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I just watched 'the walking dead'
  • Well, the opener, at least. It was ok, too. Spolier alert: it's basically a '28 days later' series.

    One thing that bugs me though, that sheriff's deputy, he don't half get close to the walkers to pull the trigger. I mean, it's a gun ffs, it has range - means you get less brains splattered over your face.
  • That was last night in the US? I guess that means that it'll be on FX here tonight, I'll check now...

    Only saw the first one using the 'sky anytime' feature that's been filling my hard drive with stuff I've never seen for about 5 months (yeah - I'm going to disable it).
  • I love "The Walking Dead". Also loved the comic.

    off topic: Another show worth seriously watching is "Boardwalk Empire" => seriously awesomely amazing.
  • Ok, 2nd ep was ok too, I just wonder how many episodes this season is going to be - not sure I really want to watch another 22 of these were basically nothing happens.
  • I'm really kinda liking it. It's no Lost but hey it's got zombies.

    The story line seems to be going really fast so I'm not sure how long the momentum can last without it being, as you say, 22 episodes of the same.

    I like the lead actor too, can't remember his name but he was good in Teachers.
  • egg.

    (ok, i can't remember his actual name, either :D).
  • ((andrew lincoln, god bless ameri... wikipedia!))
  • woah, apparently it's [only] a 6 episode series, and there's a 13 episode second season in the works.
  • EGG!

    (Really enjoying it, especially Portrait of a serial killer fella, think he's going to kick off after being tied up!)
  • LOL! i was thinking the same thing mesk. that guy is gonna be PISSED!!! hopefully he was a lefty to begin with or else he just left his girlfriend behind on the roof to be gnawed on by the walkers. :D
  • It's like real life Resident Evil. Which reminds me, need to dl the Zombie pack for Red Dead.
  • i like this sh
  • Not one for zombie stuff, but I'm enjoying this. Ep 3 was pretty lame though.
  • So, I was prepped for episode 3 being slow and not that great by mucho chatter on tinterweb. I thought it was pretty good though, tbf. We're half way through, already!
  • Episode 4. Awesome, really loving this series, as well as Boardwalk Empire.
  • Episode 3 - ?, i thought it was needed, a bit of background into the characters is all good.
  • so, no chatter on last nite's episode?

    i dug it. will be interesting to see what happens in the finally next week. :)
  • i'm only up to episode 4 in the uk. tell you what, this thing is slow as fuck.
  • You want some good sh*t? Download/watch on 4OD, series 1 & 2 of Misfits. Really good and British.
  • chris said somewhere else...for a 6 episode series, this thing is dragging like fuck. way to go america.

  • Funnily enough, I only yesterday did a series link record for misfits ;)
  • finale was awesome! tell me what you think chris when you get a chance to watch it.
  • i just might have to get these for my desk at work...SWEET!!! :)
  • watched the season 2 opener last night - totally shit :D
  • this show is sooooo good!!! :)
  • no nimmot, no.
  • how can a zombie catch a fucking woodchuck? also, the sound effects in that scene? lol

    and another thing,

    i mean, seriously.

    (plus loads of other things that i'll mention if i have to, DON'T PUSH ME MAN!)
  • Go on, mention them!

    Is it really shit?
  • LMFAO!!! ok. i'll give you the "zombie parade" that was missed by the guy on the rv.

    but i really do like the show. the special effects for a tv zombie show are really good. the sound effects were a little over the top in some parts but they had to do that because they couldn't show half the stuff they wanted to.

    i leave it up to you, the zombie expert, to tell me that a zombie couldn't catch a woodchuck. :P
  • It's so shit, it's actually good! Many a lulz had!
  • The grain that they include in the filming of the episode plays merry hell with video encoders...
  • i was going to say that the mp4 version of this i saw suffered from some judderyness due to encoding - i knew i shoulda grabbed the pre transcode mkv:!:
  • Stuart said...Go on, mention them!

    gotta be quiet otherwise the zombies will hear you and come for you - so one of the guys is riding a harley up front of the convoy!

    pick any vehicle in the world, they are all there for the taking, but the convoy consists of a really old car, and a really old RV, both of which are shite on fuel and prone to breaking down.

    zombies don't appear to eat already dead flesh this season, weird. loads of cars filled with dead bodies just sitting there waiting to be eaten.

    how the hell could the walking dead expect to catch a woodchuck - those things are pretty alert, zombies are not made to be stealth, BBRRRRAAAAAIIIINNNNSSSS!!!!!, nor are they quick.
  • :happy::
  • WHO in their right mind let a kid go up to a buck to touch it?!? If the kid didnt get shot, I am sure that buck would have ram his ass.
  • Started watching this last night. Saw S01 ep 01 and 02. I think I can stop there... how the fuck did they spin this out to four seasons or whatever?
  • "it gets better", i'm told.

    but i stopped watching, too. also, the zombies walkers get faster in season 2, i think :D
  • i just read some of my posts in this thread. i don't think i liked it :D haha
  • yeah, the zombies were pretty fucking lame
  • this season is BRUTAL and DISTURBING!!!! me likey :)
  • it is nonsense, nim.

  • stuff a chris in it sock :P
  • Finished season 1 last night. I'm a bit meh about it but will probably take a look at season 2
  • i think 2 was the worst one. so, if you can make it through that...
  • How many episodes in S2?
  • it gets much better nicko. the episode "Clear" is one of my all time favorites :)