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the great big car and bike design thread
  • automobile - car, bike / motorbike and thing with wheels and engines design type stuff

    heck, doesn't really need wheels, lets have some boats too!

    well, the vw iroc is certainly one of them! i guess it's quite likely to make it to production in a not-too-dissimilar guise, too.

    source: vw concept cars / iroc


    Volkswagen has revealed its Iroc sports car concept at a special event in Berlin this evening. The Iroc marks the return of the Scirocco, Volkswagen�s iconic sports coup�, which made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show 33 years ago.

    The Iroc marks the return of the Scirocco
    The Volkswagen Iroc is a sports car concept for the future with design and dynamics entering a new dimension. The new concept transfers the successful coup� from the 1970�s, �Scirocco�, into the distinctive and eye-catching sensuality of the future, the Iroc.

    A sports car with four seats, clear-cut design, nimble turbo engines, and distinctive measurements it not only gives it an aggressive and sporting appearance, but liberates space in the back for two adults plus luggage. With its Viper Green metallic paint, the Iroc harks back to the Scirocco, where this exact shade was available in the 1976 model range.

    image image

    Its progressively designed radiator grille, the extremely long roof, the steep rear and sexy proportions, all mark a turning point in style for Volkswagen sports car design. It uses a Volkswagen �face� which is not yet common to other vehicles in the range, though the honeycomb-shaped structure of the radiator grille is undoubtedly a link to the Golf GTI. Another notable feature is the lack of obvious A pillars, due to the wide windscreen which overlaps them at the front.

    In size, the Iroc is slightly longer (36 mm) than the Golf, measuring 4,240 mm and 41 mm wider at 1,800 mm. Its wheelbase is over 10 cm longer than that of the Golf at 2,680 mm; however with its squat coup�-like stance, it is 79 mm shorter at 1,400 mm. The Iroc has 19" alloy wheels.

    image image

    Inside, the Iroc has four seats, as well as a spacious boot of 300 litres, which can be increased if the rear seats are folded down. Despite this practicality, the Iroc has been clearly designed inside as a sports car, with features such as front bucket seats and integrated five-point seat belts with central buckle.

    Most distinctive, however, are the gauges and controls in the Iroc�s cabin. Two large and newly-designed round instruments form the visual centre of the cockpit. The driver looks into two cylinders with twelve illuminated bars which create a three dimensional segmentation within the instruments.

    Under the bonnet, the Iroc features Volkswagen�s ground-breaking TSI petrol technology, which uses a turbocharger and a supercharger to produce diesel-like consumption with impressive performance. Designed to maximise driving fun, the concept has a 210 bhp TSI engine, but a range of TSIs, starting from under 150 bhp, are also feasible.

    The Iroc combines practicality with driving fun and expressive design in a car that as a series-production vehicle would be attractively positioned in price.
  • Yeah, I saw this a while back on VW Vortex. I love it but I don"t think I'll see it in N. America.

    BTW, why is it that anytime I type a punctuation involving the shift key, the AJAX image gallery pops up, it's really annoying. It's happened 14 time writing this post.

  • i'm not really sure :) maybe there are key combinations for navigating the images. it's not happened to me, but then, i don't use 'shift' when typing a period :)
  • Of course it's not working now, it just needed to make a fool out of me. It started as I was adding the code for the link. Sorry, I'll stop hijacking the thread.

    Back on topic...

    I hope they don't call it an Iroc. it has a different connotation here mostly associated with Cameros of the Z28 variety and hair metal bands like Whitesnake and the lot. Call it a Scirocco, tis what it is.
  • Yeah, anything but an Iroc... all I can think of is the Camero Iroc...
  • Reminds me very much of the new C30 from Volvo. I know, I know... it's Volvo and all, but pretty fantastic for a Volvo it is. And this is the production model.
  • Hmm.. seems that attachments don't survive the preview process. :)



  • I love that volvo
  • yeah, we'll never see that one in north america
  • websnap:yeah, we'll never see that one in north america

    Au contraire!

    It'll be here for the 2008 model year. :D
  • oh my, what an awful looking volvo :'(
  • Top gear showed a pretty sweet Jaguar concept car on sunday...their new s-type if i recall correctly...i'll try and find a picture somewhere...or not if i'm feeling lazy ;)

    Well, that wasn't too hard to find :p

    more pics

  • <img src="url_to_image_here">


    more html posting tips here
  • that is hot with the neon, yeah :)
  • woo, picture posting mastered ;)
  • That Jag is seriously hot.

    websnap:yeah, we'll never see that one in north america

    Au contraire!

    It'll be here for the 2008 model year. :D

    Just enough time to whore my self out to raise money. Selling my car isn't going to do it...
  • I just found the site for the C30.

    Very nice indeed, though I would like to see some sort of price range.
  • image

    KTM X-Bow revealed
    Austrian motorcycle builder KTM today released the first images of a scale model of its new X-Bow (crossbow) roadster. The model was built for wind-tunnel testing, has a scale of 1:2.5 and corresponds in almost every detail with the final car. The first prototype of the car, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow in the beginning of March, is nearing completion.

    The 1500-pound car has a four-cylinder Audi engine offering 220 horsepower in the base model, and a potential 300 horsepower in a more expensive variant. A choice of either a six-speed manual or DSG gearbox will be given. KTM says the X-Bow will hit 62 mph in well under four seconds.

    The X-Bow has no windshield, and instead will come with specially designed helmets, intended to offer shelter from the elements rather than full crash protection.

    After its debut in Geneva, 100 units will be manufactured in-house by Italian racing car specialists Dallara and sold by KTM. The price for the basic version will be around 40,000 euros.

    If all goes well, KTM plans further small series productions of the car. This production will take place in Austria and begin in 2008. KTM is working on the basis of a projected 500 units per year. The decision concerning production will be made at the end of April 2007.
  • image

    2006 Dodge Challenger Concept
    Apparently, the American muscle car is back for good. Like the Chevy Camaro concept, the Dodge 2006 Challenger ($TBA) is one good lookin' beast. Based on the iconic 1970 model, the HEMI-powered concept was designed with the essential attributes of a muscle car — "distinctly American; mega horsepower; pure, minimal, signature lines; aggressive air-grabbing grille; and bold colors and graphics." Yep, that about sums it up.
  • That KTM can be my very own Batmobile.

    Not a big fan of what Dodge has been up to as of late (actually I rarely like domestic designs), but he this is WAY better than the Charger.
  • That iRoc ... rocks!
  • Scirocco:That iRoc ... rocks!

    I think it should be a requirement that you sign off on it. What do you think about the name?
  • websnap:
    Scirocco:That iRoc ... rocks!

    I think it should be a requirement that you sign off on it. What do you think about the name?

    The name is horrid and i hope that they find another wind to name it after instead... I hope that iRoc is only the name for the concept thingie... it's a little too... "hip" for me
  • They'll likely rename it.. unless they're really, really trying to differentiate it from the rest of the VW line.
  • it's' actually a new version of the old scirocco. scIROCco, see. you remember those, right? I don't, I'm too young, but I hear they existed.
  • I do remember them, although i kinda liked the Corrado more...
  • Scirocco:I do remember them, although i kinda liked the Corrado more...




  • A new Corrado would be better I think.
  • I would piss myself if corrado came back. Im always looking for a mint corrado.
  • Only 12,000 or so went to the states... so good luck!

    If you find two, tell me. :)
  • My good friend had a corrado... the only thing that scares me about them is they can be absolute money pits when it comes to "maintaining" them.
  • echoes:My good friend had a corrado... the only thing that scares me about them is they can be absolute money pits when it comes to "maintaining" them.

    Yeah.. that g-60 (and the g-30 too) compressor can be a real pain on the wallet... A mechanic once told me that the maintenance cycle on a Corrado he was servicing, looked like that of an airplane...
  • Get a VR6 (SLC)... I hear they were much better (and faster!)
  • Hey Chris, look! In the flesh...



  • /me ejaculates!
  • and what i mean by that is, of course, it's quite nice eh? seems to sit quite nicely on the road there ;)
  • If that's not a batmobile in the making, I don't know what else could be.
  • image

    not quite concept, but cool non-t-less! - crazy amount of work, i bet!
  • my auto is already un-pimped, but i dig that v-dub.
  • I saw the next gen scion xb ... for get what its called ... on the streets last week. It dipped into Toyota's US HQ before I could get up along side it for a closer look. From what I saw, I didn't like it.
  • image

    mallett pitbull v8 solstice

  • Now that's a serious Personality Prosthetic :happy:
  • Chris, the beetle is insane. I want a car like that! Ok, it would be pretty awful in Finland, but you would only drive that car in the summer. Then it would rule.
  • chris:image

    mallett pitbull v8 solstice


    grross. :happy:
  • v, you are lucky the car didn't hear that, it would have bitten your face off for saying such things!
  • naw really though I think if they toned down all the tweaks a bit, it could be really cool. Looks very Pixar imo.
  • image

    Saab Aero X
  • from the core77 blog -

    Witness the design process of VW's Tiguan
    - Click this link
    - On the page that loads, click the link that says "Weitur zur Tiguan Base"
    - Skip the demo (or watch it, if you've got the time)
    - From the pulldown on the lower right, select "Australia" (there's no U.S. option)
    - Enjoy!
  • There is also a Canadian - English