What's "Everything Off"?

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Every once in a while I discover a strange text file in different places of my drive.

It's called 00 Everything Off. I guess the zeroes ensure it's a the head of any list of files.

Opening it, all that's there is a series of symbols and a few letters with some king of squiggly line between them, and parentheses. I've tried posting it, but the text and everything following it simply gets left blank on my post.

Anyone know what it is, and how to avoid it? I've deleted it several times and there have been no problems, but it keeps reappearing. Gets annoying.


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    sounds like some malware tried to install something

    a google search for "00 Eveything Off gave me:
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    there was also a return from the MacAfee Anti-Virus software site, but following the link was a dead end.

    dunno..., i wouldn't worry about it. it's not going to work on your Mac; next time you do a clean install it will disappear.
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    As you say, it hasn't caused any problems, just annoying when I find it. And deleting it causes no problem, either.

    I'll try to see when it does appear and what I might have been running shortly before that. But I might miss it, as it doesn't attract attention to itself.

    Nothing to worry about, just curious.
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