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What are you reading now?
  • aye :D


  • Mick
    Snow Crash was a most enjoyable read, son recommended it to me and I must say I devoured it.

    I am currently reading Dantes Equation by Jane jensen. Interesting theory sci-fi on the Torah and dimensional travel. It follows the lives of 4 different main characters and how they all come together researching different things that lead them all to a discovery that Kabinsky made during WWII in Auschwitz.
  • ^ I sånn genser mønster. *nod*

    Lo, that's excellent. heh... i forced my daughter to read that book. (i'm always helpful with reading lists.. be wary. ) she was reluctant, but then was immediately captivated by Hiro Protaganist, Mafia pizza, and on and on. i confess that i kept an eye on where she was in the book, and yes... sure enough, when she got to the part where YT forgot she was wearing her dentata, i heard Lori in her room "OMG .. no way! noway! hahahahaha!! ". i basked... my parental duties fulfilled yet once again. :D
  • ^^ :) wasn't she something? (a personal hero)

    Trobadora Beatrice

    The Life and Adventures of Trobadora Beatrice as Chronicled by Her Minstrel Laura: A Novel in Thirteen Books and Seven Intermezzos

    this is an old book ('74), but i've been wanting to read it and it's finally out in translation. heh.. i actually tried the german version and was humbled.

    it's compelling and keeps my attention (magical socialist realism is a way to my heart), but her style in sentence fragments and long paragraphs just doesn't seem to be all that easy to translate well. the book's still on my list of "for when i get fluent in german".
  • image

    planning on a little trip :)
  • midge, when are you coming to sthlm?
  • "Bored of the Rings"

    "Do you like what you doth see...?" said the voluptuous elf-maiden as she provocatively parted the folds of her robe to reveal the rounded, shadowy glories within. Frodo's throat was dry, though his head reeled with desire and ale.

    She slipped off the flimsy garment and strode toward the fascinated hobbit unashamed of her nakedness. She ran a perfect hand along his hairy toes, and he helplessly watched them curl with the fierce insistent wanting of her.

    "Let me make thee more comfortable," she whispered hoarsely, fiddling with the clasps of his jerkin, loosening his sword belt with a laugh. "Touch me, oh touch me," she crooned.

    Frodo's hand, as though of its own will, reached out and traced the delicate swelling of her elf-breast, while the other slowly crept around her tiny, flawless waist, crushing her to his barrel chest.

    "Toes, I love hairy toes," she moaned, forcing him down on the silvered carpet. Her tiny pink toes caressed the luxuriant fur of his instep while Frodo's nose sought out the warmth of her precious elf-navel.

    "But I'm so small and hairy, and...and you're so beautiful," Frodo whimpered, slipping clumsily out of his crossed garters.

    The elf-maiden said nothing, but only sighed deep in her throat and held him more firmly to her faunlike body. "There is one thing you must do for me first," she whispered into one tufted ear.

    "Anything," sobbed Frodo, growing frantic with his need. "Anything!"

    She closed her eyes and then opened them to the ceiling. "The Ring," she said. "I must have your Ring."
  • Redneck in Exile said...midge, when are you coming to sthlm?

    april or may possibly
  • good, keep me informed.
  • sure - you gonna be my guide? :)
  • nope ... pimp
  • eek! :surprised:
  • do what i can of course!
    now just to keep a bit on subject: the tagline doesn't do the book justice, much more than an ecological fable and hilarious. i'd wager it's funnier than anything published by microsoft ;-D
  • I've got the first Preacher - started it, but didn't get past chapter 3 or something.

    I should pick this up again.
  • Man, tearing through Preacher now. This is awesome. :D

    About to start book 4. ;)
  • The small print on my contract.
  • Barbie coloring pages. 69 Barbie pictures to print and color

  • blueshead said...Barbie coloring pages. 69 Barbie pictures to print and color

    ^^ This positively should be included in the English Literature BA curriculum!

    BTW finished reading Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction ... I read the first one, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾, like eight years ago :happy:
  • Forever War - google it as i can't be bothered :p
  • I didn't mention it, but I finished Preacher. Haven't read anything since, and don't have anything upcoming.

    I'm actually watching TV shows on the train again, instead. Just finished Justice League / Unlimited, and moving on to Sealab 2021.
  • image

    great book!
  • "The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning."

    This is a quote from the book that I think of often :smile:
  • never opened huh sunk? :P
  • Flipping eck, i don't think i've read a whole book for a year. :(

    This is my current read, re-read, digest, re-read, re-read, absorb, forget, re-read... Enjoy!
  • nimmot said...never opened huh sunk? :P

    haha nope

    I need to find several copies of this book to secret santa to the management here.
  • Dick and Jane..
    Steve's Puppy Mars the Floor..

  • i fell for reading books on my iphone and right now i'm rediscovering books i've read in my child/teen years - love it so fucking much...
  • Shutter Island
  • Redneck, thea year of the hare is a good choice! I think I have read that book twice.

    I am in the middle of this:
  • LOL!

    i had to go look. someone actually bought the book thinking it was full of real facts in spite of the examples given.

    Someone gave me a complete collection of Terry Pratchett's DiscWorld series.

    I'm trying to go slow as his brand of clever palls if overdone. Right now, Rincewind the Magician is with TwoFlower at the edge of the world.


  • Philip K Dicks - Do Android Dream Of Electric Sheep
  • just bought this:

    when it arrives i believe i'll have complete foundation and pre-foundation series in english :)
    and then i'm gonna read them all over again - in proper order for the 100th time, i think...
  • Haha, we're all reading classic sci-fi. :D

    I'm rereading this one again - second time, but by choice now. Really enjoying it!

  • this:

    Dark Benediction

    Getting there slowly.

    Also, just got this:

    Pirelli Calendar Classics