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  • Finally F1 gets a bit more interesting.... hopefully Massi gets to continue to be random in his decision making. About the only thing that isn't predictable!

    Evening btw :)

  • Zippie! 😮😁

  • Chris! ☺️

    Hope you all are keeping well

  • You too, handsome!

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    Finally F1 gets a bit more interesting....

    ( 👋🏼 @zippie )

    😁 Yes, kind of…

    I've not been watching F1 much in recent years, because… it's been so dull… only watched this from 2/3 the way through, in case it was tedious!


  • All is well thanks - bar the usual daily hassle we all face.

    Hi Peak - yep pretty much gave up watching it too until recently. I did read that a commission will now look at the events of the last race to see what can be learnt, I would have thought that was pretty obvious, reduce the influence of specific teams and just let drivers race...

    Here's hoping that the others come up with competitive cars for 2022

  • Morning!

    The team principles and the FIA themselves haven't come out of it well… I miss the days of Senna and before him Hunt/Lauder; yes, let them just race…

  • Must be Morning somewhere !

    Wouldn't it be nice if they cut 95% of the team chat with drivers and let them drive... drivers might actually have to learn how to use their silly steering wheels...

    At least some of the aero garbage is coming off, hopefully it has the desired impact, although the circuits aren't necessarily designed for over taking...

  • now if only they'd get rid of that "halo" nonsense!!1~

  • Morning, morning…

    Yes, largely agree… back to racing for sure…

    Oh, not sure about the halo going though, I know it's saved at least one drivers life in the past 18 months (and changed some driver's views about it as a result)…

    Maybe even, if we'd had it sooner, we'd have had Senna around longer and kept more interesting driving; that said, all-round they've just been fiddling and messing too much…

  • …off at a slight tangent, don't feel as though I've heard an update on Schumacher recently. I wonder how he's doing…


    (Shame we can't ask Woodhouse 😁)

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    Jean Todt provides rare update…

    'I can understand why his family and friends are protecting him because we should leave him in peace,' he says. 'Michael is fighting, he is fighting, and we can only hope that he will improve …

    Does Schumacher recognise his old boss with whom he wrote the most successful lines in Ferrari's story? There comes from Todt a shrug, a smile, a hand gesture, but no answer…'

    [Sorry, it's The Mail]

  • now i wanna know what Todt's hand gesture was

  • With Peak on the halo, it's saved a few drivers, Roman Grosjean wouldn't be around without it....

    That's the reference design, let see what the teams change. Engines are 2021 models, so Merc will retain the lead on that front.


  • Hey @slater merry-fluckin-christmas to you too… hope you have had a few days with friends/family. 🥳


  • neither/nor, and not even a lump of coal in my stocking 😭

  • Happy new year! And also the Christmas stuff! Hope you’re all well and fed and watered :)

  • 👋🏼

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    • Happy 13 January... not a day off work... and not a historically significant day... but something relevant to the recent conversation happened! 532 AD:  Nika riots begin in Constantinople, revolt against Emperor Justinian I, prompted by chariot racing. Racing is racing is racing...

  • fuckin' chariots, man!

    also hi.

  • Holy moly, ‘tis Tony! 😎

    good day to you, one and all

  • Hey ~all.

    Morning! Happy weekend!

    Chariot racing. I think that would be great way to settle the next election here (or anywhere, Putin would love it)…

  • putin & xi, vs. boris & biden... eeeeesh

  • Good morning from Saaaaan Franciscooooo. Weekend beckons.

    My left bicep has been twitching on and off for days [insert fappin' joke]. I've also had a spot of the ol' gastric ... distress... and wouldn't you know it, diarrhea and associated loss of fluids [insert fappin' joke] is the likely culprit for muscle twitches! So, guzzling all the water.

    Thank you for coming to my TEDjournal Live™

  • Thank you for coming to my TEDjournal Live™


    Quite weekend here (laundry, then gallery visit this after!).

  • Oh, just me.


  • evenin'... went on a right ol' bender last night and hooooo boy i am way too old for that shite

  • A bit windy last night (and I do mean the weather)! Glad I'm not in Scotland atm… Which reminds me, I better go check the roof tiles, there was definitely some lifting going on!

    Morning! Hope all's well…?

    (That hang over must be gone by now Slater or have you topped it up this weekend… 😁😉)

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    mornin'... went on a right ol' bender last night and hooooo boy i am way too old for that shite

  • hah! we never learn.


  • Hello!

    Wow, where did the last couple of weeks go!

    The weekend starts | Here!

  • evenin' from SF. plonk got me by the balls again. less so than previous days. yay? iunno

  • Sunshine 😎

  • it's 10C here in SF... faaahkkin' 'eck


  • Morning!

    We had sunshine at the weekend, dull now, again…


  • minging, it is.

  • Morning! How you all doin'?

    It's been okay here the past couple, brighter, feeling like spring.

    Lots of new shinny, expensive, stuff from Apple yesterday! I was hoping that studio display would be more affordable (should know better!)…

  • yeah, that apple stuff looks pretty good on the face of it! simply no budget for anything as usual :D

  • Hey! Morning…

    I was just reading a couple of reviews, they (Studio and display) come out of them fairly well but cost comes up again and again, especially for the display. My laptop, which is hooked-up to the old studio display at home, is starting to show its age and come to end of OS upgrades but not sure this new stuff will be the answer – yes, budget available, nil at the moment!

    But we can dream 🙂

  • buy it on the never-never!

  • I never do the never never, and often wonder if I’m doing it wrong...

    Morning! I currently have the ‘vid. Thanks Obama!

  • Hello 👋🏼

    Never, never never (unless it's interest free)…

    Oh, just a minute, whilst I stand back from this screen…

    That's better …hope you're on the mend chris. How are the symptoms?


  • All Covid free now, and for a good while!

    Rode up to Brands Hatch over the weekend to watch the boys racing, what a fantastic facility 👍

  • Hello! Morning…

  • mornin'...

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    Guten morgen, meine kleinen!

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