i need more help with the list of gamer terms, please.

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here is the list in its current state.

i'd like the terms to appeal to a broad spectrum of gamers (that would make the little book more salable). i ALSO would like to make it easy for the Gamer's Alphabet to be humorous. :)

i appreciate the effort of the contributors so far, but would like to eliminate (or nearly so) terms that will only be recognized by a players of a single game. i've added a few more that were suggested by other folks; i purposely didn't add any of the Guitar Hero terms that were suggested.

what needs to be eliminated? and.. the "Y" category is not very satisfying yet.

A: Arena, Aggro, Assault, Ammunition, Attack, Assassinate, Arena, Avatar, Area of Effect (AOE)

B: Buff, buffed, Battleground, Backup, Blaster, Bomb, BFG, Bots, Boosh, Bunnyhopping, Bio (bathroom break)

C: Class, Clicker, CC (Crowd Control), Control Point, CTF, Camp(ing), Chaingun, Crosshairs, Clan, Carebear, Clothie, Camping

D: DPS, DKP, Dungeon, Debuffs. Dominating, Destruction, Deathmatch, Dual Wield, Dex, Ding (new level), Dirt Nap, DMG(damage)

E: Epix, Explosion, Enraged, Emote

F: Facemelt, Focus, Flagged. Flag, Frag, Flak Cannon, Free-for-all, Farm, fps (frames per second), FPS(first person shooter), fat lewtz

G: GM, Gear. Grenade, Godlike, Gravity, Godmode, Gank, Griefer

H: Healer, Hardcore, Headshot, Healthpack, HUD

I: Instance, Incendiary, Instagib, Imba( Imbalanced)

J: Jargon, Jarate (TF2), joystick, Jump boots

K: Keybinds (or just Binds), Killing spree, Killshot, kek, killcam,

L: LFG (looking for group), LEEEROOOOY JEEENKINS (this would need to go after H in the lineup.), Loot, LoS (Line of Sight), Lava, Love tap, Last Man Standing, Lag, Lowbie

M: Melee, Mount, Merked/Merced, Multikill, Mutilate, M-M-M-M-M-Monsterkill, Mule, mod,

N: Noob, Nerf, Nerdrage, Ninja (looter / pull), Nailgun, NPC

O: Overpowered, Overkill, Owned, Opposition

P: Pull, Pet, PVP/PVE, PEWPEWPEW, pwn, Physics, Portal, Pistol, PEW PEW PEW LAZOR!, poopsock (ewww?), punkbuster

Q: Quad Damage, QQ ("stop crying" -this is coldhearted)

R: Raid, Ranged, Ragequit, Respawn, Railgun, Red Vs Blue, Rockets, Run & Gun, Random Encounter,

S: Spec, Steamrolled, Shotgun, Sniper, Sentry, Suicide, Shield, statswhore, Smurf, Spawn,Squishy, Spawn, Spawncamping, Sandbagging, Speedrun

T: Tank, Tanking, Target, Team, Team Fortress, Teleport, Teamspeak, Turtle, Twink, Train (aggro mobs, lead them to your enemies), Telefrag

U: Underpowered, Undergeared, Ultrakill, Upgrades, Uber

V: Viable, Victory

W: Wipe, Win quote

X: Xray, XBox Live/XBL (would need a snarky quip)

Y: Yell

Z: Zone, Zap, Zerging


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    Here's a gaming dictionary. Unfortunately, nothing great for 'Y'.
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    thanks flak. i'm tempted to add "yahoo!". ;)
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    #20 wtf blueshead? Why the ban?
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    JP (japanese)
    WC (water closet aka going to take a piss)
    CS, Cut (cut scene)
    never seen epic with an x
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    blueshead said...#20 wtf blueshead? Why the ban?
    i'm trying to not use common internet terms. blueshead getting banned is ubiquitous. :D
    sunk said...never seen epic with an x
    that was part of base's list. i don't "get" a lot of the terms, so can't speak to that one.

    WC and CS/cut added. thank you. JP is a little too "used everywhere", i think.
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    i would really really really appreciate some of you experienced and knowledgeable gamers helping me pull out the terms that are only specific to one game.
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    well not on the list but "jponry" was unique to FFXI and yes even the JP used it. racists.
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    Jarate is specific to TF2, that can go. Flak cannon is specific to Unreal/Unreal Tournament.

    I'd change Zerging to 'Zerg Rush', as that's much more common. It's specific to Starcraft, but it's well known outside of Starcraft circles.

    I don't think 'epix' and 'fat lewtz' are common enough words.

    Oh, another for R - 'reload'. :D
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    thanks flak. :) list updated
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    healbot- someones personal healer
    lit= keep was hit
    aoe= area of effect
    wc=war camp
    hot= heal over time
    dot= damage over time
    pat= patrol
    nerf= make it weaker
    gank= to attack someone
    bio= bathroom break
    dps=dmg per sec
    pewpew= range dps
    instagib= 1 shot
    gimped= broken
    gm= guild master
    vent= ventrilo
    camp=to continuously kill a player right after they rez or release.
    rez=when a healer brings you back to life with partial health
    realease= have to run back to your corps as a ghost or at wc but with low health and some gear dmg
    dmg= damage
    repair= when gear is worn or breaks down over time need to pay to repair

    will add once i remember some more
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    good stuff babyT. :)

    are those general terms, or are they strongly associated with a particular game?

    i'll try to clean the list up later; i'm running short of time atm

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    fub= fuck you blueshead.. associated with most online games except "Dress up Barbie"
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    list updated. it's not getting smaller! :(


    blues', i delicioused you a link to the perfect Barbie for gamers. you'll need to add your own special purple touches.

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    this list needs to be smaller.
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    your scope is pretty broad - is it likely to arrive at a distilled list that encompasses everyone's gaming experience?

    sounds more like you make a series of volumes FPS, Sports, whatever ...

    "Gamers Alphabet MMPG Edition™©®"
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    I believe all but 1 are general use ingame mmo. WC= war camp
    base= warcamp etc.
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    thanks again, babyT. you've been kind and responsive to my uninformed questions.
    urbansurgeon said...your scope is pretty broad - is it likely to arrive at a distilled list that encompasses everyone's gaming experience?

    sounds more like you make a series of volumes FPS, Sports, whatever ...

    "Gamers Alphabet MMPG Edition™©®"
    i want to end up with a list showing a couple of terms for each letter that most every gamer will recognize and be able to relate to.
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