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  • tuesday! when i'm waking up people aren't even asleep yet. it's kind of weird being so many hours ahead now (makes work a little complicated too).

    yesterday, down the street, i found a shop where i can buy ok plywood. and there is a cabinetmaker next door where he will cut things down. so, i bought a sheet and asked for two long direction cuts. he proceeds to pull out his handsaw and start sharpening the blades. he has a homemade table saw but there isn't enough room to cut a long board. so, we leave to run other errands and i'm, of course, super curious to see how it turns out. this guy is clearly pro-level because the cuts are absolutely perfect. holding the boards on top of each other...perfect. but, i think i will be a new circular saw today (can't wait for my tools to arrive in six weeks).

    the driving is hellish here, but not fast and so scary. the people are chill. it's really nice...

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    I had a moment of thinking, no it's Wednesday, don't know why, may be the sound of a lorry in the next street that sounded like a refuse truck (bin day tomorrow)…

    Welcome to Tuesday @Vaskerville, sounds great. Craftsmen, there are not enough of them in the world.

    Morning ~all…

  • tuesday, eh? KIDS BACK TO SCHOOL TODAY! (well, 3 quarters of them, anyway - it got messy).

  • @chris: are the kids all wired up or wired down when they get home from the first days of the new school year?

    our housekeeper cooks crazy good food. this is a luxury we haven't done during these living abroad years. have i mentioned how much i'm enjoying nepal, yet? haha... ;)

  • Morning!

    If you ask me, you're not making the most of it! 😉

  • ^ haiti changed my mind about these things. it's not the usual living for us in these places. traffic is really hard. we are also providing jobs. it feels weird saying all of that - i'm not the kind of person who ever thought i'd have a driver and a housekeeper, but here we are.

  • I was only pulling your leg, don't take me/it seriously.

    Yes, I can imagine it some of it feels alien (I know it would to me) but, as you say, you are also proving work for your driver and housekeeper… enjoy it.

  • first days of new school year = wired up, AND wired down, vask :D

    morning, y'all. it's a drizzly one, booo

  • Happy Saturday from still-Friday SF. One more day, then it's my weekend w00tini

  • You can do it!

    also, I bet it’s Saturday there now, too 😎

  • it is Saturday here now! another 2 hours, then it's my weekend. might even pull a sicky on Tuesday! boom!


    fucking monday, fucking rain.

  • cheer up, there's an Apple event tomorrow where they'll totally announce shit nobody could've seen coming!

  • early this morning I broke out in a rash and had a huge swollen lower lip. Posting from a hospital bed where I will be for 24 hours.

    possibly? It is an allergy to a chili sauce. Oi vey...


  • Oh no! Feel better!

  • swelling is way down...I think I will go home tonight. I’m just fine but I think they like treating expats like this. Every 20 mins somebody is in here making chit chat...I’m super tired but I’m having fun. I’m having a Nepali feast for lunch. ;)

  • I don’t deserve the attention tbh

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    do you know what it was yet? allergy to chili sauce sounds like possibly one of the worst things ever, i really like chili.

    also, "expats" = "immigrants" 😜

  • and they let me leave tonight. i have so many funny, cute stories already about nepal already. i don't really know what to do with them. maybe i should make an anonymous livejournal or something. i don't know why it needs to be anonymous...but i don't want to get fried again as i have in the past, too.

  • Good morning, peeps

  • Morning!

    Van broke this morning during the school run. Driveshaft popped out (or the splines got stripped), so no drive 🤪 Phoned a buddy to come recover me with his truck, so it’s sitting in the garage now, and I’m back at home (quite damp), and not in the office.

  • My dad had a small fleet of vans for his business when I was a kid. How many times something would break down and we would pop off that internal hood and start hacking away at the motor.

    Did you hit a large bump or something for that to pop out?

  • Nope, it’s just worn. And it stripped the splines, rather than popped out.

    im in no rush to fix it (but replacement ordered already) as I have my sister’s car for 11 days whilst she’s in Greece 😎

  • friday! this weekend is a huge festival here. saturday we have a pottery workshop somewhere in our neighborhood - i'm hoping that i can convince them to let me signup to become a regular (i used to make lots of pottery in the old days). and sunday we'll go early to the tourist zone (again) and look for fun things for the house. and per the routine now, we have a masseuese that comes to the house in the afternoon. settling in...maybe getting too comfy already. i'm still comparing everything to haiti too much...

  • not only friday, but friday 13th - dun dun DUUUUUNNNNN!!

    van fixed, but i haven't bothered to pick it up yet, in the office now for the 3rd time this week, whew!

    might head out to a racetrack tomorrow on the bike with some buddies as there's a track day on, and quite a few people we know are going. weather is looking good, and there's unlikely to be much of that happening in the coming months 😁 / 😭

  • Bike is out and catching some rays at the moment... 😁

    Van is home and rested, too 😂

  • Hopefully the van wasn't expensive. I seem to recall my dad's vans were cheap in every way.

    I still can't get used to the fact that we can do things here. We have options. Today, after a short ceramics class, we drove to our nearest mountain to a Korean restaurant we saw weeks ago. We didn't have high hopes, but we wanted to try. Nobody was there...the staff stumbled around...they clearly called their mom who quickly showed up to run things. The food wasn't amazing, but omg it was still delicious (bibimbap and fried chicken)! And then they made outstanding espresso! Sorry, I know, we all have this in our neighborhoods?...but I haven't had this in my neighborhood for ten years now. It's going to take awhile before this feels normal.

    Have a good rest of the weekend!

  • Korean restaurants? In my neighbourhood?!

    It’s less likely than you think 😂

  • Yes, but you have options. You can go outside and do things even if the drive is a bit.

  • Morning!

    …I've been away for a few days (hurray) but back now – of course!

  • i sawed that you'd been up a mountain again! nice weather for it, too :) (yup, it's a bit drizzly here today, but great weekend, and looking pretty good for the rest of the week).


    went to a trackday on saturday with my buddy, then took the scenic route home. i think it's the first actual "ride" i've done this year, and boy am i rusty. i need to sort my life out, damnit.

  • Morning! (I know…)

    Yes, I was lucky with the weather – one day of drizzle but either side of that it was sunny!

    Trackday, ace, though when a racer says 'the scenic route' doesn’t that normally mean… went off!? 😁

    I hope not!

  • Hehe this was legit scenic, avoiding the 30/20mph limits through the nearby town. Swapped them for 50/NSLs on the way back 😎

  • g'night from da wesssside of tha planet

  • /me does westside fingers thing, booooi!

  • Day ...3..? of a work-induced drinking bender. hangover-filled yesterday, today I went home ~noon cos I was so eff'd.

    But JFC i have such a low bar for expectation of competence, and this one employee isn't even clearing that

  • no more booze for a while, methinks

  • a break is always good :)

    also, hangovers keep getting worse, so think on that 😎

  • what was that...? Oh oh, THINK on that. Yes. Yes I will. This is day 2.

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    That's good…


    Morning ~all, hope the weekend was relaxing, productive or financially rewarding (have I covered all the bases?!) 😊

    Sunshine and showers here.

    …oh and just before the weekend I had a really bizarre night, woken by a bat getting in the house, which initially I thought was an intruder (it banged into something)!

    They are not easy to catch!

  • holy fuck, i've spent about an hour trying to catch a bat with an improvised net in the past. it's very really not an easy thing to do haha


  • Evening!

    Haha, glad to hear I'm not the only one…

    I'm not sure how long it too me, it was 2:30~3:00 in the morning so I wasn't happy, but it must have been 40-ish minutes or so; I had a wire bin in the office (spare room) and found myself emptying it all on the floor and using the bin as a net!

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    My net was a hockey stick with a binbag taped along the edge. I was swinging it in the opposite direction to the bat’s travel and watched the bat fly in to it, turn a full 180, and fly out of it without touching it about 700 times.


    i had both windows propped open with sticks as far as they would go, and it eventually flew out of one.

    exciting times.

  • Morning!

    …I thought it was Friday for a moment 😫

    Yes, they are amazing agile. They look like they're almost moving in slow motion almost, from a distance, but flippin' heck, close-up…

  • An employee just up and quit today. Cool. He was a dumbass tho, so I ain't crying too hard. More that I now have to find someone new who is time-flexible, competent, and not a complete social dunce.

    Not gonna take up drinking again, tho.

  • Still not taking up drinking again.

    One round of job interviews yielded a surfer lady with a chipped tooth and a slight, skated-close-to-the-meth-sun twitchiness about her, and also a lady from Georgia (the country) who speaks 4 different languages, but also dressed a bit in that style of try-hard Russian ladies: gold stuff and LVMH junk over bland clothing. We'll see how she does.

    Oh and the employee from Nepal's boyfriend also axxed for a jerb. Hmm hmm.

  • lol @ meth sun skating 😂

  • i just looked out the window and it's as sunneh as a bastard. which is weird, because it was black and wet when i was driving in to the office earlier.

    also in the news, i am going to *europe* on friday for a couple of days! i wonder where... 😎


    But you don't know where you're going? 🤔

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