The good morning thread



  • Morning, morning,

    Yes, we've got the rains here too, and...

    ✔️ Enough already


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  • MAYMO Challenge.

  • ^ Hahahaha

  • Mornin'

    So is Woodhouse just a link bot thing?

  • he served as "batman" to Captain Reginald "Reggie" Thistleton, a biplane pilot during World War I.

    yes. Let me know if you have any feed ideas - I’m not all that happy with designernews, being that it’s just links. Often self promotion. And only sometimes interesting.


    It's getting a bit spammy with the new discussion creation. Just have him/her/it dump it in, iunno, Woodhouse's Linkorama and if anyone feels like making a new discussion out of it, we HU-MANZ can decide.

    Also, bring back the ol' FL smilies and squiggly exclanimation!

  • yeah, i was thinking of making a new category for him... but really, without the designernews shitty feed, i think it's probably not much of an issue.

    but, like, interesting rss feeds, people? ffs ☺️

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    Could have sworn I posted here, this morning. But, no, it was still in the comment dialogue, un-posted... 😀

    Umm the few feeds I follow are a bit too photo-centric but what about the team from Underconsideration, do they do anything on their blog(s)?

  • Aha! Yup, they have a feedburner feed, added!

    I’ll remove the designernews feed when I can.

  • Cool.


    Forget the squiggly exclamation (I see what you did there), we want Dancing Banana™ - that's the future 🍌

  • Morning!

  • Did chuckle.

  • Ha! ^^

    ...should we laugh?!


    (We probably should)

    Heard an interesting 'debate' about all this on the radio the other day, about whether we can/should look at an artist's work in the same way, after, in light of these revelations (they weren't just talking about Jacko); not sure myself, either side of the argument, I might have to listen to some Thriller at some and see if...

    (One of the classic albums of my youf, soundtrack to many a friday/saturday night)


  • aye oop!

  • Wait, that's what it's called! exclanimation! i think it was minusbaby that came up with it? dunno.

  • good morning!

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    I stand corrected 😛 😉; you could have taken the credit there and I wouldn't have know...

    Good, damp, morning ~all

    ...oh, it's not the morning, is it. Never mind.

  • I wonder how you add your own emojis to this thing...

  • i'm a honky tonk girl!

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    Happy hump day for yesterday!

    happy work from home soaking wet after having to walk the kids to school because the missus took your keys to work with her day today!

  • It's Friday.

    Last day of a really good employee who quit after only a few months. She has a good reason -- we're a tiny hotel, she's in the hospitality course at local university, is a dirty forrinner like me but on a limited student+work visa, got a new job at a [MUCH] larger hotel and thus will get the max. amount of experience in the time she still has in t'USA.

    Still sucks, though. She is awesome, and any hotel that gets her will be better off for it. *sighs*

    And the money-grubbin' cost-averse hotel owners don't want to re-hire someone new, cos a) nobody wants to work for the money we pay and lack of benefits, and b) "we should be able to make do with the employees we have"

    Other than me, we have 3 other employees, and all have their own special "well i can't do days X, Y, Z, cos of school, 2nd/3rd job, etc. etc.".



  • You getting a paybump for this now though? It’s probably a good time to ask, I’d think!

    morning! I’m at home with a sickly child today 🙃

  • Pay bump, haha. Good one.

  • Sell the child on eBay

  • haha pay bump 😁

    sell a child is not such a bad idea, but against ebay's TOS.

  • friday, fluckers!

  • Been for a cycle, mowed some lawn, picked the kids up from school, dinner’s cooking, sun’s still shining. Yeeeaaaahhhh boooi!

  • I was just thinking, we could do with a good afternoon thread! 🙊

    I got some gardening done too (it needed it!)... lovely afternoon.


  • I’ve only really mowed about a quarter of the lawns here, mind. But it’s a start.

  • Fucking Friday, isit?

  • It's supposedly Friday, but I'm also working Sat/Sun.

  • that's like, what? a wednesday for you? 😁

  • p much... one more day.

    Then I get to go to the swan-eating immigrunts department of homeland securitah, to get my fingerprints taken and maybe also hopefully I get my green card renewed. From what I've read it's basically a rubber-stampin', as long as I haven't committed crimes

    (dun dun dunnnnn!)

  • Morning! Ish. I may have a slight hangover, but I’m mainly putting it down to tiredness due to the clocks going forward.

  • So, my much needed night’s sleep was interrupted by a small child who came in to sleep, then proceeded to practice karate whilst asleep, followed by an older child with a temperature and some vomiting (not in our room, thankfully).

    So, at home today, and going to make hay (mow more lawn) whilst the sun shines (doesn’t rain).

    Happy Mondays, y’all! *dancing-bez.gif*

  • fucking blind-sided by anxiety & depression x9001, fml

  • ai, sucks. take a break?

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    Morning people!

    Keep fighting @slater

    //as in don't give up, don't fight, it or people!

  • it often wants you to hide away in bed with the curtains closed, and that may not be such a bad thing initially, but it can easily keep you there for longer than is healthy 😁 you need daylight in your eyes, and something exercisey to use the cortisol and adrenaline on, instead of keeping it flowing through your veins, constantly influencing each other, and not letting you rest properly.

    you need some neurogenesis in your life, and for that you need proper sleep, and for that you need to cut the level of cortisol, and for that you need ... well, yeah, it's tricky innit.

    of course, you can do this, no need to rush it 😎

  • trust me, i'm a doctor* :)

    (*i'm not a doctor)

  • Thanks peeps. I think my blood is 99.8% cortisol. The remaining 0.2% is caffeine.

  • Well, went to the immigration peeps, I get to stay another year while The Authorities™ decide on whether to renew my 10-year resident card. GG

  • i thought they were trying to get rid of all you foreigners and send you back to mexico?


  • Tripping over the hump... 🏁


  • Every month or so there's a new "OK Trump might be changing something to the immigration process" news story, to keep the anxiety plates a-spinnin'

    Also they haven't found the bodies yet, so I think I'm good... 🤫

  • It’s snowing.

  • i totally want to go home to bed with the curtains drawn right now, hah! ffs

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