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  • EVERYONE READY FOR TIM COOK'S APPLE SHOW & TELL? 10AM wessss' coast! or uhh... 6PM UKian time? something like that

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    No, I did see a mention but have to admit I'm a bit underwhelmed 😊

    …and of course, we've so much more to look forward to in the UK today!

  • Oh


  • jeremy hunt took over the cockney rhyming slang from james blunt, just sayin'

    MORNING, fluckers!

  • can you lot keep the orange menace? thanks.

  • I’ve already paid for the return postage now, sorry.

  • 🎶 Returrrrrn to sendAH, addressee unknown! 🎶

  • it's like we are all living in two different worlds. still can't figure out how that guy got elected.

  • Buenos my lovelies

    Long time I know...but there was a car chase, an explosion and romance filled the air.

    Looking forward to regular visits

    Take care my lovelies xxx's

  • Hi BW! Morning all y’alls!

  • Good morning, guys and girls!

  • Morning!

    Hey B' hope you're surviving.

  • monday.

    currently sunneh, expecting rain to come in and stay for the week. good ol' BST!

  • last week in you know where. oh, and hey, the country is on lockdown because demonstrations demand the president resigns. oh, hey, will i even be able to leave next weekend? i'm so tired of this...

    anyways, all is well aside from that crap. i'm just kind of angry...


  • Moaning!

    …it's raining. Again.

    But, humpday! 😎

  • humpday, fuck yeah!

    so, i came across a 40' shipping container on ebay recently. it is very local to me, and about the same price (a little less, in fact) than most 20' containers being sold by the big shipping firms in town.

    i only have one problem, and that is delivery - stone wall i don't want to take down, overhead cables i don't mind having the power company temporarily take down (if not too expensive), and a relatively narrow road for delivery. i'm hoping that they can get a "big enough" truck up the road in order to drop the container about 4-5m inside my boundary wall. but i'm counting on them maneuvering a 40' shipping container over a wall with a hiab, rather than a huge crane hehe

    it's a big ask, but one of their drivers is going to pop down tomorrow to scope the delivery prospects for me, yeah 😎

  • are you turning into a hoarder? or, are you planning to jump this with your motorbike?

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    Well, I was seriously considering a 20’er for something like a summerhouse type deal. But now I could do a 30’ summerhouse thing, and 10’ of garden shed!

    I’d nearly resigned myself to a wood frame build, but material costs alone were likely pretty big. I can happily let the kids climb all over this without too much worry, too 😎

  • just build one of these - all you need is a machete.

    ps: they give us the keys to our apt on july 7. then, we get to build the kitchen, storage, buy furniture, etc. almost there...

  • 5 days later?

    waking up in spain. rainneh as a whatever...


  • It was morning, wasn't it; day's gone very quickly, which is good!


    …shipping container, sounds great. So does Spain, warmer rain then here, I bet ☺️

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    u know what they about the rain in spain, vaaaaskaaaa

    trying to get off the sauce, once a-fuckin-gain, drinking cups of this stuff with honey:

  • chris/peak/whoever's in charge: that image up above came back with an error 500 when it tried to auto-post it 'pon the faze

  • yeah, direct linking images is weird with the current post editor. use the element embed thing or just post a link to the imgur page and hit return.

    sucks a bit, but hey ho! morning!

    shipping container may very well not be happening - delivery on to site is hampered by electric cables. i'm in the process of finding out what can be done about that, but there is definitely a lull in the wind for this particular sail at the moment.

    good luck, slater, you can do it!

  • just use a fucking helicopter man - don't be a wuss!

    the world needs more free radicals. not the hippy kind though.


  • good morning, fluckers!

  • lol @ chopper! i still haven't phoned the power network guys back to see what i can wangle, doh!

  • Morning!

    Who's wielding their chopper!?!

  • no, wang dangling. or, wang jangling.

  • fwiw, it's sunneh as a bastard now. whodathunk it, eh?

  • i only had 2 of these tall bois instead of the usual 3 this evening. BABY STEPS

  • 11.59, fuck yeah 😎

  • 🍻Cheers @slater – I treated myself to a couple of Brewdog's finest last night, after a shit day and with a glimpse of sunshine to enjoy in the garden!

    Morning ~all

  • one way of staying sober - copping the evening shift at work, lol.


  • Can you stick yourself down for a fortnight of those? Get some swimming in during the mornings! Chop’n’change the lifestyle a bit, build better routines :)

  • It was sunny!

  • sick in bed (in a hotel) all weekend. i bought a fridge, a tv, a bed (and mattress), building materials and an induction cooking hob all from bed, too. i feel like this is the future i have only heard about.

    i also had fast food delivered.


  • Buenos my darling lovelies

    Yo C & P sending you hugs x

    Aldi ROCKS!!!

    Take extra care my lovlies xxx's

  • It's raining, again – hurray! Summer™ oh, wait…

    Morning ~all, morning B'

    Hugs all-round (appropriate hugs, inappropriate hugs).

  • good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

  • the herringbone has been installed! exciting morning here on the apt front.

    morning morning morning!!!



  • Morning, gentlewomen and men!


  • ah, the herringbone, lovely!

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    Get well soon Vask

    P..."appropriate hugs, inappropriate hugs" Are inappropriate hugs when... LOL

    Loving the ladies football world cup... at times 22 jingly breasts on display for over 90 mins on numerous games and not one lewd comment on any red tops as yet?

    Hugz (LOL) my lovelies xxx's

  • bonjour B

    i hope everybody is watching the current world cup. the matches in the quarters were fantastic for the most part. i think spain got ripped off with the us winning on two questionable penalty kicks (in regulation time) but whatev...

    the apt got hot water today. now i can take baths and smell the certainly-cancer-causing chemicals they used installing the floors!


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    Herringbone, surely…?

  • morning!

    sunneh as a bastard, it is!

    i've been watching the world cup, and am really enjoying it, too. bloody brilliant stuff, and a refreshing change from the men's display, for sure. my daughter (10) is football mad, and has had many late nights watching the games, too. she actually went for county trials yesterday, and scored in each game. more importantly, she had great fun there, and didn't have a parent on the sidelines barking instructions at her!

    some people, eh?


    Yes! ☀️

    I'd forgotten what it looks/feels like…

    I've not seen the football, apart from the odd news clip, but it does really seem to be 'capturing the imagination' of the public and, yes, it feels a real positive.

    That's brill news about your daughter – good luck, to her… ⛹️‍♀️

  • …oh, is that even a footballer! ☺️

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