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What about showing upcoming Birthdays?
  • So you've got "Who's Online" and then "Upcoming Birthdays"

    Why don't I have a shower, get dressed, go outside and get a life?

  • i don't think we'll bother with birthdays, eh?
  • what about pink balloons? I'd love to see some pink balloons right underneath "Who's Online"

    ~still pondering if I should have a shower, get dressed, go outside and get a life
  • no balloons. probably no who's online, but hey...

    get a life.
  • oh fuck im bored. right. that's it. im going shopping. too much "staring at the monitor doing nufing" is doing my head in.
  • watch you don't buy anything though, shopping can be dangerous like that!
  • I know.

    threads like this one are the result of somebody out of work for way too long. but i'm looking forward to the 1st of Feb. Then I'll have a new freelance job and I'll end up posting threads here about too many late nights at work, needing drugs, food ... and a shag.