Mel Gibson gets Jodie Fosters Beaver..

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We're delighted to report today that Mel Gibson will star alongside Jodie Foster in The Beaver - the improbable tale of "a depressed man who finds solace in wearing a beaver hand-puppet".

Foster is set to direct and co-star as the beaver-handed Gibson's wife.

First, let's take a little break to make every possible lewd "beaver" joke in our heads. [Take as much time as you need.] Okay, now that our minds are out of the gutter, put me in the "hell yes" category. Does this sound weird and kind of stupid, and do I expect the beaver to resemble Uncle Joey's woodchuck puppet, and might this be just nine kinds of terrible? Certainly. However! I want stuff that's different; I want to be dazzled by imagination and creativity. I want to be surprised and impressed, and I want a wider variety of stories and storytellers. So if that means that sometimes I have to resist the urge to make a tasteless joke about locker room terminology for genitalia, so be it. You?

So! What sort of hand puppet would you wear whilst depressed? Blueshead owns a Richard Nixon puppet... (Sock Puppet)


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