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    Good holiday @chris ?

    …you'll get some time off though, @slater, after that run of 7? Hope so! If not may be you'll just have to pull a sickie?! 🤔


    //Oh, yay hooray… every time it comes up, I think I should sign up, then feel I'd be cheating on ƒl 😂

  • It’s a shame, but it’s back up now.

    also, still in Spain 🇪🇸 😎

  • Employee I'm covering for is coming back one day early from 🏝🎶 vacay 🎶🏝 so it looks like I'll be 'avvin' thursday thru wednesday off, w00tini!

  • Bonjour

    I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

    Watched "The Big Hack" and oh by golly!!! Big Brother's bigger brother is one seductive MOFO.

    Stay blessed my lovelies xxx's

  • Morning y'all!

  • just tomorrow, and the day after, then i have like 6 straight days of NADA

    What should I do with my copious time off?!?!

  • Morning!

    Pfft, still on holiday! Now I hope it rains… 😁

    Get out into the fresh air/outdoors @slater, if you're into it, even if you're not(?), I know it does me wonders when I've had a few meh-days… that or eat and drink yourself into a stupor!

  • time off is for doing nothing.

    working away on the kitchen. totally lost track of time and wasn't even aware we leave in four days for helsinki...and then to kathmandu. ummmm, not going to get nearly enough done.

    cheers y'all!

  • I’m home now, and it has rained 17 or so times already.

    about to catch up on the weekend’s MotoGP action whilst slowly easing myself off alcohol (two bottles waiting in the fridge) in time for a quiet day at the office tomorrow 😁

  • Weekend blessings

    Raining. Reigning. Reining.

    Watched "The Best Of Enemies." It served me with a sincere portion of hope for us all amen x

    Stay awesome my lovelies xxx's

  • Morning!

    …I finally watched T2. It was okay, good, but not in the same league as the original.

    Umm, it's looking a little damp (here) for the weekend ahead 😐️

  • I prefer T1 as a story (I also enjoy watching T2, but as a different genre).

  • Buenos

    Saturday...not entirely wasted...only half a bottle of Vodka whilst watching some docu/films on Smithsonian channel.

    Sunday morning and voila engine humming like my yoof daze.

    Tear jerker movie called " Collateral Beauty" most moving!

    Have a successful week my lovelies xxx's

  • waaaaah! monday already?!

    my little girl was 10 on the weekend, blimey o'reilly!

  • Morning!

    Yes, what happened to the weekend – I think I must have blinked and missed it (well, Sunday at least)!

    And, Happy Birthday @chris 's little girl 🎂 There was a party I hope?

  • Bonjour

    Most exalted belated born day wishes Lil Miss C x

    I like it C..."10 on the weekend" like an estimate (weekend = 2 days) Ramifications from party's hangover points to why you couldnt be more accurate LOL Just teasing luv u lots x

    Wembley new shopping mall RIPP OFF!!!! Go on Friday to Sunday and the pound an hour parking fee is replaced with a so called "Event Day." BOLLOX no events on. Enter car park and face attendant explaining "spend £40 or more and use receipt at customer services to pay usual parking rate for quid an hour." If you don't spend £40 you have to pay £20 - even for like a half hour quick shop.

    Therefore...go into M& £40 quids worth of goods..get parking for pound...return earlier this afternoon...return goods and and get £40 refund.

    Good job I was off today and Wembley is only up the road.

    BTW shopping mall is pants. Called "Designer Outlet London." Hmmmm M&S, Next, H&M, Holland and Barrett just like the high street LOL

    Mucho xxx's my lovelies

  • Vaaaaska u in Nepal now? Prolly morning there, so: Gooood morning!

    What are u doing in Nepal, anyway?

  • surprisingly nice!

    i'll take a panoramic from the roof terrace when we have blue skies...

  • View from the mechanical terrace...

  • Oh la la!

    also, morning 😎

  • today, i ordered internet and they came a couple hours later to install it! i also asked for a quote on some tools on sunday afternoon and got the quote late morning'ish monday. in haiti, both of these things produced days and weeks and annoyance.

    tonight we took a neighborhood walk and found a momo (dumping) place - for less than $2 we stuffed ourselves.

    this was a nice day. ;)

  • I forgot you were (ultimately) on your way to Nepal @Vaskerville, that looks like a good part of town you're in there 😎

    When/if you get out into the wilds, post some more pics (please!)…

    Morning ~all!

  • morning! happy explores, vask!

  • Morning…

    Hump Day!

  • just got in! been a doozy of a day already, officer :D

  • evenin' from SF 👋

    happy thursday, stay frosty

  • So many things to sort out. And our stuff doesn't even arrive for another six weeks (at the soonest). Nearly everything I do or think right now I ponder, "oh shit, I need that...".

    But, it's such a big change from the social stress in Haiti. Calm and friendly is so nice...

    Happy post-hump, pre-friday!

  • Morning world.

    Sounds great @Vaskerville (even without the rest of your stuff, enjoy the excuse not to do too much!? 😊).

    // here, the cars had gone in the garage this morning, after an unnerving metal on metal sound started coming from the N/S front; I couldn't work out what it is exactly but sounds like something to do with suspension or engine mounts… say a prayer for me (well the car I guess!)!!

  • ball joint?

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  • I just had a new shock and top mount fitted on the van this morning, ^5s!

  • (Driving to Sussex tomorrow, so thought now was as good a time as any to do it).

  • Bonjour

    OOOooo Vask pics of your new digs simply oozes arresting charm x

    P & C motor problems although frustrating am glad nothing too serious and relatively straight forward and now sorted.

    Picture this end...court case I whinged about...accepted something called a part 36 offer. No expensive unpredictable trial to attend now. Bitter pill but...FOOK THA THIEVING COONTZZZ!!! I can face myself in the mirror and know peace and feel certain they will be unable to pretend to themselves forever.

    Saw this...

    Made me chortle

    Have super fab bankhols my lovelies xxx's

  • Morning B', ha^


    The bill stung a little when I collected it yesterday but yes it could have been worse, it went when I was just commuting locally – I could have been tearing down some country road (not that I ever do that of course 😊 ) when the spring went…

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    Howdy folks!

    It's kind of lonely being so many hours ahead of everything else (we are 12 hours ahead of NYC for instance).

    @peak: it's interesting how many car repairs are like that. And some how, knock on wood, we mostly get by. Are cars better made these days - I remember when I was a kid people being totally stranded but seem to hear it less now.

  • Buenos

    What a super bank hols!!!! No complaints this end.

    Cricket on most news streams over the weekend got me to thinking about Cricket described in it's rawest definition:

    - two teams - one man on one team repeatedly throws a hard ball at three sticks with two much smaller sticks balancing on top ends - one man on other team defends sticks from thrown ball using a bigger stick - teams take in turns to repeat throwing ball and defending sticks - PHEW!!

    BUT however mundane this appears to many this practice is a spectacular marvel !

    Saying that one Ben Stokes made "history" for great usage of his big stick 😆

    Stay lovely my lovelies xxx's

  • There is a private indoor cricket club a walk away from my house I'm super curious to check out. I know absolutely zero about the sport.

    Woken up at 6:45 am by loud speakers blasting drum music. Then a voice comes on...then some serene music. It's not a holiday. I asked around and sometimes this will happen every morning for a week. It could certainly be much much worse - like the bad party music we had to listen to often at night in Haiti.

  • Morning!

    Ey, the weekend was okay here too, spend last night round at a friends, eating alfresco, which was very chilled – just the ticket…

    I know very little about cricket nowadays (used to watch as a kid but lost interest) but it did sound and interesting match/game – the come back; I did see a (blast?) match a couple of years ago, at Old Trafford, which was great. Fast paced and a great vibe in the grounds.

    @Vaskerville yes, it's the second car this has happened on (out of many, so it's not my driving before you… 😁 ) and that happened in a similar way, pulling away at the start of journey, rather than full pelt, which was a good job that time, as it was a more significant fail! Better made? Yes, I think they are but when they fail, harder to work on yourself or at the road side(?); the old MkII Escort I had - sigh - I could fix myself, the car I have now – NO!

    The music sounds interesting!?

  • guten morgen!

  • we had a heater (ac) installed in the living room today. the landlord showed up and managed the whole thing. and then he cleaned everything up. i have not yet even bought a broom or mop for the house and he was grabbing things, i think, from the neighbors. honestly, i just wanted him to leave so i could run to the store and buy that stuff so i could do it myself. that guy is so sweet.

    our driver, bishnu, showed up today with home cooked newari (nepali) food for us. and his wife made us yogurt (i think it's cardamom and something else sweet). he says he would be happy to cook for us a couple days each week! ummmm...yyeeeeesssssssss! he does spend a good part of the day just waiting around for us to do something, so it's a great use of his down time.

    yesterday, i needed to buy a dispenser for our water jug. we went to a local mall thing, and they started at 60 dollars! had features i did not even want. so, i mentioned it to bishnu and he says 300 rupees. we stop at a tiny, messy shop on the way home and hop out - a simple plastic dispenser cost about $1.75. i think the lesson learned is to just ask bishnu to take care of things like that...

    sorry for the long post...


  • you should definitely give him a payrise!

  • Bonjour

    First port of call this Friday morning is a court appearance for 9.30am (driving/unpaid fine etc). Puzzling situation as I was originally requested to attend re same matter nearly two months ago but when it came to my hearing it only then became apparent that there wasn't a magistrate available to sit on the hearing so it was postponed. It really should have been dealt with then but...

    Vask it sounds like you have been blessed having Bishnu become a part of your life these days. Sounds like a very thoughtful honest and understanding person. Like many tour guides etc he could have picked your brain on what price you were willing to pay and then got the thing for you and kept the rest for himself and like many arrangements amongst tour guides and traders split the profit made from the "tourist" in whatever way they agreed to between themselves. I trust you shall return such protocol his way when needed.

    Watched an absolute charmer of a "shit but good shit" movie based on a DC's Captain Marvel. IMO twas enchanting for a non DC fan.

    Weekend beckons with huge goes.

    Stay lovely my lovelies xxx's

  • postponed hearing means you don't have to pay, right? yes, I think that's how it works.

  • Happy Saturday, everyone! It’s nive and sunny here, so going to drag the 3 boys around to help on the eldest’s delivery round, and then maybe cut the lawns. Ahhhh

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    1st day today of new diet.

    Daily 1500 calories divided into five portions. Each portion avoids as much as possible combinations of protein and carbs so each portion is aimed as being as strictly all protein or carbs. Each portion eaten at intervals of three to four hours depending on hunger pangs.

    Any meal consisting of either just proteins or carbs resides maybe four or five hours in digestive system.

    On the other hand any meal combining both proteins and carbs resides in digestive system for up to 14 hours.

    The idea is to break the system's routine of holding onto larger portions whilst distributing fuel as needed to operate since it's last large portion of proteins and carbs.

    I've embarked upon this diet before and along a daily visit to gym walking on treadmill at its most extreme incline at a pace that is comfortable for 30 mins I was consistently dropping 3-4 lbs and even 5 lbs now and then.

    Initially seeing the results is so inspiring but the body as we all know is just beyond amazing and so it adapts accordingly and this is where plateaus start appearing.

    I went from 15 and a half stone to 12 and a bit within months.

    AM now touching 17 stone so....LOL I love a challenge

    Yo S. The first hearing was postponed due to...wait for it...error re times and availability of magistrates.

    As I attended the hearing with no representation the prosecutor before start of hearing (in the absence of magistrates) introduced herself asking for me to confirm name date etc. A very polite and friendly lady.

    However talk about Jekyll and Hyde persona...when the legal advisor explained the whole situation pointing out legal points in detail including the evidence I was relying on asking the prosecutor were they still willing to prosecute. The prosecutor decided to dismiss everything that had been explained including my evidence insisting that I should be prosecuted and that the hearing should take place.

    After the magistrates were presented with the situation as was explained to the prosecutor protocol was followed. I took the stand answered questions from prosecutor and magistrates for around an hour and a half which was mainly taken up by the prosecutor.

    Verdict: NOT GUILTY and I received an apology from the magistrates, a "well done" nod from an usher and a wink from a court clerk as I left the court and a few smiles from those in the public gallery.

    The machinations of the legal system here was a real eye opener for me.

    I spent the rest of the day and as you can see even up to now puzzled by that prosecutor. Maybe the prosecutor is paid hourly no idea but OMG what a nasty delusional vindictive arrogant person if ever.

    Stay lovely my lovelies xxx's

  • So they never did find the bodies, then? 😂

  • Never did cut the lawns yesterday (or today, uh).

    did fit two new toilet seats, cooked a Sunday roast, and took the kids cycling though (and the dog walking).

    weekend gone, just like that.

  • a very nice restful, peaceful weekend.


  • Morning!

    Fairly quiet weekend here, too. Errands, meal and beer(s) with a friend. I think that might be it.

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