Daryl for president... or something
  • also, relating to Daryl but spoilered for Chris:

    :!: his zero-hestitation when he dropped dawn in that last episode... holyfuckingshitballs! :!:
  • What's with all the flishy-flashy light leaks and shit? That was a "vuvuzela moment" for the walking dead.

    Hope it was just for that episode.

  • i was not impressed with that latest episode. i'm surprised he lasted this long. i thought for sure he was going to send noah into the house alone while he guarded the mailbox. :D
  • Yeah, kind of glad he's a gonna. I want more Daryl badassery :D
  • yeah. i felt more for him than maggie when the beth event happened.

    i just hope they find someplace to bathe soon. rick's looking like a dirty santa. :D
  • that beard tho...
  • *still not watching* :D