I just watched 'the walking dead'



  • I hope so, cos at the moment idgaf if any of 'em get eaten by teh zombies
  • Also, nobody calls 'em zombies... wassat all about?
  • that was annoying, too! :P


    and then they only go and make them fucking run! jesus christ, guys...
  • I can't believe none of 'em call them zombies.

    Can you tell I'm not bought into this yet?
  • on the previous page i mention the need to travel quietly, then they send a fucking harley ahead to check out the fucking roads. and drive the shittest fucking vehicles you can imagine (they have their pick of any bloody vehicle!!!!)
  • though i understand the current season is action packed, and fab. whatever. :D
  • yeah, the dude driving the Mustang all the way out of the city with the alarm going... then... oh shit! our camp is being invaded by zombies walkers... wtf dudes! onoes!
  • fuck you both :P
  • edited October 2014
    haha! :D <3
  • Saw E01 and 02 of S02 last night. The zombies walk faster but fuck... is anything actually going to happen? I don't mind slow if we're getting character backstories and whatnot but we aren't /\/
  • They really need to go easy on the sound effects, too :|
  • Just two more episodes left of S2. It's getting good now :!:
  • hurry up nicko you fucking slowpoke!!! :P
  • LOL... nothing wrong with a slowpoke, nimmy ;)
  • other than getting caught by zombi... walkers...
  • HOLY FUCKING SHIT! End of S2 start of S3... it's like these cunts finally figured out how to make a TV show... I'm pretty hooked :D
  • Also
    They really need to go easy on the sound effects, too :|
  • how can a zombie catch a fucking woodchuck? also, the sound effects in that scene? lol
  • um, the sound effects in every zombie killing scene are pretty lol and completely cartoonify what's happening, seriously it's the worst thing about this
  • Also, the dudes at Amazon Prime need to go easy on the spoilers in the single sentence summary of each episode, wtf
  • I appreciate that I am complaining a lot about this :D
  • prometheus next, mate! :D
  • teh movie?
  • it was a joke, please don't watch the movie :(
  • Oh, I've seen it and I am also upset that it too was inadequate :D
  • Finished S3 last night, fucking ace... watched 2 episodes of S4 today. This TV show is pretty good!
  • i don't even know who you are any more, man.
  • just wait chris, next he'll only refer to them as walkers :P
  • That still fucks me off. I mean, not one single cunt has said "holy shit! zombies!"

    They all have dumb names for them... walkers, biters, flesh eaters — it's like they're being deliberately obtuse :!:
  • Nah, you guys should start watching Z-Nation. There zombies are called zombies and it's much more fun killing them :P
  • Just about to start season 5... w00p!
  • can't wait for you to get caught up. this season is great!!! (except for 1 boring episode. plot building. belch)
  • I just finished S05 E05. That's me up to speed, right? Does episode 6 air tonight?
  • yes it did. what did you think of S05 E01? that is my FAVORITE one so far!
  • Ha ha, yeah... that was really cool. I was totally on the edge of my seat!

    I hid a spoiler comment between the two smilies... highlight it to read it ;)

    :D Spoiler! I really liked the explosion Carol caused... BOOOOM! FUCKEN ZOMBIES ERRYWHERE :D
  • LOL!!! :D yeah. i did like the episode when then met up with garreth again :)
  • that was pretty brutal... I think I noticed the killings getting more and more graphic as it's gone along. Probably not noticeable unless you watch the shit out of all 4 and a bit seasons at once :D
  • I've been following base's travels on instagram and noticed he was at Terminus!


  • hope he didn't grab a bite in the cafeteria :D
  • Yeah, it's an arm and a leg in there :D
  • yeah, bob told me :D
  • lol

    You spelt zombie wrong :p
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