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the great big architecture and urbanism thread
  • Superb!

    I didnt notice the link yesterday.
  • non new work but by some of my favourite architects

    End facade of the research institute in munich, by Hild und K. The facade is a smooth render with applied varnish expressing the grid of the punched windows

    Hild und K
  • Nightitime photo showing the ARTWALL building lit from within. The light expresses the perforated metal skin which wraps the glass box
    and while we are on patterns and decoration

  • i like patterns btw ;)
  • chris:image

    they removed the Parasite a while ago because the building it was on top of has been renovated; this is what that rooftop looks like now: image

    Bethem Crouwel Architecten
    It's pretty much done, couldn't find a real picture yet though, I'll try to take one on the weekend.
  • also by Hild und K

    Arran Sweater House

  • Faced with a shortage of public housing, the City of Madrid commissioned Foreign Office Architects to create a sustainable multi-unit residential alternative for its new public housing development at Carabanchel. Simply known as Carabanchel 16, this building shows how you can is a simple housing design transformed into a beautiful canvas of light and shadow using the simplest tool in an architect’s arsenal: shading devices.

    ...The building is organized around the north-south axis, meaning that it faces the harsh east-west sun for most of the day. To help alleviate the heat gain from the sun, the architects have surrounded the units with a 1.5 metre terrace enclosed with bamboo louvres. The bamboo is mounted on folding frames which can be opened whenever the occupants want. The screens while helping diminish the solar gain to the units, while turning the facade into an always changing kaleidoscope of shadow and light.

    via: inhabitat gallery
  • Wall house / FAR frohn&rojas

    wooden house, fabric skin. really, check this out - there are loads of plans and stuff on the website too, huge detail :)
  • A nicely done pavilion with walls of water for next years expo in spain:

  • The Stronghold™ is our most impervious, double-walled, expedition base camp shelter for day-to-day use in the Antarctic or Himalayas. Stronghold’s dome shape minimizes wind load over its surface area and three zippered doors, large roof vent and five perimeter vents help circulate air. Perimeter floor-band creates waterproof seats when snow benches are carved. Bar-tacked stress points and nylon pack cloth reinforcements add durability to the structure supported by super strong Yunan Scandium Expedition PF poles.
  • total recall...
  • damn, 275k$ paid for that place...must be worth millions now...not to mention being a huge flat in a sweet location
  • that sort of story is like porn for me
  • nice big single room for you to never get any peace from the kids running / screaming / banging / shouting / crying. sounds great ;)
  • chris:nice big single room for you to never get any peace from the kids running / screaming / banging / shouting / crying. sounds great ;)

    Stick em in a (soundproof) shed in a corner...
  • yeah, don't get me wrong - i think it looks great. but i'm yet to be convinced that i'd be happy living in a place like that. no where to hide, no doors to close...
  • lol, nothing is better than living in one huge space... no doors to open, or walls to block your views... :p

    Besides, they built in two smaller rooms at the front anyway ;)
  • Tower demolition defies gravity

    A 15-storey building in London's financial district is defying gravity by being demolished from the bottom up.
    The topsy-turvy method of demolition, which has left the building's concrete core exposed, is being used because of the unique way it was constructed.

    The floors are supported by a beam hanging from the roof rather than being supported by columns from the ground.

    The 1965-built office block was one of only four which was built in the upside down fashion, according to the company overseeing the project, real estate investors British Land.

    The demolition team will work its way up, removing a floor at a time, and finally deconstructing the beam.

    The concrete core will then be disintegrated from top down.

    The building on Leadenhall Street in the City will be replaced by a 736ft skyscraper, dubbed the Cheese Grater.

  • ihc:
    Photograph of a glass house with a Picture of the former house printed on the glass
    core 77

    Friend of mine is visiting australia right now..I had told him about the house...he paid a visit and got a tour
    Jeff is not a great photographer, but heres some pics he sent...

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Main hallway and front door, door from the garage part of wall to the left...
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    Some views from an upstairs deck built above the second story roof
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    The stairs leading up to said dock
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Quote from Jeff(my friend)
    "So that pretty much concludes my crazy random tour of some guys house that "Orson" drunkenly pointed out to me one night. I've gotta say, this pretty much was the highlight of my trip to the city so far. So fucking weird that i was invited in and given a tour. They used to get 10 people at a time sitting outside looking and taking photos, but none of them came from as far away as I did, said very rare a person off the street ever given the tour."
  • hehe that's pretty cool!

    you'd have thought that they'd just ignore people after a little while. either that, or sell tea / coffee / lemonade from the garden ;) must be quite nice people, and proud of their home. which is nice.
  • hows your hunting coming on ?
  • my hunting?

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  • ~is out of a job because of ^^^

  • "...the enormous, 13,000 ft X-Seed 4000 structure ever gets built in Tokyo - it will win the worlds-tallest-building competition hands down and leave its puny competitors in the dirt.

    Looking eerily like Mt. Doom in the above rendering, the mountain-like X-Seed 4000 represents a utopian eco-vision for a self-contained high-rise city in the Tokyo harbor - powered mainly by solar energy. Aesthetically inspired by nearby Mt. Fuji, the behemoth building would measure 13,123 feet tall with a 6 square-kilometer footprint, and could accommodate five hundred thousand to one million inhabitants.

    Designed by Taisei Construction Corporation as an “intelligent building,” the futuristically-named X-Seed 4000 would maintain light, temperature, and air pressure in response to changing external weather conditions."

    read more at inhabitat >>>

  • R. Bunnit , Peter Pin and Didoo

    The first set of three unique railing-top characters by Sweet Dreams Security&trade is now available. This contemporary take on traditional Victorian street furniture injects a sense of energy into often-lifeless urban landscapes. Let the jagged but friendly little creatures guard your home with a warm smile.

  • jubille church from richard meier, 2003.

    ok, this is a few years old, but i only just came across it, oi loikes!

    wired ny forums thread about it too
  • those are cute versions of things that have been around for like ever n stuff

  • Wood House design by Aguilo & Pedraza Architects in Chilean South.

  • Winning project for the remodelation of Camp Nou Stadium, home of Barcelona FC, by Foster + Partners. The LED powered skin changes dynamically during matches.
  • kind of ugly, but im not tripping right now
  • amazing, this stadium is really beautiful :)
    of course i am fond of thing with many colors...
  • stunning i want one just like that near a relaxed peopleless lake :D
  • is it just me or does the outside look bigger than the inside?
  • really? there are more photos at the link, looks about right to me (?) :)
  • Gran Teatro Nacional de Beijing / Paul Andreu - huge titanium dome next to tiananmen square, a pre-olympic opening.