The good morning thread



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    Ha! Shit week here too 😫

    But, it'll soon be the tomorrow... and as the Flopsy Bunnies used to sing, somewhere on something, when I was a kid... "and tomorrow is another day"



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    Ted Nugent is the bestest Ummmerikan.

    Sup' Nugents?

  • bloody nora, it's vask!

    hi vask!

  • I'm moving to Nepal and shit like that...


  • A WILD VAAAASKAAA appears!

    Welcome back :)

  • Cool indeed. every sense.

    Nice to see you back around too.

  • Oh. Morning!!

  • Morning!

    nepal sounds tres cool , though , f’reals

  • guten morgen, monday!

    did a bit of cycling with the kids over the weekend. one of the twins did 15miles with me over the two days, still had plenty of puff left. so i think it's time i took (at least) them both on a longer run, and see if i can break them :D

  • Morning!

    That's good going, from one-of-two – break them down (to build them back up)! Are you sure you're not confusing parenting with SAS selection!? 😀

    I keep promising myself I'll get cycling again and keep not getting round to it! Did a bit of a hike yesterday though, weather was fine...

  • to be fair, the other one did 11.5 miles with me, he just had a prior engagement to attend, otherwise would also have easily completed the training session.

    yeah, i NEED to get back out on the bike (by myself heh) too. I'll be starting back commuting on it soon, hopefully.

  • Hardcore.

    I hope there were no drugs involved! You know what these pro young cyclists are like!


  • his kids were probably hopped up on pez or gummy bears!

    if you remember freaked out me from last year - everything is worse now. trying like fuck to stay chill. not much longer now.

    what'y'all have goin' on?

  • morning, sunneh as a bastard!

    not much going on, vask - still in the same office job a couple of times a week, still riding bikes, and still trying to build a custom~ish bike in all that spare time i have :D

    not all that productive in the office atm... sunshine and BST might help with that, though. i think i'll knock out an updated website today and friday (completely different from all the design work i've already done for it over the last year or so), for the lols.

  • Morning and sunny (here) too...

    Working from home today! And, getting out into the fresh air (hiking) when I can. I could do with a holiday (not because I've been mega busy, just feels like I've not escaped my greater-local area for a while!).

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    i was watching vids last night of people biking the Annapurna route. ummm, i'm not going to try that.

    friends of friends are in town filming a documentary for belgian national tv. when we tell them that we haven't had regular electricity from the grid for five weeks they looked puzzled and horrified. if you add pissed off, now you know how locals (including me) feel.

    i am sometimes envious of people who smoke dope daily - what an easy way to deal with lifes pressures. marijuana grows wild in nepal. ;)

  • Morning!

    i can no longer smoke on the daily (and haven’t at all for over a year (maybe2 now?)).

    off out for a quick spin of the legs now, but without any kids in tow, so likely to be a sweaty mess in an hour and cursing myself for riding as far away from home as I did (as I also have to ride back).

    sunneh though! 😎

  • Ok, it wasn’t that bad, so I obviously need to push harder next time 😂

  • i would have to make brownies or something...i totally hate smoking. of course, i doubt that i will care if marijuana was even growing in my garden. i've known people who smoked daily forever and when they stopped it was like a lifetime of stress coming out all at the same time...

  • Morning Mr C 🚴‍♀️

    Morning Vask'... 🍄 (I couldn't see a brownie!)

    Now, where's the soma!

  • mornin' peak!

    about to leave for the airport...back to spain for three weeks.

    you guys have fun weekend plans?


  • morning! fell off the motorbike today, doh! picked it up, rode back home, came in to work in the van instead. broken pinky, yay me!

  • spain though, ffs! noice™

  • is a broken pinky painful? did you know it was broken? ouch!

    one thing that is interesting about spain is how people aren't up and rushing to work at 6am like most everywhere else. the city is just dead quiet right now. when i'm here, i usually don't even think about being awake before 10am. i think that's ok, right?

  • That is definitely ok.

    re:pinky - it got x-rayed. Surprised me, too 😂

  • Morning! Well, lunchtime!

    chris: Ouch! Hopefully it's not too debilitating (e.g you can still pick your nose!)...

    Oh, enjoy the rest and quiet Vask, before you enter the dope-induced-haze of your next destination 😁

    Quiet here, this weekend. Sister up visiting (Um), dropping in on old family friends, that kind of stuff. Oh and chasing more work!

  • We don't move until August - and I believe I will be living in Spain much of this summer - it's all a ways away.

    Yesterday, I posted that note re 'quiet' at 6am'ish. It's 8am'ish and still so quiet. I felt bad running the steamer on my Pavoni just now.


  • Morning!

  • Notre Dame!

  • Yeah, Notre Dame, bugger.

    At least they didn’t have to resort to dropping multiple tons of water on it from a great height thereby destroying the entire structure, though.

  • That's true^

    The donations raised have been creating some debate amongst a couple of my friends - the Romain Catholic church receiving so much, when there are starving (and their history), etc, etc... I can see what they mean, sure the French Gov and church could afford it but...

    Anyway. That's all a bit serious


    MORNING! 😎

  • Yeah, the donations are pretty obscene. It’s owned by the state, and used by the church - both of which are likely strapped for cash, right? 🙄

    morning! Long weekend!

  • I will donate when they fix the toxic nationalism problem. I've lived in former F colonies now for too long now...

    Spent so much time the past couple of days looking at marble. I reached a point where the decision is made and if you ask me about I'm going to kill you. It's done! If I hate it...I will just redo it in a few years...haha...grrrr...

    Supposed to be warm and sunny here this weekend - a whole lot of doing very little is going to happen.

    And you?

  • Warm and sunny here, so the wife decided to completely redecorate the entire house.

  • Morning!

    I neglected to tell my sister that I'm going to be on an overnight flight back to Europe, flying 20th April, arriving 21st.

    Cue her calling me at 7AM my time today, from Zurich airport "Where are you?!" - "Uh, San Francisco...?" 😬😬😬

    Doghouseville, population: 1 (me, forever)

  • Hehe.

    So, were you in the doghouse?

    Happy long weekend end (if you've got one).

  • Haven't met up yet, she's out of town till Tuesday. It's gonna be fuuuuun 😬

  • She’d have calmed down by then, it’s ok!

    or she’d have been stewing over it for days on end. Nah, it’ll probably be fine!

  • back to the office today, yeehaw!

    it's quiet here, which is nice.

  • i hope you didn't actually see that somewhere. that, can't be possible...

  • oh no no, i made it just for today, it's ok ☺️

  • turns out, not quite in the doghouse! phew.


  • *high fives!*

    chilluns are back to school tomorrow, yay!

  • Ha! ^ (Hump day)

    Hey Vask! ~ waves

    ...I suppose there's an emoticon for that now.


    Unless, she's holding in reserve for another time… 😁

    (I have a sister! 🤔)

    I would say – and, relax, but it won't be like that or last long if it is...!

    But, enjoy 😊

    Oh, Morning!

  • Today is 🎂

  • hippy barthday, peak!

    hop in the car tomorrow am and begin the slog back to haiti. this should be the very last time i have to fly into this country. it looks like i'm done in june - fingers crossed. don't feel good though...i don't want to go back, at all.

  • Penblwydd hapus, peakmon! 🕺🏼🍻🍹🎂💃🏽

  • morning!

    how old are you now, peak? 😎

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