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the great big corp ID / logo / stationery thread

  • *snort*

  • i thin i'd like to get a hand press embosser thingy...

  • Five years on from their rebranding work for the channel, Rudd Studio updates the Channel 4 splintering logo in a series of new on-air graphics packages...

    Keeping the famous logo centre stage – the original multi-barred "4" was the creation of Martin Lambie-Nairn in 1982 – Rudd Studio has created a series of new animations of the graphic, with this new work attempting a more "oblique" and "cubist" feel, they say.
  • ^ bring back the boobies! :)
  • haha how true is this!?
    logo design
  • artmachine stationery design spot varnish
    art machine stationery
  • this is from one of those "[things] a day" projects, so not real work.

    hitler heart icon
  • bunny hitler with an eyepatch
  • bonnie tsang business card designs
    bonnie tsang business card designs
    beautiful identity and business card for bonnie tsang by anna melcon bond.
  • corporate and stationery creative design for iGNANT
    corporate design by Deutsche & Japaner for iGNANT, a German design blog and creative studio.
  • gingam backed letterhead stationery design
    We were able to print some extra notepads & letterheads from the unused areas of the paper.
    That made us very happy too. :)

    to be fair, the letterheads and notepads turned out far better than the calendar, but i guess that's very much personal preference.

  • frank
    - loads of other bits and bobs, of course, but i really liked this image.
  • a hundred monkeys business card design

    Croxton Design
    was commissioned to design business cards for A Hundred Monkeys, a naming and branding firm based in Mill Valley, California. The cards were letterpressed, die cut, perforated and crash numbered.”

    hundred monkeys business card design
  • credit card sized tickets made from recycled vinyl records
    Vinyl is Not Dead!
    -I don't think I would remember buying my first mp3 with the same affection.

    Here at Why Productions we pay homage to the dying breed of Vinyl DJs with our limited edition tickets. These little credit card sized tickets will fit in your wallet or purse all safe and ready for the next Durty Disco on the 25th. This is surely not one to miss.
  • screenprint productions stationery redesign
    screenprint productions stationery redesign
    screenprint productions stationery redesign
    screenprint productions stationery redesign

    Screenprint Productions redesign by the consult

    A bold re-brand for one of the UK's leading retail POS producers.

    Pushing the 'S' in screenprinting, we developed this simple brand device. It allowed us to enhance key words, create messages relevant to the target audience and comment on the media in use - such as Sealed for packaging tape.

    This created an instantly recognisable, fun and ownable graphic device. A range of production techniques available from the company were showcased on a selection of materials and substrates.

    nice to see the S cut from the letterhead (though i wonder how well that stands up in use), and the CD rom case is great, as the CD itself fills the bold S cut from the slip.
  • ^ Nice

    ...though that's a very straight face for such a greeting - I guess this must be for overdue invoices?

  • Logo Menagerie
    – Gebrauchsgraphik 1956–1966. small collection of animal-themed Mid-Century Modern logo trademarks, circa 1950s and 1960s.
  • paintings of logos with company names removed
    You Took My Name
    , from Dorothy

    We’re working on a series of paintings that strip famous logos back to their basic graphic forms. Creating pieces that we think are artworks in their own right. Recognise any?

  • ding DONNG!

    reminds me of a studio on fire (that expensive letterpress place in the us) recent print - i'll dig it out in a mo...
  • ok, i can't find it, and have run out of search time - not to worry hehe
  • almost put this in the typography thread; it doesn't really fit well anywhere.

    but i am too amused to not post it. :)

    this will never be manufactured. way too many licensing issues. hehe

    Adidas, Burger King, Coca Cola, Disney, eBay, Facebook, Google, HP, Intel, J&B, Kodak, Lacoste, McDonald's, Nike, O2, Pepsi, Quaker, Rolling Stone, Shell, Twitter, Unilever, Virgin, WordPress, Xerox, YouTube and Zippo.

    concept and prototype by Ignacio Pilotto
  • bang your own drum stationery design
    from the consult
    - Upbeat branding for written communications firm.

    Recently our long-time copywriting collaborators Bang Your Own Drum asked The Consult to develop their new brand look and feel. Our thinking centred on referencing the name and hinting to their services – we achieved this with a drumstick pencil and drum skin business cards giving Bang Your Own Drum an identity that's easily heard.
  • the national - grand café branding identity design
    the national - grand café branding identity design
    the national - grand café branding identity design

    the national

    When famed NYC restaurateur and Food Network star Geoffrey Zakarian wanted to launch a new dining establishment in Midtown Manhattan, he turned to Love and War to develop the brand – including the overall concept, visual identity, website, promotions, and a range of in-restaurant materials from menus to tableware.

    Working closely with Geoffrey, Denihan Hospitality, and the Rockwell Group, Love and War created "The National” – an all-occasion “grand café” inspired by London cafés and French bistros, but with a unique, New York City twist.

    2011 James Beard Foundation Awards: "Outstanding Restaurant Graphics"
    2011 Art Directors Club Awards: "Silver Cube for Brand Campaign"
  • toms logo by mega

    toms, identity, by megaRemarks such as “Toms is an easy company to deal with” and “Can you make a logo that looks the way chocolate tastes?” are what inspired our design of the new Toms logo.
    The name ‘Toms’ derives from the names of the company’s founders, Hans Trojel and V. H. Meyer. The company was originally called just ‘Tom’, but the ‘s’ was added to the name because the word ‘Tom’ – which means ‘empty’ in Danish – did not look good on Danish sweets dispensers…
  • aesthetic movement stationery system, corporate identity and branding design
    aesthetic movement stationery system, corporate identity and branding design

    This system
    is meant to inspire the act of sending physical messages and to reignite the excitement of receiving them. The mix of papers and textures adds to the tactile thrill of holding a physical correspondence.
  • I like that ^ on the whole, I think, but I'm not sure about that comp slip?!
  • new current tv animated logo redesign corporate id
    current tv, al gore, etc.

    i fucking love this, yo!
  • noice!
  • this is quite a nice rollout of ID collateral.

    corporate identity design work for Currus Wine Cellar

    This is a corporate identity for the Currus Wine Cellar which is located in the village of Kocs (Hungary).

    corporate identity design work for Currus Wine Cellar

    The different versions of wine labels have been designed according to the prestige of the wine bottles. The engraved version has been designed for an exclusive series. The Currus Wine Cellar’s own logo is a simplified picture of a contemporary wagon as a constellation.

    corporate identity design work for Currus Wine Cellar
    corporate identity design work for Currus Wine Cellar

    MOME project
    Designers: Alberto Vasquez and Peter Toronyi
    Design consultants: Attila Cosovan and Vladimir Monostori

  • For the identity, we [ smel ] made a selection of five different texts. The texts range from a signed text by Bono (U2), to a piece of an e-mail from Tom Waits. All texts are related to the work or the people working at Smel. The quotes intrigue and trigger curiosity to the story behind them. The asterisk on the back of some parts of the stationery gives a reference and a brief explanation.

  • urban animal scientist

    this is some pretty cool shit
    , but i really don't get what it is they do, and the site is awful :)

    ok, i think they sell belts and candles and shampoo, charge a lot for it, and their customers are hipsters.
  • hydro74's new business cards...

    hydro74's business card designs - large gold coins

  • hydro74's new business cards...

    hydro74's business card designs - large gold coins