Older TV-series:P

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Just finished watching the third season of Seven Days, now started out with Millennium... Then maybe Invisible Man, Robin of Sherwood, John Doe... Perhaps even The Sentinel :P Any comments? I only wish that some of these had continued... Oh, gotta seek Profiler too.


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    prisoner? minder? the professionals? randal and hopkirk (deceased)?
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    yes minister? yes prime minister?
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    for reals!

    fawlty towers?
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    Heehee, no comedies for me besides the "young ones"
    chris: could you describe those a bit more?
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    sure, but i'll let wiki do the talking ;)

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    I am not a number! I am a free man!
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    sadly i AM a number
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    chris said...randal and hopkirk (deceased)?
    Ace, I use to to love that as a kid (flashes age! :awkward:)
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    ...How about the Persuaders (great theme tune)?


    Just had to:
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