Free Ronnie Briggs

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Jeez He's too old to even pick yer wallet anymore Unrepentant? I would be too...

Lawyers challenge Biggs decision

Lawyers for Great Train robber Ronnie Biggs have claimed Justice Secretary Jack Straw acted outside his powers in denying the 79-year-old parole.
Biggs's solicitor said laws the minister relied on when making Tuesday's decision were invalid.
The lawyers said one had been repealed and the other was overruled by the House of Lords in 2002.
The Ministry of Justice said Mr Straw has the power to reject Parole Board recommendations.
Biggs is being treated at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.
He was expected to be freed on Friday had the justice secretary sanctioned a decision made by the Parole Board last month.
Mr Straw rejected the recommendation on the grounds he was not sufficiently repentant.
A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: "The Justice Secretary absolutely retains the right to veto parole board recommendations to release prisoners sentenced for a sexual or violent offence committed prior to April 2005 and who have been given a a determinate sentence of 15 years or over."


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    leave him in there, he's a cunt. let him serve the original sentence.
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    i have no opinion on this but i'm not afraid to post it!
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    i've an opinion. :D surprise!

    it would be cheaper to turf him out to a nursing home.
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    it would be cheaper to kill him. kill all the criminals, save money!
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    and feed him to the poor street people? soylent Ronnie!
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    soylent green is great train robber!
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    Well I did love him in The Great Rock'N'Roll Swindle but he is where he is for a reason
    Let him die behind bars
    If you do the crime you have to do the time
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    lol, Ronnie Briggs
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    ah.. now ... my feeling is actually that it would likely be cruel to free him.

    he WOULD go straight to an eldercare home or some horrid little cranny-flat. he's been behind bars for so long, he's got no idea how to function outside of the prison system, and is old enough that he'd probably be miserable. it WOULD be cheaper to turf him out, but.....
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