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Can i be the first to say here …
  • 300

    that this is going to be the best movie ever … in the history of movies … and anything else for that matter.

  • that does indeed look pretty good!

    so, is that a march release date, or september? stupid american date system...
  • Looks great! I am sure it will suck tho :D
  • looks ghey
  • damn that looks good
  • "ghey" as in homosexual? I'm confused … do you mean that as a good or a bad thing?
  • cool. I look forward to watching that. I hope it doesn't turn out too cheesy like those type of films tend to...
  • sin city wasn't cheesy at all … it would appear that that is the style of thing they are trying to do.
  • Sin City is different. It had a better director and was co-directed by Frank Miller himself. 300 looks great, but I doubt they'll nail it the way Robert Rodriguez did. Don't get me wrong though, it's going to beat the pants off of most other films out now.