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  • tonight is the big match!

    i went to the apt this morning to check on some things and when i arrived there are nine guys having 15 different conversations rapid fire and i'm trying to talk to the contractor about something and then a guy comes walking out of the back screaming and holding his arm and then they all left taking him to the hospital. it was the kind of thing straight out of a movie. the guy has a shoulder that often disolcates it turns out - it's popped back in again and he is good.

    have a good weekend!

  • Morning! Oh.

    Anyone catch any of the Glastonbury? Tv coverage seems like a better bet than actual being there. Stormzy went down a err storm, innit?! Also quite enjoyed the killers with Johnny Marr and the Pet Shop Guys.

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    what's a glastonbury?

    did everybody go on vacation?

    slightly chilly and overcast here, but humid AF. feels really nice though...

  • glastonbury the music festival.

  • talking about herringbone, this guy often pops up in my youtube feed (because i watch a lot of stuff like this, it's pretty relaxing 😎)

  • the f'd up the stain on the herringbone. this morning i made a visit and found the shiniest shittiest stain. now, they are already preparing to redo it. not cool.

  • oof!

    bloody foreigners 😂

  • haha...yes, i've wondered if that's what they are thinking.

  • Afternoon all

    Fabulous footie and tennis combined with clothes shopping trip to Westfield promises a fab weekender for moi.

    Good to hear Vask.

    Awesome re your daughter C x

    P "

    Sweetest P...I'd say luscious thoughts just made my weekender better. I thank you x

    Stay lovely my lovelies xxx's

  • It's evening, in America. I have a pizza incoming. I am Le Absolutely Tired. Knackered, even. Everything weighing heavily on me :(

  • Get sleeping, dude!

  • When I'm really stressed out at night I put on one of those air mist things (Ikea sell them). I prefer the peppermint and/or yuzu. It does least myself. Also, laying flat on your back and breathly deeply and slowly for 5 minutes works wonders - but it's not always easy if you are feeling that weight.


  • Morning!

    breathing exercises are great/boring for sleep, ai!

  • Morning ~all 😎

    …and, avoiding screens (for 30~40 mins before), caffeine and similar, if you're struggling with sleep.

    Glad to help, with the luscious thoughts, B'!! 😁

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    whatever you do, don't make a cortado replacing milk with coca cola because thats sort of alot of caffeine. i'm not saying this because i didn't do this over the weekend (around 5pm) and was awake until 7:30am sunday morning. no, i definitely did not do that.

  • Buenos my lovelies

    A promising day starting with an early swim and then a session in the steam and sauna rooms.

    Stay healthy my lovelies xxx's

  • that sounds nice! i could use a sauna right now.

    yesterday after working on the apt and feeling kind of sore i was able to take a hot bath.

  • Morning!

  • Morning!

  • morning!

  • evening!

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    why is it when you get to the end of the project the contractors only show up for an hour once a week? the electrician has a long list of things to do, but he shows up to do one thing and then he's out. just do them all at once?

    it's kind of like a pack of 12 hot dogs with a pack of 10 buns.

    anyways, slowly moving forward on this place...i got internet and a place to sleep so that's pretty good.


  • because they're already in the initial stages of their next contract, gotta look good for that client now ;)


  • did you complete payment yet? that's another one hehe

  • Morning!

    A good weekend?

    Eye, it does sound like your electrician is two-timing you Vask' – treat them mean (ish) to keep them keen!

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    Weekend was luvahhhleeee x

    Yo Vask...come on man think outside the box and don't get down re delays on works. I know they are soooo frustrating. Maybeeeee electrician likes your place so much he is not looking forward to his last day there. Maybe he enjoys your company and his chats with you...

    If he snap crackled and popped through list in say a day...thats cold turkey for the emotions. A slow drip drain so much more easier to handle.


    Apologies BUT I Honestly I absolutely honestly need some serious info, hooks, intros or pointers on Microsoft SQL server experts.

    Back at war on law front. Here are links re scum firm ethos which presently I have to fight in court in next three weeks.

    Main solicitor I'm going to court is one of three partners.

    3. (click on "Prosecution" for all info re £20,000.00 fine the Solicitors Regulation Authority decided etc)
    4. ( I don't read this rag but others have dropped it from their web links)

    • Basically solicitor/partner of firm has a subscription to a "legal cloud" which stores and serves from a Microsoft SQL server/database.

    • Dates on concerned documents generated and stored via "legal cloud" to SQL server/database just do not add up.

    • Correspondence and even recent court order to legal cloud vendor is a joke as firm is their client and obviously they are protecting their client etc etc etc

    Thank you my darling fazies in advance xxx's

  • morning!

    BW, i've no idea. are you looking for someone to say that the dates could be edited rather than generated? because it is certainly possible to insert a row in an sql database with whatever info you want.

  • you don't even need to insert a row - just edit the record. i'm not sure what they use for microsoft sql but there are tons of database apps for exactly this purpose (but they are primarily made for devs to do their work). super easy to change a date. could there be a log of all changes to said database? you would have to find out from the cloud service...but if it's a service worth anything then the answer is 'yes'.


    yeah, when i get all these lights wired up it will just be me and a bunch of lights and nearly zero furniture. perfect time for a rave or something...


  • i'm in girona and barcelona at the end of this this month and next, vask. send a cab for me?

  • No expert here either B' but would echo what C&V have said… even if there are auto generated date records, this can be edited directly on the server, if you know how (e.g terminal SQL commands)… as Vask says, you'd need to know the platform and whether there's some un-editable (ha!) journaling system…


    …need anyone to carry the bags chris!?

  • @chris: you are dancing with the enemy over there!

  • Buenos my dearest fazies

    Vask, Chris and Peak for all info. Much of what you said has already opened other avenues of investigation/research.

    Thank you dearly for your instant support and fathoms of renewed energy in my fight. Thank you x.

    I shall reveal all once collated and confirmed.

    Moving on...weekend promises to be a good one. Catching up with old friends over food and boxing on Sky.

    Stay beautiful my lovelies xxx's

  • morning!

    absolutely pissing it down here, yeehaw!

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    Don't know why I greeted that way…!

    Yes it's peeing it here too 😕 …though it's looking promising for Sunday/Monday!

  • Haven't had a drink since Monday. Yay me.

    I have to work Saturday. But then. THEN. I get Sunday & Monday off, w00tini!

  • Morning!

    Weekend was good, quiet, but the weather was good and got some of the garden sorted (it's got a bit feral at the top!)…

    @slater – I guess you'll be in the middle of a drunken haze right at this moment then!? …whatever you're up to, hope it's fun (and a break from work!)

  • Morning! 😎

  • Morning!

    …aren't you on holiday?

  • I am definitely on holiday, yup ☀️😁

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    🏄️ 🏊️ 🍦🏖️ 🍹

    …I hope.

  • what's a holiday? :(

  • Morning!

    you should have come with me slater!

    saying that, there are all the kids here, too. So I use the term ‘holiday’ loosely 😁

    sunneh as a bastard!

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    kids should be seen, not heard!

    /me invests in kiddie-size ball-gags

    errmm.. also, good morning!

  • Ha! You want to be careful of where you're heard saying some of that – I can see the headlines now…


  • Afternoon, dudes and dudessess!

  • I'm working 7 days in a row... 1 down, six more to go. FML.

  • also someone ping sock or cham, YH is down :(

  • hopefully forever.

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