The good morning thread



  • Hehe ^


    Mind's blank, nothing else to say!

  • my drinking is outta control again. and no help available or, for that matter, accepted.

  • ^ croikey i'm a salty berk

  • Ha, good that you can laugh at things. Hangin' in there…

    Hey, I believe Boris is going to have a good stiff work with Biden about letting Brits travel to the US again – that's bound to go well*!?

    And bound to lead to a rush of hotel bookings!

  • europe would be better tbh :D

  • europe does sound pretty good to me, too! 😎

    morning, y'alls! ok, late afternoon... i've been in the office all day today, do not recommend.

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    Morning ~all

    I was thinking of you @slater and that quiet hotel (he's opened it to all Europeans now, I see, well, from Nov…), I'm hoping Paris will be on the cards next year (no plans this)…

    Oh, part of me thinks I'd love to be in an office right now but then I know that novelty would soon fade! 😁

  • Absolute downpours yesterday to sunny (but fresh!) today. Winter is coming !

    Morning :)

  • Winter! Can we have Autumn first! …pleeease

    It's been dripping it down here too! 😒

    And a nip in the air too this morning!

  • it was 86 freedom units of heat in my apartment today, or 30C. gotta love SF's delayed summers, and no a/c.

    10CCs of Fukitol, stat'n'plox

  • Morning!

    That's warm! Bright here, today… which makes up for the past few…

  • Good afternoon.

  • Good evening.

  • Speaking of t'weather, here in t'bae area we've entered the 4-month phase of "you'll never be quite warm enough". Wear jeans & a pullover? A bit too cold. Wear a jacket? Hope u like sweating! :D

  • guten morgen!

    it's dark by 7 already, it seems 😔

  • Bore da!

    Ey, it’s closing in, felt it last night, with the added murk of weather here…

    Hump day! 😊


    good afternoon from still-warm SF. 85F in my apartment, yaaay

  • Lol he hadn’t posted for a while, then blew his load.

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    … 🤔 wondered why my screen was all sticky!

    Bye! Sunday…

  • Err… morning…

  • wasssup!

  • nothing much. i'm back in the office for the second time this week, and it sucks. only here for half a day, but it's all pretty pointless. you?

  • i took a sick day cos i feel like i've been run over. hopefully not the roner; i'm fully vaxxxxxxxx'd to the maxxxxxx.

  • My buddy just tested positive for the ‘rona. He’ll be fine though, mild symptoms.

  • Morning! Kind of…

    Bummer, fingers crossed not C-19 @slater my cousin and her husband have just had… both double vaccinated, she caught at work (school room). Better now though, sounded similar to a very bad flu for her. I've had a booster (being over 50! Sheesh), so I think that means I'm an X-man now?! 🦸🏻‍♂️

    (whose power is having no power!)

  • feckin' DST

    and no, not covid, right as rain the next day so... 🤷‍♂️

  • Good day!

    That's good – covid, not DST… though wha've you got against it?! 😊

  • it's dumb. and fucks up everyone's sleep. i've been up since 3.30AM, today. Good FEKKIN' mornin'!

  • Yes, I must admit I was only thinking when our clocks went back, 'do we still need this' but hey, time's relative… 😁


  • Howdy, pardurs! 🤠

  • Howdy.

  • I’ve just completed yet another 1.5 days in the corporate office environment. Sheesh.

  • i just did 3 days in a row at the hotel and thought i was gonna lose my mind

  • My condolences, slater! Thoughts and prayers x

    I’ve a feeling I’m going to have to ‘adjust’ this work/life balance thing a little, so I’m off to buy a lottery ticket.

  • Morning! Happy Weekend!

    Work's a bit quiet at the moment, so I've been getting a bit of cabin fever the past couple of weeks – not quite bad enough I’d want to myself in a 'real' office too often as a remedy!!

    …Ecstatic when I got out of the spare room (home office) this week, after a run of shitty-weather-days!

  • mornin'... another day in paradise ovah heah.

    from the news it sounds like the UK is under 50 feet of snow?

  • there was no snow here (there very rarely is), but some places oop north got a little flurry, i hear!

  • Halo!

    We had a flurry… haha yes, 50 feet… if we're talking ant feet!

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