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  • anyone besides me that get this place here only displayed without css (only text + links)
    instead of being rendered?

    edit: its a broken link to the css file, since sock moved shit around :D
  • happens only when logged in btw.

    when i log out the display gets back to normal.
  • yeah for me too.
  • I have no problems..
  • it should be ok for you again now (happened to me too).

    it should be applied to all again, properly. i'll have to rename this to the default style instead, and get rid of the actual default theme. i'll also get round to playing with this theme slightly, promise.
  • also, i think i'll make the avatars 16x16, have a nice day :D
  • damn you!! ~shakes fist

    please leave them as they are... :(
  • seriously sock, you are being sort of a self-expression nazi. ;)
  • i think you'll find that i am encouraging creativity to flourish.
  • get bigger fonts mate... hard to read everything here on my big-ass monitor...
  • it seems fine on this 24" screen, you need glasses ;)
  • what resolution you at? 640x480? :-P
  • 1920x1200.

    maybe it is due to your chronic masturbation? :D
  • what browser are you using? try hitting command & +?
  • no, it's set to default... i just added a custom stylesheet for this site... works alot better...
  • can you post a screenshot of the page before the css change? just out of interest... :)