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the great big architecture and urbanism thread

  • Dan Hill says...

    * A real-time dashboard for buildings, neighbourhoods, and the city, focused on conveying the energy flow in and out of spaces, centred around the behaviour of individuals and groups within buildings.

    * A form of 'BIM 2.0' that gives users of buildings both the real-time and longitudinal information they need to change their behaviour and thus use buildings, and energy, more effectively. An ongoing post-occupancy evaluation for the building, the neighbourhood and the city.

    * A software service layer for connecting things together within and across buildings.

    * As information increasingly becomes thought of a material within building, it makes sense to consider it holistically as part of the built fabric, as glass, steel, ETFE etc.

    large blog article if you follow the link. this is merely a summary here.

  • hmmn, i really like it. but it's a bit of a concrete box on legs :)

    Casa y Estudio en Vila Romana / MMBB Arquitetos, Brazil - loads more photos here
  • slat house, blackheath

    The Slat House
    Private Residential refurbishment and extension
    Design and construction
    Client: private
    Blackheath, London, 2006

    Extension of a small semi-detached family home on a large plot in Blackheath. The modular timber extension wraps around the side of the semi-detached house; it peeps through the adjacent trees of the rear garden and provides access onto the side terrace.

    The extension provides a fourth bedroom and second bathroom on the first floor. The ground floor has been dramatically reorganised providing a new playroom and a library for the client’s extensive collection of books and fine art prints. The kitchen and dining area is re-housed in the extension and benefits from unobstructed views of the garden. The interiors are fitted with bespoke furniture and storage space designed by Turner Castle.

    i am surprised that permission was granted for something like this. pretty cool, even though it's not in keeping with the original building etc.
  • Is this real? fantastic looks like a big *game* or toy...big plastic drawer-like thing for a pool....

    (life seen thru the eyes of Veedot)
  • heh - looks like something pixelboy would invent

  • School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. This 5 story facility sweeps a wooded corner of the campus with an organic, vegetated form that blends landscape and structure, nature and high-tech and symbolizes the creativity it houses.
    via: inhabitat
  • That is so badass!!!
    The Night shots are awesome too!
  • was this already posted?

    Hay presto! Farmer unveils the 'illegal' mock-Tudor castle he tried to hide behind 40ft hay bales

    Hiding a needle in a haystack is easy enough.
    But Robert Fidler kept something much bigger concealed among the piles of straw down on his farm... a castle.

    Over the course of two years, he managed to secretly – and unlawfully – build the imposing mock Tudor structure in one of his fields, shielded behind a 40ft stack of hay bales covered by a huge tarpaulins.


  • lol, awesome :)
  • Ha ha, that's really near where I live
  • That's awesome! It will be sad if they make them tear it down. Unless it's unsafely built, their neighbors put up with hay bails for 4 years. This has to be much nicer to look at. I think if the neighbors object, it's out of spite and jealousy.

  • Within the living room the ceiling wraps down to an internal water tank. The tank cools the ambient air temperature of the living room during summer, supplies rain water, and structurally carries the roof load. Excess water drains to an external tank, and is used for flushing toilets, irrigating the garden, washing wetsuits and occasionally for drinking. During winter the tank is drained and wrapped in an insulating jacket.

    Cape Schank House, Victoria, Australia.

  • You may be dealt a hand with Le Corbusier, Charles Jencks or Antonio Gaudi in it; even if you are not so lucky you will enjoy the company of the international top names in architecture. Play Architecture game cards contain the top names of 20th century architecture from celebrated designers to world-famous projects. Pre-Modernism, Modernism, Post-Modernism and De-Structuralism are the four strong suits included in the pack. The aces are in a class of their own, not to speak of the two surprise jokers! All the cards feature a stylish picture and text in English.

    Architecture Playing Cards
  • BMW Welt – the company’s new delivery center – is a cathedral for BMW fans and architectural enthusiasts. Positioned within the context of Munich’s industrial backdrop

  • wow...about the house: no clutter no books no piles. Sometimes I dream of living like that but how does a human being DO it!?

    The BMW The shapes in there are wonderful.
  • hehe, bull and i were just talking about a similar thing, ve. we came to the conclusion that it's either people making large sacrifices to live "like that", or (and this is quite likely) the houses have very recently been completed before the photo shoot - i bet they soon fill up with clutter :D

    ok, maybe not, but they are definitely not family homes (unless you are pretty strict hehe).
  • lol @ family homes :happy:
  • yes, we were. many of these box designs leave me cold. yes, i understand they are 'photo-ready', but it's the shapes of the spaces and the colors [or non-colors heh] used that really give me that dead impression.

    yes, no stuff.

  • yeah...sometimes when things are cluttered *in life* I long to live in or just have one room with NO clutter or piles.

    BUT...most of the time the things all around me in my home COMFORT me...all of the things like old friends. :happy:

  • Hotel Everland is a work of art and a room with a view – literally. The one bedroom prefab hotel takes boutique hospitality in a new direction. Beyond its fantastic design, its mobility is what makes this endeavor so unique. Perched atop places like Palais de Tokyo France, it offers memorable experiences and new perspectives on some of our favorite destinations.

  • Where's the knitted tie and sandals? :happy:
  • nicko said...Where's the knitted tie and sandals? :happy:

  • Oh MAN I love this. It MAKES ME WANT TO WRITE A SHORT STORY...SAY only 100-150 words long. Does it inspire anyone else to those ends?
  • Write the story!
  • ok! but I bet you and mick could come up with some GREAT IMAGINATION STUFF as well!:happy:
  • Ontario College of Art and Design. Not sure how I feel about this yet. I'll post it here whilst I make my mind up.

    Kind of reminds me of War of the Worlds :happy:
  • University of Catalunya

  • and where's my hoverboard?!
  • The Esplanade, Singapore

  • Beijing's National Aquatics Centre

  • Underwater restaurant, Maldives.

    I wonder if they have fish on the menu :awkward:
  • nicko said...Underwater restaurant, Maldives.

    I wonder if they have fish on the menu :awkward: