The good morning thread



  • Evening!

    …leaders debate tonight 😩

  • Oh, I’ll stick that in my day planner!

    Actually, I’m watching an episode of the expanse.

    did I say that the latest mr robot kicked arse? Because it bloody did, y’know.

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    Well, it was a bit of a mass-debate from the leaders – chortle 😊

    Not heard of the expanse. I've been watching a little more TV of late, World on Fire, which I thought was pretty good and just started on His Dark Materials and watched the first Episode of the BBC's adaptation of War of the Worlds – promising start.

  • yeah, i have his dark materials scheduled to catch up on soon. i'm kinda hoping that it might be a watch-with-my-eldest thing once his younger siblings have gone to bed.

    morning :)

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    those leaders are fervent mass-debaters, i'm sure!

  • Evening!

    Oh, yes, the right programme for sharing with… at least I imagine (not got kids but I was one once!)…

  • Oh, first in…


    Come on, report in – good weekends?

  • good weekend!

    went for the chrimbo works do on friday, which involved karting (of course i did!), followed by a posh restaurant and booze. lovely jubbly.

    saturday was basically a normal one with two football games in the morning, then a house full of random screaming kids for a few hours. lazy sunday.

  • mornin'

    weekend was ok. that's it.

  • pfft.

    get a mac better weekend!


  • nothing holy about it, robin!

    i dun wanna go to work any more :(

  • actually i take that back, i don't want to work for other people anymore.

    but then there's that pesky 'money' thing, alas...

  • Weekend, again! How does that happen…

    Err, mine was okay, last weekend, can't remember quite what I was doing (and no drink was involved! Unfortunately) – quiet day today but out with a few people tomorrow.

    Hope you've recovered from your house-full @chris, just in time to do it all again this week, I imagine (did you get to watch Dark Materials…?).

    Yes, fuck the jon @slater! Who needs the money… oh, wait… A sidehustle leading to a strategic withdrawal, might that be possible?

    No news from @Vaskerville or @Black Window recently?

  • still not started on dark materials, nope :)

    i think i may take a christmas off the booze - had a 'few' on saturday, and although not a terrible hangover, it certainly isn't all that enjoyable these days.

    monday now, is it?

  • Tuesday, comin' right up! Fuck.

  • Morning!

    And now, the weekend, almost. I can see it, just…

    I've been a bit off the booze recently – novelty wise. Give me a cup of tea! 😁

  • i've had none since last saturday, which is pretty good going, i reckon - well done me! 😃

    morning, y'alls! and a happy weekend to all who endure!

  • Pissed it down all day today. Maybe better weather tomorrow?

    Also where's vaaaaaskaaaa? :(

  • Went out this morning, weather was surprisingly lovely! It then pissed down as expected.

    Now it’s attempting to be sunny again, whilst also blowing a gale.

    Fucking hate winter (maybe just this particular place’s climate).

  • went a bit hogwild with the alc last night. almost had to up-chuck this morning.

    ramen with cut-up bacon strip got me back up sunneh as a bastid.

  • Hnng, bacon...

  • Umm Bacon. Afternoon!

    Only one more sleep until… the election! 😂

    //waits for the chaos

  • i nearly said happy hump day then, but it's not, right? 😂

  • Morning!

    Well, it could have been seen as a political hump day (here)! 😫

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    i was hoping the hump was going to be boris lying in the middle of the road as we drove over him. fuck sakes, britain! don't go calling yourself 'great' anytime soon, you buncha pricks.


  • 😂 Yes, it was and wasn't a shock – and don't you love the reality distortion fields they all inhabit, when they talk about why what happened, happened. Quite astounded by some of the Labour seats that fell.

    Oh, and, Scotland!

    Independence Day!?

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