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i've accumulated a pile of anigifs
  • no matter what thread they go in, they'll slow it down, so ... this way you can decide if you want to wait for the images. :)

    NSW [hide] [/hide]
  • erm, thanks for the pre viewing - now i know i don't want to wait lol
  • glad to help, middi. :)

    i forgot one...

    it's tiny, but the lines drawn really help me "see" how the rotation can be thought to switch.
  • Apart from the cat one, i like them all!
  • There are a couple of threads that if I view them on my iMac Safari crashes... and all because of animated GIFs grrr!!! So you might have hit upon something there mick!
  • they always slow me down, but i'm on the low end of the ADSL line here. no crashing. i was talking to 'rocco the other day, though and he mentioned that anigifs are problematical. i wonder what it is about Safari.... oh well. :) FIrefox works.

  • Yes, it does seem odd that such an old file format should screw-up safri...
    Apple have had some rather blunt crash reports from me! :happy:
  • include Donald ^ in the next report that'll teach 'em. :)
  • .5 seconds to load on neighbors 20 meg wifi "n"... slow.......hmmm that "give a fuck o meter" seems like something I've seen before......
  • this is lurid but compelling.

    hidden to minimize involuntary siezures...

  • mick said...this is lurid but compelling.

    hidden to minimize involuntary siezures...


    And I thought I had a bad hair day....
  • ouch MY EYES!!!!!!!!!

    was that supposed to be dylan or is it just me?
  • just you. :)

    my eyes!!
  • ohnoes

    why do i think there was no lesson learned there? gah
  • It appears Jackass III is filming now.
  • i wonder if his nickname is speedbump? :D
  • "Hey Joe - Those stretchmarks say Goodyear on em"
  • i needed something more cheerful to get that out of my head.

    michael ages

    "more" being relative.
  • i've told myself several different stories about what's going on here.

  • this kind of little animation makes me very happy.

  • i have a beef with this one. it, like so many other graphic representations of an ECG/EKG depicts a very ailing heart.

    electric impulses

    the wide P-R interval, followed by a highly visible Q-wave, THEN a spread QRS segment AND a tall T wave indicate a huge floppy distended heart (probably Congestive Heart Failure).

    ;) the electric impulses are correctly synced with the line tracing, tho'.
  • highway
    how fast? i'm guessing about 70kph (45mph).

  • That's a moray :D

    I think somebody from yh drew the 'haters gonna hate' one
  • the "haters" gif is one of my all-time favorites. i visualize it when people are being mean. :)


    0blique gear

    bowie noface

    there's lots more of those ^ at Animated Albums
  • this is so great that i don't even resent adding 5 MB to my Dropbox total. ;)

  • this one's a whole page, so click on the screenshot thumbnail.

    the source code is well worth looking at, too. :)

  • i'm making next year's calendar (slowly). it's going to have moon phases and local high/low tides. things seem to line up, y' know? ;)

  • this is really old, but still a fave


  • and this is fascinating.

    "Radial engines are used in aircrafts having propeller connected to the shaft delivering power in order to produce thrust .Its basic mechanism is as follows"

  • ^ Reminds me of when Flash first arrived on the scene!
  • that's pretty and smooth, chris. :)

    this is neither; someone made me look at 4chan.

  • ok, that's awesome. :D


    this is one of the Sixteen Studies from Vegetable Locomotion (1975)

    if you're so inclined, the carrot erections is worth seeing.

  • Check out this dude!
  • ^ I've just fallen of my chair! :smile:
  • meska said...Check out this dude!

    he does some really skillful work; great link, meska.

    chicken... that hurts! :p


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