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Happy Birthday, Peak'
  • a little mick tells me that it's your birthday today - hope you have a great one!

    penblwydd hapus
    [insert beer girls here]

    also, get me a hirez version of that patch image in asap! :D
  • Happeh birthday!
  • Hey!!!!! Happy Birthday mate :)
  • Happy Birthday mate!
  • harpy barthdar.
  • uh-oh! A little peak' told me it is the 29th of April!!!
  • ...but who says we can't wish him a happy birthday early!? Let's break the rules!!! :happy::happy::happy::happy::happy:
  • Oh wow thank you - my name in lights.

    Yes, VeDOT™ is right, tis Weds but I don't mind starting early...

    I was going to have to work on the day but just got home from a meeting to find an email cancelling a training date (been moved), so now I'm going to get to take the day off - RESULT :)

    (just need to keep fingers crossed for sunshine now :))
  • ~putting in my order right now for SUNSHINE on April 29th...IN ENGLAND,mind you...
  • Ve. said...~putting in my order right now for SUNSHINE on April 29th...IN ENGLAND,mind you...

    (A northern joke)

    How do you know when it's summer in Manchester....

    ... the rain is warm :happy::happy::happy::happy:
  • :surprised::happy::wink:

    Hope you're having a good one :)
  • Happy birthday, peak'!! :D
  • happy happy birthday, peak!
  • happy peakday mate
  • cheers mid', flak, red' :)
  • Ve's internet went down, but she asked that I post another "happy birthday" from her. She'll be back Thursday! :D
  • happy birthday peak'! :smile:
  • ok, on the right day now?

  • Happy Cake day with lotsOicing!
  • Well, at the danger of repeating myself - THANK YOU - especially you/them ^^ ^

    Umm, 3:30am, that tells you how the day went :)
  • rocking until the wee hours, eh? fireworks, of course? :)

    happy birthday, peak'.

    gee whiz, chris, you really jumped the gun, didn't you? *cough*
  • It's that time of year again :)

    Happy Birthday mr peak*
  • penblwydd hapus, peak'mon!
  • Happy birthday!
  • happy happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Peak!
  • Happy B-Day Peak! Have a great one my friend! :)
  • sry i'm late..:depressed:.. Have A Very Happy One!!!
  • Happy Happy birthday to YOU! Have a great one! :smile:
  • Happy Birthday, and everywhere! :-D
  • slow down! you're having birthdays too fast.

    or something.... :)

    many happy returns, peak'.

    and we do return, do we not?

  • Hey, thank you! :)

    See you all in the morning, no doubt!

    what, not beer girls! ;(
  • this is the only one i could find on short notice, peak'.

  • Oh, cheers mick... if I really concentrate it almost works, for a second!

    ....ah, resizing the browser window, that's it!
  • Why thank you mam
  • Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday!!!!! YOU and THE WEDDING today,innit!:wink:
  • happy b-day! hope you have a great one buddy!!! :)
  • Ah, cheers guys (and girl)...

    That wedding didn't get in the way of the fun... I'm running a little slow today!

  • any minute now she's gonna get sent back to get the beers she forgot
  • oh yeah, penblwydd hapus, peak'
  • mick said...this is the only one i could find on short notice, peak'.

    just quoting fixes the size!

    wedding?, what wedding?

    ;) belated happy to you, my dear. you're a keeper.

  • Thanks mick

    ...she went of with some guy dressed red! Everyone's talking about her sister though, so I might just chance my luck! :happy:
  • you'd look good in red; you've the complexion AND the moxie. *nod*

    next time, try harder? :)

    ah.. THAT wedding. the one with hats. i heard about them!
  • [beer tits]

    happy bierday!
  • happy b-day peak! hope you have a great one!!! :)
  • Cheers nick', nimm'...

    I'm a bit typsy right now!
  • Err, actually, I don't mean to be awkward but... where are the tits!