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the great big client christmas card thread :/
  • squapple said...… would you design me a christmas …

    yes please, the last one was way to red ;)
  • Send me a PO and I might consider it squapp
  • *bump for baby-jesus*
  • nicko, what IS that?

    is there any chance we could declare fazyluckers a Christmas-free zone?

    surely there's a script. :D
  • thank you. *off to google now*

  • got it.

    Humbugs are a traditional hard boiled sweet available in the United Kingdom and Australia. They are usually flavoured with peppermint and striped in two different colours (often black and white). Humbugs are typically cylinders with rounded ends wrapped in a twist of cellophane, or else pinched cylinders with a 90-degree turn between one end and the other (shaped like a pyramid with rounded edges), loose in a bag.

    They are more often eaten in winter than summer, as they are considered "warming."
  • Bah, humbug.
  • ha!

    are they yummy? they don't LOOK yummy, but that means nothing.

    i thought it might be a pile of insects.
  • during some epic researcherising on my part, i came across this -

  • ...and then this one -

  • i was considering a learner driving version of 12 days, fyi.

    (either that, or a software dev version of the same...)
  • Oh... nice

    4 hill starts
    3 point turns
    2 emergency stops
    and an L plate in the biiiin

  • ~copy / pastes...
  • On the twelfth day of driving, a learner gave to me...
    Twelve engines stalling
    Eleven hesitations
    Ten curbs a-mounted
    Nine gears grinding
    Eight three-point turns
    Seven clutches worn (burned out?)
    Six stops abruptly
    Five ~ c l o s e ~ calls
    Four minor faults
    Three dodgy hill starts
    Two theory tests
    And an L plate which they got for free
    bits will change, but it's a good opener for discussion here (at work). any more ideas? :D
  • Is it not a bit negative? You're trying to help people pass and become good, safe drivers, right?
  • yeah, those are the bits that will change, i guess ;)
  • i like the vids, chris.

    it gets pretty drunk out there during the winter holidays.

  • figgy puddin' anyone?
  • relly disappointed this thread died ;)
  • i'm looking forward to the annual Kwanza feast. :) it's the only time i eat goat.

    and the equinox party always rocks. we've been squirrelling away odd and weird and wonderful gifties from the free store for weeks now. everyone gets a present. last year, i got white plastic gogo boots that play "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" in Nancy Sinatra's voice when you turn the little switch on. they also wiggle.

    it's just not time yet, urban. the holidays are looming... but not yet, oh please. ;)
  • Yeah, I've got to start ignoring Xmas earlier and earlier each year...
  • This thread is about client projects / client christmas cards not about the christmas holiday
  • looking forward to making the cards, are you? :) i am.
  • We're not producing any this year. I'm thankful for that
  • do you have to send cards to them anyway? if so, going with Hallmark this year?

    ;) i think that'd be really funny, nicko. pros sending schlock.
  • We don't send cards corporately. The company donates some money to charity.

    But yeah... hallmark ones sound good he he
  • another good thing is to send someone the card they sent to you, right back. it shows a willingness to keep costs down. ;) that always impresses.
  • did these two this year...

    throw me a fricken' bone here...
  • tits always work
  • Second year running... not one client has asked me for christmas card designs

    HIGH FIVES! :happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy:
  • Nice! This is my first year. I hope it is forever!
  • Being self employed this Christmas, i might actually make one for my clients!
  • And if you've seen my idents/biz/lheads, it's mostly going to be black varnish on black. Its a Black Xmas!
  • Christmas can fuck right off go away this year.
  • Christmas can fuck right off go away this year
  • mesk, you've still not sent me one of your cards, you buggerer.
  • Oh shit yeah, i'll send you a set once i get some lheads/comp slips/ done too.
  • meska said...Christmas can fuck right off go away this year

  • right then, i think we should do a video this year. what should it be of? the staff saying happy christmas? singing badly whilst wearing terrible jumpers?
  • a turkey carving instructional video?