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replace nib on intuos 3 grip pen
  • do these nibs just pull out, or is there some kind of secret twist/peelback/paperclip poke manoeuvre that needs to be done here?
  • Pull it sock!!!

    (em i thought all nibs were just pushed in?)
  • yeah, i googled and i got one hit - they said it just pulled out, too. i'm a little weary, thought i'd ask here too :)
  • ok, i did it, and it worked fine (used a scissors to grip the nib, i'd recommend a pliers, though ;))
  • new nib makes such a difference, amazing.
  • chris nib makes such a difference, amazing.

    if i had a quarter for everytime a woman told me that... :D
  • you'd still be broke? hehe
  • HEH! :D