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Panoramic photographs
  • Went out for a stroll today and took some panoramas. Here they are:



  • very nice indeed :)
  • yeah, beautiful! looks like some cross-processing (of your digital files teehee), did you use anything to do that, or was it manual tweaking?
  • Photoshop curves adjustment layer. It can do magic for your photos. It could be described as digital cross processing, sort of. (I am educated in film photography and processing).
  • a new one :) fab, great buiding too.
  • you broke the damn table!

    wait … no you didn't
  • nice shots as ever!
  • jussi, are they one solid picture? did you stitch them together yourself?

    my cannon has stitch assist on it, and Ive done a couple, mine dont line up as perfectly though.

    Maybe its just me, and the lighting.
  • These are stitched together using Autopano Pro and all the possible errors are overpainted afterwards in photoshop by hand.

    Also, I have got a panoramic tripod head which helps a lot when stitching panoramas on the computer. Also, I try to rotate the camera from the lens' nodal point when shooting without the tripod head, instead on just rotating the camera.
  • AH, that explains it. Ive been doing them on the tripod, but just pannning left to right. The camera took care of the rest and I couldnt get it to match right in photoshop

    jussi you made me feel better about it now. Ill try again, when it gets above -3 F again...
  • No problem! If you need any more help, just ask!
  • can you take care of my social ills and make sure the closing on my new house goes through? lol

    wheres the damn smileys when you need them?
  • yes autopano is great!
  • My brother managed to get a photo of a lifetime while visiting a beach in perth on australia day:

    Fireworks, Ligning storm AND the comet mcnaught all in one (ok, 3 photo panorama) shot!!


    This image is everywhere:

    NASA astronomy picture of the day

    and dozens of web forums!

    No, it is not a fake you bastards!
  • calm down dear - for digg that was a pretty good reception
  • jussi-k:Photoshop curves adjustment layer. It can do magic for your photos. It could be described as digital cross processing, sort of. (I am educated in film photography and processing).
  • Nice find! That's pretty much what I do, but I don't specially try to emulate a specific cross processing look. Just see what happens when I adjust, hmm, green, gnah, that .. much.. yeah.
  • ooOOooo jussi, is that HDR'd at all? i mean, that would be pretty much cheating though, so i guess that it isn't. great shot, lucky bastard :)

    how much for a big version to print then, eh? :)
  • Don't know yet. Not much.
  • that one damn near looks magical
    this is all seriously inspiring juss.
    I need to get one of those tripod heads, Ive used them before, makes everything soooo much easier.
    now I just need a cool looking local
  • seeing these photos i thought 'ooh must have a go at that' so i did... heres my first attempt:


    whatcha think?
  • It's not bad! There's one place that has some stitching errors, but that's about it. (the building blocks on top of the bridge, that's clearly a product of the camera not rotating around it's nodal point: the bridge is fine)

    Keep it up!
  • thanks! which bit is off i cant tell?
  • Do you have the D80 jussi? Strangely, I came across your brothers photo when searching for panoramas today prior to seeing this and copied it for inspiration at a later date. Small world! It's a truly awesome capture.
  • Heh, the world is not small, but the image is hugely popular :D

    karma, you have some nearly nonexistent "echo" in the roofs of the buindings just above the canal port right edge.
  • Hmm juice you should copyright that pic, and start selling as an reproduction photo, it is really good. like always excellent work!
  • thank juss... now i see it!
  • That beach shot is AMAZING!
  • its not perfect...

    nor is my HTML anymore... so heres the link


    but it was my first attempt with the new camera
  • m3g, that is hot :)

    (i embedded the image for you too, either quote or edit it to see how to post images)
  • found an app for creating and stitching paneramas though someone may be interested, it's called hugin and it's freeware. just dl'ed and opened and it looks pretty good - i have an excuse to go and take some more photos now :)
  • Lets try it out. I just took some new panoramas. No idea if they are any good yet. We'll see tomorrow.
  • ooh that looks intresting...
  • First from the 'snow series':

  • The second piece:


    It just never runs out. You can keep on and on and on and on.

    The snow.
  • yeah, looks deep
  • i love the grain you have on all your photos jussi
  • nice... is that using hugin, or your normal software?
  • Normal software. I had only little time to blend them, so Hugin is tested later.

    Thanks ihcra, the grain comes from the camera and is not done in post. If you were wondering.
  • thanks chris for putting the photo in. *hugs* I was hoping to have more soon, but Ive been really busy.
    oh and thanks for the compliment! :smile:
  • jussi-k: the grain comes from the camera and is not done in post. If you were wondering.
    i was, in fact

    can you take non-grainy shots then?
  • I like to really crank the curves and do all kinds of stuff, so I guess that my photoshop tweaking brings the camera's grain out.
    It is not visible in the unedited photo, but it is not added in photoshop either.
    I think I need to get a newer camera for no/less grain. Or remove it in photoshop somehow.

    But I like the grain. So I haven't tought about it much.

    I have a Nikon D70.
  • wow these photos are inspireing. and just reading this post has given me the motorvation to do some photos.

    My phone supports photo stiching. sometimes its good. (for a mobile phone)
  • this was just a quickie :)


    i'd meant to try and document the construction of this terraced area, but it's all but finished now, just the tiles to go...

    ...did you ever wonder where the name "fazyluckers" came from? hehe
  • seemed pretty obvious to me from the start. And I felt right at home under that name.
  • chris:image


    Is that a panoramic image of the Tripod area?
  • I have something like that. But cheaper. Works very well.
  • jussi like the 2nd snow pic a lot - and I love the grain that comes through in your images.

    I think this is my new favorite thread - please keep more coming peeps!!

    and seriously that australia beach shot by your brother is stupid awesome - damn!